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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man has never set foot on the Moon. They were all mind-controlled.
    They just went into low-orbit around Earth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree with above. This video pretty much shows some of the special effect those creative MIT boffins tried to fool us with:


    And there was the cryptic ”truth’s protective layers” speech that he came out with:


    People are too easily fooled into thinking NASA/government tell the truth when history has proven that we have been lied to time and time again. Step outside the box.

  3. Yeah, Aldrin might have had a breakdown when he realised that him and Armstrong were not able to leave earth orbit, due to mega-high radiation levels surrounding the earth.

    Imagine how the astronauts felt when they were told that they were NOT going to the moon and that the whole thing was to be staged – that they would LIE to the whole world !

    They didn’t anticipate the www age, when all the photos, film, statements, etc would be very thoroughly examined – and found wanting…

    In fact, there are so many holes in the NASA account that to continue to support the story further is pointless. Objective examination of the evidence proves this.

    This is, I believe, why Armstrong never spoke publicly about the ‘moon-landings’ and even gave veiled clues at press conferences -“there are great truths available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers”


    I can well understand people not wanting to accept the evidence that the whole thing was a lie.

    What are the implications? Many people still kid themselves that we live in a moral world, ruled by sane people, who have humanity’s interests at heart.

    Facing the evidence and concluding that this is NOT TRUE is tough! Like Jim Carey in the film The Truman Show. It’s not real! If you are brave enough to dig, you will find that it’s all a lie!

    I now only trust the gospels and Jesus Christ. The deeper I dig, the more truth I find – the total opposite to the rubbish and lies of this world.

    Test it yourself and see.

  4. Nick Bryant says:

    If high radiation is preventing astronauts from leaving Earth, does that mean that the international space station & all the pre-moon landing space flights were also fake?

    • Anonymous says:

      Radiation does not stop man leaving the Earth, only leaving Earth orbit and going into outer space.
      Nuclear bombs tested in the upper atmosphere have, apparently, added to the problem by increasing radiation levels.

  5. Tapestry says:

    maybe the radiation is deliberately targeted radiation, and not solar, space variety.

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