Vaccines – the true weapons of mass destruction

The Realist Report with John Friend

I just finished the first ever broadcast of The Realist Report with John Friend on Truth Militia Radio.  My guest Dr. Rebecca Carley and I discussed her history as a medical professional, the medial mafia, vaccines, and the history of the medical establishment in America. You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to Truth Militia Radio on BlogTalkRadio here. Also, check out Dr. Carley’s radio archives here.  

If you haven’t sat down and watched Dr. Carley’s presentation Vaccines – The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction, you really should.

Finally, check out Lindsey of Lindsey Narrates Mitochondrial Disease and Systemic Yeast Infection Treatment Protocol over at The Information Underground.  Thanks for tuning in guys!  


  1. Hospital fires EIGHT veteran nurses because they refused to take flu shot for religious reasons

    An Indiana hospital has fired eight employees, many of them veteran nurses, because they refused to take the flu vaccine.

    IU Health Goshen is just the latest hospital to force its employees to receive the jab and fire or discipline the ones who object.

    At least four of the nurses who was terminated tried to appeal the vaccine on religious grounds with the help of a lawyer. The hospital rejected their arguments and fired them anyway.

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  2. “I Took the Shot” Contest Raises Awareness of Deadly Bacterial Meningitis

    Meningitis Angels announced today the “I Took the Shot” contest encouraging children between the ages of 10 and 18 to protect themselves against bacterial meningitis. By sending a photo of themselves getting vaccinated against this deadly disease, contestants are eligible to win an iPad, digital camera or $100 gift card.

    “With the national attention focused on fungal meningitis, it is important we don’t forget about the dangers of bacterial meningitis,” said Frankie Milley the mother of an only child, Ryan who lost his life to bacterial meningitis. “This is a devastating disease, but it is easily preventable. A simple vaccine could save the life of someone you love. After losing my own son, I made it my life’s mission to prevent other parents from experiencing the loss of a child.”


  3. John, thank you so much for including my protocol in the discussion with Dr. Carley. I am adding to it constantly, so who knows what changes/additions will be made in the coming months, but there is information there that ANYONE could find useful because I am using supplements that do many different things from killing yeast in the body to making my hair turn from the white that it was due to oxidation to its original color, to what I have to do to maintain a somewhat normal energy level that was absolutely horrible before I developed this rigorous health regimen/protocol for myself.

    I also wanted to make everyone aware that I am re-doing my site, and in the mean-time all of my narrations can be found here: and here:

    I strongly encourage people who have any questions about my protocol to ask them, and I will answer them as best I can.

    I AM NOT A DOCTOR, NOR AM I GIVING ANY MEDICAL ADVISE WHATSOEVER; however, I was told by one of the doctors in Thailand to “go home and die,” and I REFUSE to give-up on MY HEALTH, and I am slowly-but-surely getting back to a somewhat normal life after literally being on my death-bed in August/September 2011. Anything that I say is FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, and any documentation or information that I would provide that is not from my own experience would be from a reputable source like a medical-journal where experiments had taken place, or from other people doing something similar to what I am doing and give specifics on exactly what he/she does to correct a dysfunction FOR HIMSELF/HERSELF, and again, is not necessarily a medical-doctor and certainly not giving medical advice to another.



  4. Great interview, John. The youtube version for your readers:


  5. Just listened to this, this morning. Fascinating and very insightful. Thanks for that, good work. Kinda reminds me of the last time I went to see my GP. I’m seeing the quack (and I use the term lightly), for a persistent knee injury. And the last time I went he (Not white btw), tried to force a big dose of TAMIFLU onto me. I did politely decline the offer. But was left quite perplexed as why I was suddenly being offered this muck out of the blue. Honestly, the guy just dropped the box casually on the table and said “This’s for you, roll up your sleeve”. to which I said something along the lines of “Nah you’re alright. I don’t need it”. It was a very awkward situation, which changed the atmosphere in the room instantly. But the look that the Doctor gave me for refusing his “wisdom”, was something I won’t forget any time soon.


    From T.Stokes LONDON

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2 Responses to “Vaccines – the true weapons of mass destruction”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont know about the vaccines, but the chemtrailing over the north west has been trully awful today, they have literally saturated the sky. I had to walk a few miles this morning and I feel nauseous and my eyes are stinging., surely it must be affecting others too?

    They usually stop mid morning these days, especially when there is no cloud cover to hide behind, but for some reason they have continued all afternoon-the only “clouds” in the sky are chemtrails that were laid obviously during the night which have formulated, overlayed with todays efforts.

    Why on earth arent others seeing it?, its in plain sight if only they looked up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In response to the last comment about chemtrails, I have only started seeing them (consciously) a year ago after we had low flying military jets over our garden, which left shards of metal that got stuck in our feet and we saw a strange residue too. Everyday since that time I have seen jets spraying or the result of their spray, even when you cannot see them they are there high up, their silver/mirror like jets escaping our vision through the haze they have created. They spray at night too and the particulates drop more at night I have observed. Inhaling them gives a prickly feeling in the throat, take a torch outside at night (while wearing a dust mask or something) shine the beem into the distance and look at the chemical dust, it’s scary! I read that at the beginning of 2012 there was alot more money put into this geoengineering programme and I think from my own experience of being outside at night that this is true. As all the years I have used a torch at night I have never seen this “dry rain” before. My garden is also looking unwell.

    I think people are waking up, this is occuring all over the world. We as people like the sunshine, it is good for us physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have noticed that we have had hardly any sunshine in 2012, even summer seemed dim. What about Australia, on recent documentaries from there it is also overcast, surely they have wondered why the sun isn’t shining very much.

    There are alot of people who are waking up, keep positive, I know it’s hard when you see our beautiful world being killed and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. I am trying to keep my body as healthy as possible and trying not to inhale too much of this stuff, I am also trying to deprogramme my mind from all the lies we have been fed, watching inspirational and well informed people like Alex Jones and David Icke help. There are people and groups on Twitter and Facebook (Facebook have chemtrail jets spraying as their background image) who monitor and discuss chemtrails and you can even have your rain water analysed.

    There are good people who are helping us to return the earth to love and freedom and reveal the lies and the hidden truth. We along with them are together stronger than the top six people who presently rule the world.

    Peace, love and light to all.

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