The NHS wants you dead…..ASAP

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Your Health Is Of “No Clinical Value”

The major effort to cut the NHS bill by £20 billion is leading to the rationing of healthcare which can only result in unnecessary deaths and greatly increased suffering for many people. Yet in his wisdom, Mr Cameron tells us that his “health reforms” are not about cutting services and damaging the wellbeing of the British people, but about “choice”.
This “choice” means that the NHS will no longer be allowed to carry out 57 different surgical procedures. A government directive has stated:
operations which will only be carried out in exceptional circumstances include, removing tonsils, varicose veins, hysterectomies, fitting grommets, removing skin lesions, haemorrhoid surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, cataracts and joint replacements.
It has been stated that even operations with an 80% success rate will be categorised as of “no clinical value” and stopped. These types of surgery are classed as “elective”, even though they may mean an enormous difference to the quality of life a person may have and can mean that without surgery, a condition will then deteriorate and could become acute or even fatal.
Don’t imagine that this policy is hypothetical and may never happen, because it is already being implemented in selected areas which include Bury, Oldham, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.
Another area of healthcare which is undoubtedly leading to untimely deaths is the practice of passive euthanasia. Since 1993 in the Bland ruling, assisted suicides which involve omissions, i.e the removal of life-saving care are not illegal. This is a very distressing subject, which many of us may not want to even consider, but this is happening now in the UK.
Barrister, Jamie Bogle has said the following about the current BMA guidelines: “In fact the guidelines do not refer only to patients who are dying … It may also refer to a serious long-term chronic state.
The problem here is that we are talking about withdrawing food and fluids and because in the very narrow circumstances of persistent vegetative state, that has been re-defined as treatment, what these guidelines will do is widen it right out into a whole range of conditions, many of them, non-terminal, in which we will be talking about intentionally terminating a patient’s life by dehydration. That must be wrong.”
You might want to read the above again and bear in mind that here in England and Wales, nutrition and even water, if they have to be given medically, are categorised as “treatment” and can be withdrawn in certain circumstances. There is every indication that this is an increasing practice in our hospitals.

Don’t Mention The War

Palliative care, often called “comfort care” is carried out by first sedating the patient. This is known as TS, (Terminal Sedation). It is also known as total sedation or palliative sedation, but regardless of it’s name it’s purpose is “to induce a state of decreased or absent awareness (unconsciousness)”.
Nutrients and fluids are then withdrawn and the patient is allowed to starve and dehydrate. This approach has been adopted in many UK NHS Hospitals.
During the 1930’s, Nazi Germany instigated a programme of euthanasia known as Aktion T4, named after Tiergartenstrasse 4, the street address of the headquarters of the Gemeinnutzige Stiftung fur Heilund Anstaltspflege, translated  literally as the innocuous sounding “Charitable Foundation for Cure and Institutional Care.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    AaHh So thoughtfull.

    As we no longer represent a cash cow, & now a costly liability.

    We can joyfully, sorry ignorantly drift off the face of the planet.

    While the cretins count their counters £$£$£$£$£$.

    Oh leaving the £3500+ funeral costs,

    Bonus to taxes etc the real council? house home property grab, pensions cease etc etc.

    they are all winners.

    by rolling deaths closer there must be an accountant somewhere getting his bonuses.

    A great cash cow for the elite silently rubbing their hands with glee? hum bug.

    Your thoughts? time out guys is closer than you may think!

    HETT rants again.

    PS is this what all those cold qualified degree’s are installing into our now young (a million miles off,never gono die) educated masses??

  2. Anonymous says:

    The NHS is just one huge test-lab for Big-Pharma.

    ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ takes care of the patients that are deemed unprofitable to Big-Pharma. In other words, starve the patient of vital minerals and supplements as the government/Big-Pharma have taken it upon themselves to deem them unfit/unprofitable to society (kudos to this lovely lady:–shes-planning-world-cruise.html).

    For the rest of the population, they are subjected to Big-Pharma drugs which can do you more harm than good, hospital food which was long ago out-sourced to companies that couldn’t care less about hygiene and food nutritional value. And don’t forget about MRSA and countless other ‘super-bugs’.

    Do you really want to risk your life tin the NHS’s hands?

    Staff morale levels in the NHS are at an all time low too… I know plenty of staff that work in the NHS. My partner has worked for them for nearly 11 years and most of her friends are NHS staffers too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the cost to the taxpayer would be if all the medical interventions that people think should be provided by taxpayers for their fellow citizens (and legal and illegal migrants)were actually provided free at the point of delivery? Then I would wonder if taxpayers would want to meet that cost.

  4. Anonymous says:

    legal and illegal migrants they are the one’s we pay for!

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