Beyonce realises she’s living under evil

Husband Jay-Z gives a demo of the ‘evil’ sign

In January 2012, the theory that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s were associated with the Illuminati came back into fashion after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy. Conspiracy theorists on Twitter suggested that her name could be an initialism for “Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”[8] In April of that year, two single serving sites titled Jay-Z Illuminati[9] and Beyonce-Illuminati[10] launched, accusing both artists of using the secret society’s symbolism for attention while not actually being members of the group.


Throughout Beyonce’s performance during the halftime show, Twitter ran abuzz with speculations of her membership in the Illuminati (shown below) and sped up rapidly after she flashed the hand gesture on stage. As the second half of the game began, many of these tweets were immediately chronicled on Buzzfeed[13] and the Huffington Post[11] shared a screenshot of the gesture with tweets interpreting it as an Illuminati symbol. After the game ended, Buzzfeed[12] spoke with Fawell who said he was not surprised that she used the gesture.

In the two days following the Super Bowl, news of Beyonce’s hand gesture was shared on Bleacher Report[14], Yahoo! Sports[15], Discovery News[16], Inquisitr[17], The Examiner[18], the Blaze[19] and BoingBoing[20], though many of these sites concluded she was simply flashing the dynasty sign. On the 5th, conspiracy theory site Vigilant Citizen[21] broke down all of the suspected Illuminati imagery throughout Beyonce’s performance, including usage of lights and displays as well as the dresses worn by backup musicians.

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6 Responses to “Beyonce realises she’s living under evil”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This sign is the star of david or “moggendovid” it just means the combined power of men and women,
    power and control, the star of david.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I watched the performance which to me had all the hallmarks of illuminati written all over it. Personally, I don’t see what others see in Beyonce. She can’t sing but can certainly screech and she can’t dance but can certainly bounce.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This year’s Superbowl half-time illuminati show is quite a regular occurence now. I especially liked the 33 minutes outage time during the… ahem… ‘power failure’. Of course, the illuminati owned mainstream media have tried to pass all this off as ‘conspiracy theory’.

    Last years half-time illuminati show was far more blatant than this years, imo:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bloody ridiculous. You expect to be taken seriously? pffft

  5. Anonymous says:

    So zionist jewish/israeli power owns the movie industry, a major part of the mass media, but they just left the music business alone hey Anonymous?

    With all that huge influence and power that music and culture brings, they just couldn’t be bothered to dominate that like every other industry and business?

    Do you expect to be taken seriously ? Pffft.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Beyoncé UK tour advert with 02 is so illuminati it’s scary. I took a closer look at it on Youtube and there are a lot of satanic symbols there and in her necklace there is what appears to be a child’s face. I’m sure someone with more knowledge on this may be able to shed light on what this means if anything.

    I have noticed a lot of blatant illuminati adverts recently, it’s like their sticking it in our faces to see if we even see it. There is an advert for a perfume called “The Game” this seems to outline exactly what “their” game is. Then there is Channel 4 it has adopted triangles for its logo making up the number 4 and these triangles are colourful like a rainbow. Also the images for the channel “4 7” are of bent (at 90 degrees) real images like a swimming pool, allotment, roads etc…and I wonder if they are saying that they are bending our perception of reality. In addition channel 4 have been advertising a number of dark, emotional dramas like “Black Mirror” together, where the voice over says something like “our drama, our way” I think there is another meaning here, like they are saying that they are feeding us this drama that’s going to give us negativity and not positivity as that’s what they want us to feel and experience, also that these dramas are supposedly based on “real life” dramas which in real life they have been created by manipulating us their way. There is also an advert now for something harmful, I’m not sure what, but it uses skywriting in chemtrail style and the words even characteristically behave like chemtrails.

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