Yewtree permits victim an accomplice during Police interview. About time.

Anonymous said…
Some good news from west yorkshire for a change. My video interview for Operation Pallial and Operation Yewtree is finally scheduled to go ahead.
Halifax Police have now replaced the officer in charge of my case. The new officer in charge has said she has no issues with me being accompanied during interview.
When I met with her, she stated that “If thats what it takes to get it done, it’s how it needs to be done.”

I met with the Intermediary Service who have agreed that I do require somebody with me during interview. Their rep said she would be more than happy to attend both my interview and subsequent court dates in her capacity as an Intermediary.

My video interview is due to take place on or around the 8th of February.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who worked to make this possible, including the guys at the media sites who highlighted my plight when most would not listen and, to those who have supported me during these last few months. It is down to you all that I am to be allowed to make my statement, 21 years after the abuse I suffered in Children’s Homes across the UK.

Thank you.


PS Bill, i tried to contact you in regard to all this, but never heard back. will try again soon perhaps.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Kaz, I hope you can get this done and move on with your life…. Good luck.


  2. Anonymous says:

    About bloody time that the piggies-in-blue did something properly and yes, no doubt they’ve only got their act together (or at least appear to) in this instance because of critizism on indie media, blogs, and etc.

    Good luck with the way forward — I hope you find peace.


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