The bad guys are terrified of exposure

What do I believe is happening? A vicious world dictatorship is forming with increasing speed and the UK establishment and government is a major part of the malevolent force helping to create it. A major part of the driving force is the corrupt, fraudulent international banking cartels.

On the path to the dictatorship, the most dangerous agenda is that of violence on the streets. And that is precisely what our government and fraudulent establishment want. They are attempting to manifest violence with increasing urgency. If succesful it will be followed by a massive clampdown by force on individual and public freedoms. To stop their plans for violence we need all good people to work together. Our key weapons are common sense and exposure of the malevolent agenda and its purpetrators. It does not matter if you are black, white, Asian, East European, Christian, Muslim, green, yellow or white. If you now live in UK, we are all in the same immediate danger. 

And no that does not mean we can have totally free uncontrolled national borders. That idea defies common sense – at least until we have governments of truth, integrity, honesty and common sense.
The controlling networks for the emerging British dictatorship ultimately rely on embedded paedophile networks. The paedophiles are not dirty old men on the street but ‘respected’ people, both men and women, at high levels of position and power. These people must be stopped. They are perverted, powerful and very dangerous.

If we want to stop the dictatorship, and we must, we have to understand how it thinks, plans and acts, and we have to take action. For some people, sitting at home researching is all they can do, and we are grateful for their efforts. Keep doing it. Other people can be more proactive and get out and about to warn people, spread the word, organise and act. Doing that already? Keep doing it. We are now at the point where we have to act – sitting and watching is not an option. Not if our children are to have a future they can enjoy.

What makes me tick? I woke up to realise that much of what I learned and believed in was false. I now understand that the Britain of which I was once proud, is rotten and controlled by a rotten criminal government and establishment elite. Even our churches and religions have been corrupted. I felt particularly betrayed, having ‘served’ my Queen and Country as a Naval Officer fro 21 years. Much of it in a ‘tin box’.  (TAP = submarine)

Rather than sit and watch the action I decided to do something, and the first step was to tell the truth about what I knew – to speak out. What an adventure it has been and what great new friends I have met.

Many people get very nervous when they first wake up. Who is listening, what are they doing, are my emails are being monitored, am I being watched, will they get me? – it’s scary. These fears and feelings are exactly what the other side want us to have, as then they can further suppress, depress and control us.

The good news is that action conquers fear. I’ll say that again “ACTION CONQUERS FEAR”. Try it, but use common sense. Don’t jump in the deep end without understanding and calculated planning. Think carefully and decide what you can do and in an area you feel comfortable. Then do it. No matter how small. And tell others about your successes. You will gain new friends. Good people. All colours, shapes and sizes. The word will spread, the good networks will grow, and so will the exposure. 

Why exposure? Because the bad guys are terrified, absolutely terrified of exposure. That their dirty deeds will be brought into the light. It does not matter what position or powers they hold, they are all terrified of exposure. Try it. Expose one of the bad guys in your area. Use only truth and factual evidence and you may be surprised at the effect. Anger, then fear of you – the position is reversed. You have taken the first step to winning. Enough of us winning means the battle is won. ‘Nuff said. Go to it Forum fellows. 

Kind Regards Brian Gerish

Sent in by T Stokes London

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