We’re all ‘pedophobics’ now. The latest PC terminology tells you all you need to know.

Of course politicians and Royalty should be allowed to rape and torture boys and girls as they wish.  To say otherwise would be considered ‘pedophobic’
My firm  is involved with various security operations,  but mostly advising on industrial espionage on UK firms
from hostile nations such as Israel, China and the USA, yes the USA watches us too.

Rupert Murdoch is Mossad, a massive info gathering service involving phone taps and letter intercepts on anything that can be used to bring Britian the USA, Canada and Australia into more wars for Israel.
Iran is no threat to anyone, but Israel wants the world to fight Iran for it, Iraq ia now almost totally Israeli owned
they also want the land and resources of Lebanon Syria and Iran.

We have had dealings with the BBC over the years, the BBC has always been a mouthpiece for Jews, it keeps silent on the Palestinian genocide and the dumbing down of the British people, ever since the 1930s it has been an anti-democratic pro-socialist broadcasting arm of the secret government.
New labour was a mossad front  to get a nice war going on Iraq, and Tony Blair had to resign as he had many sexual weirdos in the government, New labour was a pedocracy.

The agenda to homosexualise Britian has been underway for some time, a while back one of TVs most popular faces was conjuror Paul Daniels, he would get massive amounts of viewers for his programmes, but the BBC said he was overtly heterosexual, with his life partner the pretty assistant Debbie, the BBC in league with other stations dropped him and searched for a homosexual to take his place,  and Derren Brown was given the spot.

The Derren Brown skits you see on TV often have to be filmed again and again, one insider said sometimes  100 times to get the right footage  for TV to expand the TV message they want you to know, Derren’s sex life is a story of its own.

Similarly the smash hit programme “Midsomer Murders” was sold all over the world as it showed Britian as it was, but the Author Brian True-May was told, “make it more multicultural, more black brown and yellow faces and storylines, and bring in positive  aspects of homosexuals, Brian replied that the programmes appeal lay in its Englishness the village atmosphere in the series was what people liked to see so he was sacked, because the TV bosses are racist.

It has recently come to light that the BBC gave employment priority to homosexuals, using the same positive discrimination policy it used to give to other races, calling them racial minorities, but they are not minorities as secret polls recently show British people living in Britian are now much less than 50% of the nation, and not included in this are other people given British nationalities or  illegal imigrants, the agenda to crush Britian from inside is well under way.

The organisation Stonewall pretends to be a help organisation for homosexuals, but it gets financial and  propaganda help from government the BBC and MI5 to promote an agenda  for homosexuality especially in the young,
such religious groups as the Catholic Church the C of E and the Spiritualist Church have been taken over by homosexual activists called the ” gay mafia” as a vehicle to promote other homosexuals.

The bullshit BBC could do nothing but cover up the lives of Jimmy Savile becuase in line with its Homosexual policies, is the fact of its close association with pedophilia, a new word has entered our vocabulary for people who reject pedophilia,
Pedophobics, this like Homophobics is being used to denigrate normal people who do not accept it for their kids.

the Government through Common Purpose ran pro-homosexual  classes in all schools and even in pre school nurseries
any child of pre-schol age who said anything not in line with racist sexist or against agenda policies would have their names taken by teachers, and could be removed from their parents, the  stuff our kids are taught at schools is now horrific, and this is why home schooling is such on the rise, and these are the main target for Common Purpose to target for child snatching.

Kevin Field
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Can you not see this is Nazi propaganda. Jews and Homosexuals. Jews and Homosexuals. Jews and Homsosexuals.

    What next? The Gypsies?

    There’s no discernment on this blog. It’s ugly sometimes. It takes a shit in the punchbowl and asks its readers to take a drink.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I can see what you see, Charles. Only grown-ups allowed on The Tap! I get a lot of Jews/homosexuals coming in. Such notions have a large following on the net, although we normally prefer to see the Zionist explanation, which is political, and not the Jew one, which is racist.

    I am partly Jewish, and am quite sure that there are many very good Jewish people around, to make up for the bad.

    As for homosexuals, and the agenda to promote homosexuality into the culture, this is no doubt true. Saying that doesn’t make you a homophobe, or against homosexual people. For many such subtleties are not of interest. They like a bit of ‘phobia’.

    Yes, Charles. I follow your thoughts.

  3. The above comment is right..!

    “My firm is involved with various security operations, but mostly advising on industrial espionage on UK firms from hostile nations…”

    This cannot be true.

    If KF owned the company (‘My firm’) and really carried out this highly secretive and sensative work, he would be out of business tomorrow for posting comments such as this on blog sites.

    Likewise, if he was an employee, he’s be sacked tomorrow.

    The fact of this lie leads us to question the validity and purpose of the entire post. The opinions expressed are valid (I support freedom of speech), some of the facts I believe are correct – but why the lie?

    Is this person just trying to add weight to their opinions, or…?

    So – who is the author? (KF cannot be the authors real name)

    What agenda is this person pushing and why?

  4. Tapestry says:

    He could be a shill, but his writings are usually the same sort of stuff remixed coming in every other day. He’s not a very successful shill if he is one. There are interesting bits in his musings mixed up with the other stuff in the punch bowl.

    I don’t get too exercised by such things myself. The bit that interested me is the notion that pedophobia is now the latest not permitted mental state. Children must be raped, don’t you know, and anyone who does;t think so is a phobe.

    I thought I’d allow a little rant against the Jews and the homosexual agenda while allowing this latest PC agenda to get an airing.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Have you ever thought that some individuals choose to live by the culture and traditions that their people have lived by for thousands of years. This means natural lifestyles – man coupling with a woman to have children?

    Go back to the UK at the end of WW2 and you’ll see a place totally different to today’s. People like you are what they are because of massive indoctrination. The promotion of homosexuality as a natural lifestyle is obscene.

    60 years since WW2 and this society has been smashed. Those behind it, the NWO, are Ashkenazi Jews (non semitic, Turkic-Mongol pagan converts to Judaism who follow the Talmud) and throughout history they have sought a Jewish World Order to fulfill the false prophecy they are God’s chosen.

    What the author states is true. Mossad is behind many of the world’s false flags but it itself is merely a creation and controlled organisation of the crown, a crown controlled by the Rothschilds.

    And I used to be pro Israel and homosexuality until I delved into a period of study to have my beliefs blown asunder.
    And finally, as for ‘nazi’ propaganda, well, having also read much on history I was not told, my views on Hitler, the Third Reich drastically changed.

    The Jews launched a boycott war on German goods because Hitler was removing the controlling minority of Jews from power along with the bankers. Churchill, a Zionist shill did the bidding of his masters and lauched a war on Germany.

    When people say that every conflict over the last 250 years is Jewish instigated, they are 100% correct. Queen Victoria’s British Empire was a Jewish Empire.

    The Jews are a minority who have always worked as one unit. They know that they cannot beat the goyim with a full frontal assault so they resort to infiltration, deception, pitting ally against ally, countryman against countryman. They seek to overthrow God’s natural environment by turning everything upside down. They destroy the family unit, masculinity and femininity by promoting homosexuality and feminism. They destroy indigenous culture by promoting massive immigration. And they do all of this through control of every major establishment.

    People will wake up eventually but by then it will be far too late to reverse it. Paedophilia will be legal in less than twenty if not ten years. Look at the Frankfurt school and their success.

    Sadly, everyday Jews are complicit in the actions of those Jews destroying society by firstly remaining apathetic and secondly by attacking anyone who criticises Jewry thus protecting, unknowingly those responsible for the world’s demise. They are a tribe and will always be as one. They are a minority hence why they champion minority rights. When minorities benefit, majorities suffer. What’s good for Jews is bad for non Jews so it’s said. Just ask any Palestinian.



  6. Tapestry says:

    I am still not sure who’s really behind all the power structures that manipulate and harm humanity. There is a chance that all are manipulated and used by off planet entities. A year ago I would have thought myself a nutter for writing such ideas. But after reading people like Pye, Sitchin, Bergrun and Icke, it seems that the evidence for extra terrestrial entities having a key role here on earth is undeniable.

  7. Anonymous says:


    The universe is vast. There is much we do not know but Sitchin has been debunked many times with his Anunaki and Nibiru beliefs. Pye’s book about the missing link between humans and apes is interesting, however he’s heavily influenced by Sitchin. I’ve not read Bergun but Icke, well, as much as he’s done to awaken people (and he most certainly has) there’s no doubt whatsoever he’s a disciple of Blavatsky and her Theosophy, whom, should people care to investigate will find that Theosophy is Lucifarianism and her followers are all high up in Freemasonry, Tavistock Institutes, major establishments etc etc.

    Your guess is as good as mine but I tend to follow the money.



  8. Tapestry says:

    Of course they have all been debunked. But after reading for months now, and focusing on the real source of information, not the quick dismissals, the Nibiru,Anunnaki are no hoax.

    As for Icke, I’m not sure. He’s a deeply spiritual person, and has to be seen in that light. His off planet focus is Saturn. Anyone can see entities in Saturn’s rings from both Voyager and Hubble publicly released photos. they just haven’t appeared in the Daily Mail so no one dare believe it.

    It needs time to study all the evidence. Most people don’t have the time.

  9. Anonymous says:


    I can’t disagree with your hypothesis. Certainly, without a doubt it all takes time; reading both sides of the argument and coming to your OWN CONCLUSION as to what is.
    Yes, I do also believe that Sitchin has something going on his ‘extra planet’ ideology, as depicted in Sumarian artistry, but I think one should also consider who was Sitchin working for or was he simply a lone wolf with a passion? The asteroid belt certainly points towards some catastrophic explosion in the past. There’s no doubt about that.

    And yes, I will agree that Icke is a very spiritual human being. I can’t kick him as he helped wake me up. One of the books that opened my eyes to conspiracy, the Rothschilds, the Jews, freemasonry and the whole power pyramid structure of elite societies was his book And the Truth Shall Set You Free. However on research as said, he is too close to Blavatsky’s theories. This is where I have my drawbacks with him.

    Anyway, we may disagree, but it’s healthy. I respect that you do what you do and offer your thoughts and alternatives to others and more importantly the msm propaganda.



  10. Anonymous says:


    “The Jews are powerful, no doubt – so who’s controlling them?”

    This is the thing. After a lot of research, the Jews are controlling the Jews. No one and I mean NO ONE tells the Rothschilds what to do. Read some of Tap’s old articles, especially the one on Queen Victoria, being a Rothschilds. They simply made a global coup detat with their controlling of the banking industry. They also decide on the price of gold, considering they own all of it.

    However it’s not just the Jewish Rothschilds (read non semitic pagan converts to Judaism in the 8th century) who are part of the control network, but the rabbis, that is those of the Pharisees and Seducees of Babylon, who have usurped Judaism. You should read some Michael Hoffman as he’s done a great deal of research into the whole thing.

    And finally there are those dumb Christian Zionists who are willing dupes, believing in their rapture rubbish. Combine them with the Jews in the USA and you have your total control network. Just look at Fox in the USA and absolute morons like O’Reilly and Hannity, both Christians and both Zionists.

    I agree that there is a total control network that is inherently evil and consists of powerful Jews and non Jews, but I think that Jews sit on the capstone. They are after all God’s Chosen.



    P.S. I could be wrong but all research has drawn me to this conclusion of Jewish control of planet earth.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love this article and it fits my research, i know several past and serving members of intelligence
    write in to this and also Aangirfan
    The Moshe Solomons radio show has a lot of good jews on who talk about the evil israel is doing in the world, and remember one of the first things hitler did was to stop pornography the kickup from jews was unbeleivable
    and its them who run it over here too, hollywood brags about being 100% jew
    and if you want to se a sick film watch inglorious bastards” is pornographic, violent racist and disgusting but thats ok because its jewish

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was at a banquet once at the russian embassy, everyone was in awe ofa guy who came in, i said whos that in my ignorance ?
    Mr rothschild they said the man who owns the world, i wa sstunned but during my time in the city major shakers and movers all said the same, rothschilds own the show
    including now your vatican lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    If there are off planet entities controlling the earth, yes they probably are Jewish 🙂

  14. Tapestry says:

    On planet the hierarchy reaches a ceiling somewhere around the Jesuits and the Zionists. Then there are Masons, bankers, pedophiles and a host of other groups said to be the ones in control.

    Dr Monteith puts it nicely by saying they are all one and the same, those who have turned against God, and signed up with the Devil. Satanism is rife in their number.

    But then off planet, we have another problem. Is it Saturn and the reptiles? Or descendants of the Anunnaki or other alien groups from elsewhere that control things on earth?

    The answer could be the same again. All have turned against the supreme being or maker of the universe, if such a thing exists. I’ll let the readers battle it out in their contributions while I await the answer to such a question.

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