There are 3 City States – City of London (FINANCE), Washington (MILITARY), The Vatican City (RELIGION).

COMMENT –  UK Column from the other day about how the Banks (a.k.a. the globalist/Rothschild owned London-based banks) want to take over yet another aspect of our lives in the pursuit of total power control over us ‘serfs’:

Bank in line to teach UK schools (skip to 21mins 06secs): 


Hi Tap, thanks for the e-Mail, I haven’t had much time to look at it yet, in great detail, but a brief scan suggests it goes along the same route as one of the recent Posts I sent You, that I wrote from Memory,  as I was unable to give a reference at the time, & many disbelieved what I Stated.
I have a lot of information on this stuff, I find it very interesting, as you may remember I gave reference to the Temples & America & The “CROWN”.   It is not quite as clear cut as you might think.  It is a Very Grey Area. You will find what I have stated is correct PAPAL KNIGHTS, are very Important, they keep the system running smoothly.

Akin to The Maintenance Men, That is why Savile would never have been Exposed Before His Death.  You will notice, there are very few Living Papal Knights Investigated for Paedo Activities. I know the two Crowns are not the same, I don’t believe I said they ever were, but it is not a heterogeneous relationship either, that exists between them. (

This was the original Post Link

I haven’t got time at present to give you a Post on it but if you remember I told you the PILGRIMS were right at the top & HRH E2 was at the head.  She is The Vatican’s Official Representative & is Head of The Papal Knight & Knights  of St George etc.  She is a Papal Knight , everyone except The Pope is Subordinate to her, even the Temple Controllors, 

The Black Pope then Sits above The White Pope, but there is a higher organisation than even him, to put this into Perspective.

They make Rothschild, who is Custodian of the Papal Bucks Look like a Bank Clerk, as I have said on numerous occasions,  JESUIT JEWS ARE USED AS FRONT MEN.
This is too short to do anything with, I will do a Post as soon as possible on it.



HRH E2 is in Total Control of The Puppet CAMERON & His Minions, she heads The PILGRIMS, so that was only a Gesture, to Placate the Masses, who still think she is only a Figure Head.
If they Stepped out of Line, Anon, She would Have Their “BALLS, Between Two Bricks.
All World Leaders Pay Homage to The Queen Except The Pope, who heads the oldest Monarchy in The World. 
This Gives him The Position of Being The Senior King. The Catholic Church use Military-Like Orders to carry out their schemes. The Highest World Order being The KNIGHTS of MALTA, The Order is SUBSERVIENT TO THE POPE ALONE.
HRH E2 (Knight of St.John, The Protestant Order )& American Presidents are Members of one of these Orders, & Participation requires them to Pay Homage to The Pope. This dates back to Pope Inocent III, & Made England a FIEFDOM of Rome. King John Reneged on the deal, when he signed Magna Carta, & Pope Innocent took official possession of The Crown.
I have mentioned all this at different times, in Past Posts.
Pope Innocent III annulled Magna Carta, from then until now, THE ENGLISH MONARCHY & THE BRITISH CROWN BELONGED TO THE POPE.
Our Legal System is ROMAN CANNON LAW, why do you think that is then, if The Papacy don’t Call The Shots.
What should be remembered is that, the Papacy was infiltrated by CRYPTO JEWS – The JESUITS, who, call the shots, this is where the confusion arises Jesuits Are ZIONISTS, JEWS are ZIONISTS but not all “JEWS” are JEWS. Similarly not all Catholics are Jesuits, & not all Jesuits are Jews
The Jesuits Control The System, through The MASONS, which they have Perfected, & have the best Intelligence System in The World Operated through MI5, MI6 & MOSSAD. This in its self is interesting as GLADIO was Part of their Scheme, set up by Reinhard Gehlen, who with Wild Bill Donovan, Reorganised The CIA, BOTH WERE SMOMS. 
There are 3 City States, The City of London (FINANCE), Washington DC (MILITARY), & The Vatican City (RELIGIOUS) they are Sovereign Corporate Entities, America is Controlled By The Middle Temple in The City of London. They all have their own Obelisks. The Temple Bar consists of 4 Inns of Court, Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn & Grays Inn. All these Inns are controlled by the same TOP PEOPLE.
WHEN JEWS BECOME JESUITS,(ZIONISTS) THEY CEASE TO BE “JEWS”, you only have to look at History to realise that.
This started out as a short comment, but appeared to got out of hand & expanded a bit.
I have written this from Memory, as in the past I have looked into this in some detail, & have a lot of stuff on it. I will try & get a Post together on it, because YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT IS OCCURRING, IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS OCCURRED. One thing is certain you will never get this stuff from Official History Books.
The Catholics Don’t Need a Catholic on The Throne The PAPACY Already Control It! So the Rubbish the Papers tell you, is “BULLSHIT”.
This also Puts into Perspective Just How Much Authority SAVILE Could Muster, Most people have no idea of their Existence, let alone the Importance of SMOMS, also remember Anders Behring Breivik was a SMOM. I hope you find this interesting. & THINK ON THAT, Because Reality is not what it appears to be.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been following this guy’s blogs/forums for a few years regarding Knights Templars, The Queen, Papal Knights (who are at the top of the food chain… unless you believe in lizards and aliens, and they are higher up apparently).

    Here are just some recent articles (he takes mainstream media articles and comments/breaks them down to what they really mean. Similar to UK column/Alex Jones):

    That’s just two examples. Spend some time reading his other comments and make your own mind up. He does make a lot of sense if you do your research and, by all means, cross-reference his own research. No surprise this isn’t being told to the general public and this sort of thing is dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ by the corporate/jesuit controlled mainstream media.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UK Column from the other day about how the Banks (a.k.a. the globalist/Rothschild owned London-based banks) want to take over yet another aspect of our lives in the pursuit of total power control over us ‘serfs’:

    Bank in line to teach UK schools (skip to 21mins 06secs):

  3. ch. says:

    I don’t think it is possible for queen lizardbreath, the pope, the rothschilds to control everything on their own, they are all the same gang IMHO, they just have different departments of the gang to overesee queen-inteligence, pope-religious, rothschild-finance

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree ch, the world is run by organised crime gangs, pure and simple. The mafia was always zionist run, Bugsy Spiegel et al. Another interesting fact is that the allies in WW2 reinstated the local mafias in Italy, after Mussolini had spent years trying to eradicate them and succeeded in doing. The allied excuse that they were to help run the infrastructure of the country!. Coincidentaly, General Patton became very disillusioned with his superior Ike, who had sent out teams on D- Day to search for nazi gold and treasure while the boys were still dying on the beaches. Not long after the war when Patton was questioning the whole reason the war was fought and the criminal elements that were behind the scenes, he was murdered.

    Also does anyone recall a Panorama (I think) from the 70’s that exposed how the mob had moved from their usual activities to becoming respectable, especially in legalised extortion eg. insurance? just think of all them tv adverts for insurance, (ususally with someone like Rantzen selling it to the sheeple) not too mention having to have your vehicles continually insured, the constant threat of fines if you dont etc

    My personal take is that its always been the mob vesus the rest of us, perhaps under different names of course, pharisees, royal family, establishment etc..power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    We are now living in a world where our kids and not so young aspire to be gangstas, and some of our middle aged try to have “the look”, blacked out Beemer anyone?. This has come from the very top via the media, advertising and music industries, and lets be honest, the establishment set a very good example dont they? Take a look at the leaders we have, Bliar, Camermoron, Clugg, or lets think of Sarkozy, Berlusconni.. and dont mention the Millipedes, their family were invoved in the bloodfest of the Russian revolution, none of these people would look out of place in an Al Capone pose complete with Thompson machine gun would they?.

    The world is rotten, mainly down to the apathy of the masses, but then perhaps I’ll just get myself “a team” to support and let someone else face reality for me.

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