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Hi Tap, I have sent this in a couple of times but it obviously didn’t arrive or has been scrubbed, but can’t imagine why, as it is only a bbit of information I put together, with regard to the ongoing filter problem related to The Chemtrails.

I would suggest you look up the required items under Industrial Tools & Accessories, this is the Type of Site I would Refer you to.
Link:- http://www.cromwell.co.uk/

Enter Required Item in Search Box i.e. Dust Masks
Link:- http://www.cromwell.co.uk/index.php?search_all=Dust+Masks&search.x=0&search.y=0&p=advancedsearch&q=0
Doing it this way you are using a Specific Search Engine, & wont get sidetracked by a load of Google Rubbish.

You can then refine your search as necessary.
Filtering out nano particles is virtually impossible with the average masks,I would think, but nano particles do behave as gases so it might be possible, but should remove larger particulate matter. CARBON FILTERS HAVE THE CAPACITY TO ADSORB GASES, this is a Surface Phenomena.
Think of the carbon particles as individual sponges, i.e. A Matrix or Lattice of individual Interstitial Sites, each with the capacity to latch onto a contaminant, The Larger the Surface Area, the Greater the Capacity for ADSORPTION will be. Considering Nano Particles as they are so small the efficiency of removal would be increase with decrease in particle size due to Brownian Motion as Diffusion is Inversely Proportional to Particle Size see pdf, but specialist filters would probably be required.

When nano particles a being considered we are looking at particles of the order of 5 – 500 nm {1nm = 1/10 A°}, so these masks are going to be fairly expensive,if indeed they exist in the form of dust masks, that are readily available. You would probable have to consider polymeric materials as suitable filtering media, anything else would probably fail, as you will see if you carry out a search.

Nanotechnology and Respirator Use Issues
Here is a Link to a 3M Tecnical Data Sheet #171

Little work has been done to quantify the performance of respirator filtersa gainst particles in the nanoparticle size range.
It is still widely accepted that with diffusion as the dominant mechanism, the efficiency of filters will be high. In addition, all of the particulate filters approved by NIOSH (95–99.97%) exhibit filter efficiencies greater than that of the
fiberglass filter papers shown in

Face Fit
Another factor affecting respirator performance is face seal leakage.
Face seal leakage is dependent on many factors including the fit of the respirator to the face, duration of wearing, and work activity.
Some individuals have speculated that face fit is even more critical for nanoparticles because of their small size, implying that face fit is more critical for nanosize particles than for other contaminants. It is often stated, however, that nanoparticles
may behave like gases and vapors and respirators have been fit tested and successfully used for protection

pdf Link:- http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?66666UuZjcFSLXTtMxMalxM2EVuQEcuZgVs6EVs6E666666–

Those involved in carrying out this Research Work, Probably have no Idea that there are Psychopaths intent on the release of the Nano Particles as Part of a The Nato AGENDA 21 PROGRAMME. i.e.GENOCIDE PROGRAMME

I will send you some more Stuff shortly, but it is Overwhelming the amount of information, that’s around, & that too needs ‘Filtering’.


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    This website is packed with info regarding chemtrails and some air purifier experiments attempts to remove chemtrail particles from the air, he suggests supplementation and a wet mask to be the most feasible methods of protecting ourselves from toxic chemical aerosol particulates.


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