Which kind of mask protects best against chemtrails?

Hi Tap, 

I have searched on the internet, including Ebay and I cannot seem to find these masks. At the moment I wear a Respro Bandit washable mask designed for anti pollution while on a bike, I purchased this about 3 years ago and the carbon part of it sandwiched between the two layers of the mask has long gone and i’ve stitched it where the nose bridge part started coming away from the cotton mask. I used it before I knew about chemtrails for pollution. I tried replacing it earlier in 2012 when I learnt about chemtrails with a 3M ffp3 valved dust mask which was supposed to protect against toxic vapours. I wore this while riding through chemtrail fallout and felt a a feeling in my throat like i’d inhaled sharp dust, so I guess it doesn’t work. 

I am trying to find a better mask as my Bandit mask needs replacing, I have spent hours and hours searching and reading and I am confused. I think these people who mask dust masks are part of the illuminati and don’t want to protect us like they say they do, in addition I wonder if they use materials or add substances to the masks to be detrimental to our health, while making us expose ourselves to toxins believing that we will be protected. My 3M masks smell a bit chemically and agrivate my asthma slightly (I don’t think this was just because of the chemtrail dust).

I really need advice here, I was thinking of trying surgical masks as they say that a type 2 will protect against fine dust, plus infections. But do I trust the makers? and if I do will it filter any better than the 3M dust masks?

I will probably buy another Respro bandit, as my last one has served me well, it just becomes damp from exhaling and resticts breath soon after wearing, even more so now we live in a constantly damp environment (everyone seems to be buying dehumidifiers). Although some people say that a damp mask is best to filter out this stuff and my experience tells me that they are right.

Any advice will be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    1st be clear what you want to filter?

    Diesel auto fumes particulate types & size?

    Chemtrails? wow first find whats in them? if they are using nano technology? thats a new one on me.

    the convenient simple face mask design is probably best for ease & use.

    However the best systems seem to be a face mask with a clean pressured feed, depends on your budget & hardware carrying options.

    A damp mask may? work but better maybe would be one with exhaust one way valves but balanced so breathing out would disturb any outer contaminate build up.

    Its all a bit of an art really & trade off, the paint industry & medical industry are a good place to look, the big well trod brands are still Scotch 3m etc

    Remember those that use this type of equipment usually do so everyday all year round,would be wise to talk to users.

    There are many types of filtrate & optimum filter micron sizes.

    Carbon filters are very effective cleaning a wid range of chemicals so is a good low cost inclusion.

    Carbon although inert can have some dust release when new.

    I think you need to create a cyclist forum when you can brain storm.

    good luck.


    ps I’m sure no item will be a 100%

    Maybe try army surplus?

    “live long & prosper”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best way would be for our serving RAF men, and all those involved with air traffic to “grow some” and realise that for whatever reason this is being done, from depopulation to selling the global warming scam, from hiding the sun and upper atmosphere for some reason to a new type of fuel being used which those in power dont want the fleeced sheeple knowing about, that discloure is in the public interest. I know if I was a fighter pilot no ammount of court martials or being told off by Mr Redshield would stop me from bringing one down. They owe it to those who came before, the brave young men who gave all fighting for their nation in the Battle of Britain. Allowing this to happen on their watch will bring them no glory.

  3. Julia says:

    Sounds like the masks are more unhealthy than the chemtrails. My personal opinion is that the best way is to stay strong, keep your immunity up, and not fear anything. Fear and panic are far bigger killers than chemtrails. The negative emotions lower your immunity. I am speaking as someone who lives in a heavily chemtrailed area and is outdoors a lot. I also personally find that car fumes are far worse than chemtrails, but everyone has stopped blaming cars and is now blaming pilots instead. Oh that’s handy because we all drive cars. The main reason I don’t like chemtrails is because they block the sun.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Noticed strange cloud formations over Doncaster on Saturday 12 Jan.
    The gray clouds were seperating into oblongs, even though there was no wind.
    Then hours later they vanished, the sky was clear.
    An hour later, Black as thunder, clouds formed.
    These just vanished, in the evening, the local roads were gritted.
    Sunday morning was wet but clear.
    Strange enough for me to mention it to our readers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    An investigator named William Thomas who lives in Victoria, Canada analyzed some chemtrail fallout.

    Thomas’s analysis showed that the chemtrails include:

    1. Bacilli & Moulds

    2. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    3. Pseudomonas Florescens

    4. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens

    5. Streptomyces

    6. Enterobacteriaceae

    7. Serratia Marcscens (see below)

    8. Human White Blood Cells

    9. A restricter enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA

    10. Enterobacter Cloacae

    11. Other bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis, as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.

    12. JP-8 Jet Fuel = Ethylene Dibromide

    # 2. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. A Respiratory tract infection by the ubiquitous bacterium. Cancer and burn patients also commonly suffer attack from this organism. Unlike other bacteria that reside in the environment, P. aeruginosa has a remarkable capacity to cause disease. Pseudomonas has the ability to adapt and thrive in many ecological niches, including humans. Once infections are established, P. aeruginosa produces a number of toxic proteins which cause not only extensive tissue damage, but also interfere with the human immune system’s defense mechanisms. These proteins range from potent toxins that enter and kill host cells at or near the size of colonization to degradative enzymes that permanently disrupt the cell membranes and connective tissues in various organs. P. aeruginosa successfully colonizes the respiratory tract. One reason is that it produces a highly protective capsule made of the mucoid polysaccharide alginate. This allows the bacteria to resist engulfment by immune system cells and better adhere to the lining of the lungs. It is likely that antibiotics cannot effectively eradicate Pseudomonas from the lungs because of this protective capsule. In addition, some Pseudomonas strains can inactivate the drugs that threaten them by using enzymes to modify the drug.

    # 7. Serratia Marcescens is a significant opportunistic human bacterial pathogen. This microorganism has been shown to be the cause of many life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis and endocarditis. It is one of the major causes of hospital-acquired infections. The seriousness of a S. marcescens infection is compounded by the fact that it is very resistant to most commonly used antibiotics, thus making treatment difficult. In this study one of the factors contributing to the antibiotic resistance of S. marcescens will be examined. In order for an antibiotic to kill or inhibit growth of bacteria it must penetrate the outer surface or membrane and enter the bacterial cell ,which is very difficult. I hope some of this helps you to better understand what we are fighting against.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Spraying cancer?

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