Where do the missing children all go?

Anonymous said…
Former Councillors Targeted by the SS

The State is kidnapping children at an alarming rate, how many of these children are ending up in these rituals ?

Where are the 4 grand-daughters Elle-May, Ruby, Lacey & Poppy Williams-Piper of former UK Maidstone Cllr Sheena Williams who tried to expose the abuse and kidnap of children by the State ?

Georgia Senator Nancy Scafer didnt escape with her life after trying to expose what is going on Youtube Innocence Destroyed.

TAP – I heard from a professional source recently of a former Satanist who quit the scene, but had to have plastic surgery and leave the UK to survive.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    i worked for over 30 years in child protection, i have to be careful here with what i say as i dont want any branch of society stigmatised.
    Much has come out this past decade on people like Anthony Blunt Jimmy Saville Jonathan king etc, but the jewish holy books claim child sacrifice is essential, this is religious and not pedophile in essence although some cases did cross over. many of the professionals i knew deplore the lowering of the age of consent and the demolishing of the pedophile laws

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you worked for over 30-yrs in “child protection”, did you? Maybe you and the many “professionals” you worked with ought to have exposed what was going on in so-called “child protection”. (And let’s face it, nothing has changed in either the industry itself or indeed in the mindset of the so-called “protectors”.)

    As to what’s come out in the last “10-yrs” or so, it certainly wasn’t revealed by those sitting on their arses WITHIN the system, was it?


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