Ben Fellowes interviewed by Patrick Henningsen

With side comments by Brian Gerish.

This next one is also worth a gander – Henningsen interviewing Icke.   Icke explains the way people change their views, once the first domino falls over.   The control system tries to stop people’s awareness from moving to where they can see the real story.  We are living in an information prison. People create their own individual prisons, by taking on the provided limitations as their own.


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3 Responses to “Ben Fellowes interviewed by Patrick Henningsen”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a good video which shows how things are now, soon britian will be like a palestinian ghetto, under the heel of the jewbankers,
    that nice mr hitler knew what to do with them

  2. Unknown says:

    @ Anonymous

    We’re already under the heel of the Jew Banksters and have been since 1694 via the Bank of England which is not the Bank of England it’s a franchise of the Bank of Rome via The BIS in Switzerland.

    Ever wonder why we have BANK holidays? Those odd days granted to the zombified plebs so that they can be ever so thankful to their bankster slave masters. You might want to check out the history of bank holidays.

  3. Anonymous says:

    bankers are jewish people in the maon rothschild would not allow anyone else to be a part of the wealth creation, tis is known as the 1st rule of the shulnon jews must have their welth taken, as we have seen worldwide in recent times
    did anyone hear the Moshe solomons show on radio at the weekend ?
    he covered missing kids and the jewish blood rituals, his guest had many of freedom of information requests and jack the ripper and the killed of elizabeth short ( the black dahlia) were both by jews
    fascinating stuff !

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