Toothpaste? I make my own.

I cut flouride out years ago, even before then most of hte time just used my toothbrush without the paste to clean my mouth, and since finding out about glycerin I have just ysed sea salt and bicarb( i only use this once in a while)

And, after missing all that brushing, ignoring the dentists advice and generally just doing something off the wall to them… I have ZERO fillings from decay. I have only ever had my wisdom teeth out and one tooth from been impacted by a wisdom tooth, and the only white filling I have in my mouth is from a cracked tooth from a sporting injury.

So, ignore this con, as it’s looking like the toothpaste con job was one of the very 1st ones, when they realised that people would buy this stuff that stopped your teeth remineralising themselves and actually damaged you they could build on the lies from there.

TAP – A friend of mine used salt for fifty years (he started when it cured a nasty abscess).  He’s now 92 and still flies round the globe each year. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to be using PROPER sea salt — the table variety is full of flouride plus other crap that is used to bleach the ‘salt’…

    Yip, glycerin inactivates spirochetes and additionally, it creates a surface that is too slippery for other bacteria to latch onto the tooth and hence, they cannot build the plaque colonies under which they hide. Neutrogena UNSCENTED soap works in similar fashion although, as far as I can remember, it targets different bacteria from the spirochetes.

    And keep away from the dentist…

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