Zionist trained shills are writing wikipedia

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The BBC is full of Zionist shills.

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BBC’s flagrant hypocrisy over Wiki edits By Damian Thompson Religion Last updated: August 16th, 2007  The BBC website was crowing mightily yesterday about evidence suggesting that the CIA was involved in editing Wikipedia entries.

 Wikipedia allows users to write their own definitions But what the report didn’t mention of course is that the BBC also seems to have been heavily involved in editing Wikipedia entries. Indeed, someone using a BBC computer even removed a Wikipedia reference to the BBC censoring subjects it finds unpalatable. This comical, glorious hypocrisy has been uncovered by the excellent Biased BBC website. This week, it claimed that “people at the BBC” (ie, using BBC computers) had made vast numbers of edits to Wikipedia entries.

This page logs the alleged edits, complete with telltale bbc.co.uk domain details. One of these edits involved changing a reference to Palestinian “terrorists” to “freedom fighters”. Here is the Wikipedia page showing the edits. Interestingly, Nick Reynolds, a former editorial policy adviser for the BBC, admits in the Biased BBC blog comments that this was a silly thing to do. But here’s my favourite example.

Another edit traced to a BBC computer removed references to BBC bias from a Wikipedia entry. Here is the relevant page, showing pre- and post-edit versions. Missing from the new version is a reference to the BBC being “out of touch with large swathes of the public and Â… guilty of self-censoring subjects that the corporation finds unpalatable”.

That’s one newspaper’s take on the Bridcut report, commissioned by the BBC. Anyway, although the Biased BBC allegations were already posted yesterday, with comments from a BBC executive, BBC News online neglected to mention the corporation’s embarrassing track record when it wrote its story about the CIA. Yet its report found room for plenty of other examples of surreptitious Wiki editing. Funny, that. Do you think I can slip in a quick Wikipedia reference to this scandal before someone at the BBC edits it out again?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alex Jones on “Full Song”


    Tell me its all “LIES”


  2. Anonymous says:

    There is every reason to believe that the same has happened to SNOPES. if you look,agenda 21 mis information was the first clue.

  3. Toad Hall says:

    Tap: vid is not showing now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need the full text of the Balen report to know where the BBC ‘loyalty’ lies. Tony Bliar was a master of D-Notices and a friend of Israel… just like so many of our Lib-Lab-Con ‘Conservatives’ that are in power now.

    Bliar used court orders to block out the truth for so long that those that could remember the treason by the government and their mouthpieces (the BBC) would be long dead.

    Using the Balen report as an example, no surprise that the author is a Zionist:


    That’s the problem with lies (whoever is telling them), they come out in the wash in the end.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Usually it’s possible to find another version on youtube or vimeo or somewhere if you get time, Toad Hall.

  6. Toad Hall says:


    Video is still live on youtube, but is no longer displaying on this thread since you added the additional note about BBC.

    Perhaps it is just my browser, but no longer showing here, says TH sends, then there is a gap.

    Here is the link again.


  7. Loads of top homeopaths have tried to correct the lies published under the Wikipedia Homeopathy entry. Every time they tried, the corrections were deleted. The NWO/Elite DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT HOMEOPATHY WORKS as they want people to suffer and die with poisonous pharma drugs. To this end they have created and hired worldwide large numbers of skeptics from science departments as well as computer tech people to create masses of blogs and rubbish it. Journalists have told me that you cannot get a single positive article published about homeopathy in the mainstream media. Also most other alternative medicine but they are bent on destroying homeopathy because they know it works and NO WAY do they want the public to find out. (There are 3,500 homeopathic medicines for all illnesses). I have personally used nothing else since 1991.

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