Whitney’s sacrifice foretold

JULIA writes - Just found this post on Whitneys death. 
This blog is very good on all the rituals that 
go on, seems to be his speciality. He predicted there would be a sacrifice and 
suggested Witney as a strong possibility. 

Whitney Houston, Madonna And The Queen

On 10th Feb, I wrote :
“So who will be the sacrifice ? The theme for this year appears to be Goddess worship, with Madonna channelling an Egyptian pharaoh at the Super Bowl and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth on 6th Feb, so I imagine it will be connected to the feminine . It may not even be an individual but will be linked in some way with females . If it is an individual, she will be a big name .”
In this post, I will attempt to explain the occult agenda which culminated with the sacrifice of Whitney Houston . Make no mistake, Whitney Houston’s death was a sacrifice . I don’t know how her death was organised but it was the last act in a triple header of Goddess worship .
Last year, we had a similar period with the Royal Wedding, the beatification of John Paul 11 and the death of Osama bin Laden . This year we have the Goddess worship seen at the Super Bowl, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in Britain and the sacrifice to the Goddess of Whitney Houston . Occultists love the ‘it comes in threes’ rituals .

JULIA again - 
I have also just found an article saying 
that Witneys daughter is wearing an engagement ring identical to Diana's i.e. Kate's. 
It seems like an ill-omened thing to wear. 
TAP - this link's been deleted already!!!!!! 
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  1. Wish13 says:

    The link does still work – you need to copy and paste the whole URL from start to end (it will not be clickable). The problem is with the ‘ character after houston. Such a character shouldn’t be used in a url as it doesn’t always render correctly.

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