The billionaire who mixes pet food with human

Hi Tap, just to keep you Up To Speed with the HORSE MEAT/ {Beef Apparently Not} BURGERS,  Who Is To Blame, well as you know the Guy at the centre of the Issue is Larry Goodman  Anglo Irish Beef Processors (AIBP),However he  Rebranded his OutFit 01/10/2011. It is worth while when buying Burgers in Future to Read The Label.

Larry Goodman

The group’s five operating divisions will all function under the following trade names: ABP Beef, ABP Convenience Foods, ABP Proteins, ABP Renewables and ABP Pet Foods. ABP Beef will comprise of ABP Ireland, ABP UK and ABP Poland.

Paul Finnerty, CEO of ABP Food Group, said: ”The business has both expanded and diversified in recent years and we have come to a view that a rebrand will provide our customers and suppliers with a clear understanding of our overall operational structure, product offerings and brand strategy.”
In Ireland, the group’s operations under ABP Ireland will include six beef processing facilities through which they control around 24% of the national kill.

ABP UK will operate a total of 10 facilities through which they supply key retail clients.
The group have strengthened their presence in the UK in recent years with the purchase of three factories in Guildford, Sturminster and Blackburn. They are understood to slaughter around 13% of the national kill in the UK.

ABP Poland will consist of the recently acquired factory near Poznan in western Poland. This facility has the capacity to slaughter and debone 60,000 cattle per annum. ABP Proteins operates out of Cahir and Waterford while the group’s Pet Food business extends across Ireland, Britain and the Netherlands.
ABP Convenience Foods and the rapidly growing ABP Renewables, formerly Agri Energy, operate from multiple sites across Britain and Ireland.

Dirty Larry: Multi-millionaire Larry Goodman is the man behind the company that supplied British supermarkets with horsemeat contaminated burgers

Larry Goodman’s ABP Food Group has contracts to supply burgers to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Burger King. The Irishman once had business links to Saddam Hussein. United Nations sanctions imposed on Iraq after Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990 led Iraq to default on millions of pounds of payments to Goodman’s company. By August 1990 Goodman, left, had accumulated almost £550million in debts and his business was bailed out by Irish banks. Questions about what goes into a value burger were asked today (right)


Goodman left school in his early teens and began selling offal in Dundalk. He set up Anglo Irish Beef Processors in 1962 to export Irish beef to the continent. We are delighted and proud to induct him into our Hall of Fame for he is indeeed a “Lion amongst Men
Our beef products are 2011 Great Taste Winners.Irish Angus T Bone Steak (Tesco Ireland)Irish Angus Cote Du Boeuf (Tesco Ireland)Aldi Nature’s Isle Select CutIrish Fillet SteaksSuperquinn Fillet Steak
Utilising state of the art processing technology coupled to traditional maturation techniques, we ensure that our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and food safety, whilst delivering optimum service levels and continual efficiency improvement.  Is That So?

The food safety watchdog however states that the contamination of beef burgers with horse meat was probably accidental, owing to the nature of which additives sourced from abroad are used to bind the meat. The FSAI also says the findings pose no threat to public health, but it is a major blow to the reputation of the food industry in Ireland.
In total, 9 of the 10 samples contained what was described as “low traces of horse DNA”, less than 0.1 per cent in some cases. However, the level of DNA in a Tesco Everyday Beef Burger indicated that horse meat accounted for up to 29.1 per cent of the meat content.
Meanwhile, pig DNA was also found in almost 85 per cent of burgers tested.
The nine samples containing low levels of horse meat were taken from: Aldi’s Oakhurst Beef Burgers; Dunnes Stores’ St Bernard Beef Burgers and Flamehouse Chargrilled Quarter Pounders; Lidl’s Moordale Beef Burgers, Moordale Ultimate Beef Burgers and Moordale Quarter Pounders; Tesco’s Beef Quarter Pounders; and Iceland Quarter Pounders.
It looks like there could be Two Possible Reasons.
Low levels  < 0.1% would suggest X Contamination, Which is a very Worrying Factor for a Company with such a High Distribution Network.
High levels would suggest Deliberate Addition, 29% is very High, so how could this have been an accident. Why was Horse Meat Present In The Same Processing Plant as Beef?, or do they Process The Pet Food in The Same Plant, as Food for Human Consumption?
If this is the case The same Machinery appears to be used,for both Processes, which doesn’t say much for their Sterilizing Procedures, having at one stage been involved in The Food Processing Industry, Sterilization Between Batches is of Primary Importance, Swabbing must be carried out, Cultures Grown as Part of The Quality Control Procedures. If Results not satisfactory then the whole Process of Sterilization has to be repeated. This is obviously a Costly Business for The Producer. So what’s been  going on here?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    at last a good sensible article from wasp, i knew he would get there in the end
    thanks guys

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. Is it edible?
    2. can you get sick from eating it?

    If the answer to question one is yes & the answer to question 2 is no what’s the big problem? Once it’s dead it’s just meat.

  3. wasp says:

    All my Articles are Sensible & Logical, if you understand what they are about, you obviously don’t.

    All food is Edible, but it not advisable to eat it if it is contaminated, either Chemically or Biologically.

    I would advise you to look up FOOD POISONING, & CROSS CONTAMINATION, in The FOOD INDUSTRY. Here is a START


  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL. Those Irish they’ll do any thing for the crack.iogr

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doubt if ‘Ol Larry is Irish……..

  6. Anonymous says:

    The investigative team has traced the suspect product to a supplier OUTSIDE Ireland.

    Still, what right-minded person would be so dim-witted as to eat shop-bought burgers? Holy cow…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Avoid the big supermarkets, don’t feed the system, shop local and organic if possible.

    Good website for starters
    Natural Food Finder supports local organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, honest and informative labelling, home prepared meals, nutrient dense foods, a return to traditional dietary fats and other valued ingredients and straight-talking, honest nutrition research
    Well worth a look folks

    And if you are up in the Newcastle upon tyne area, try out these two excellent retailers

    The Blagdon Farm Shop.

    The Honey Tree

    Support local business folks

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