A ‘sabbatical’ is when all debt is cancelled

Hi Tap,

Thank you for today’s article titled “We call upon you the military to
disobey your orders,” which a couple of readers commented pointed out
was reminiscent of “The Ten Commandments,” and, “Perhaps God was right
after all.”
Further I would add that it is precisely the breaking of those
commandments which have become somewhat of a myth in the world we live
in today that we find ourselves in such turmoil. However, there is a
way and perhaps the only way to release ourselves and the world from
the yoke of debt and misery the world is in.
The elite who are foolish but no fools will know about it but few else
will have heard of “The year of release” which is described in
Deuteronomy 15:1 through to 15:9 and is a Sabbatical year, (every
seventh year). The term Sabbatical year today is misconstrued to mean
“leave of absence for a year” or “taking a year out.”

To the best of my knowledge “The year of release” was commanded by God
but never implemented by the Israelites when they entered the promised
land. Basically, at the beginning of every Sabbatical year all debts
are wiped out. The land also has its Sabbath in that no crops are
planted. To better understand the subject take a quick look at the
above scriptures and an interesting read in the link below.


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7 Responses to “A ‘sabbatical’ is when all debt is cancelled”

  1. dognamedblue says:

    is a “jubilee” on the same lines?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The only one of the Ten not covered, in the original post, is thou shalt not lie

    ‘thou shalt not bear false witness.’

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mmmm. The above comment is very interesting giving that 12 is God’s number for Divine Government and human governance. I’ll need to dig deep into this one to see what I can find as this is the first I have ever heard of 12 commandments.

  4. Julia says:

    That’s a very interesting link thanks Gordon.
    The idea of having a sort of periodic reset button, a sabbatical, seems to me essential. There is a natural tendency for everything to keep growing exponentially, spiralling out of control. Unless we take time to stand back and look where we are heading and whether or not it is good, then the only possible outcome is for things to get increasingly frantic, the elastic band getting more and more wound, tighter and tighter.
    I personally build mini reset buttons into my life for this very reason. Pilgrimages were originally set up for the same sort of purpose too, I think. And maybe Sunday, the seventh day, is supposed to be a rest day to reset things. Rest, reset, almost the same word.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aahhh, Julia, I thought you would find this one interesting. And to dognamedblue Yes! It relates to the Jubilee meaning 50th. OK, there is a Sabbatical year every 7th year known as “The year of release.” Then 7 x 7 Sabbatical years = the 49th year called “Sabbath of Sabbaths” which is also a year of release followed by the Jubilee which is every 50th year. The Jubilee also has special instructions but I have little time just now to write, but will perhaps blog soon.

  6. Paul Mcpike says:

    This informationis correct,the queen swore on her coronation to abide by rules set out,one of those rules was to release the people fromdebt every seven years which she does not do,she also swore not to gather riches for herself which as we all know she does do,therefore she should be removed

  7. Anonymous says:

    First commandment ? …thou shalt not go bumming off little boys…
    not even jews should do this…
    i often wonder why jews and queers hate us so much….
    a psychiatraist said its jealousy… and maybe it is

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