Tell WASP to buzz off, says Kevin Field

I heard on Freedom Radio that they are advising people not to read your blog because of the crap that wasp has been spreading, while those in the know acknowledge that the jews run the vatican not vice versa, you seem to allow
wasp free reign to spread some real rubbish, its a shame as you were getting some good stuff,
whoever wasp reallly is and jews always use pseudonyms, i would drop him and fast.
kevin field

TAP – WASP has been with us a long time.  I don’t know if the Jesuits run the Jews and the Zionists or not, but in my ignorance, I’m interested to hear what people have to say about it.  We get others who disagree with WASP, and that gets published too.  I thought Freedom Radio wanted to free the airwaves, not close them down!

I try to be even-handed between the various contributors, but tend to avoid the opinions that want to blame one individual race for all the troubles of the world.  In fact as you probably notice, I’m getting interested in the Sumerian clay tablets, and the origins of mankind that they describe.  If it bothers someone to have a discussion, my first thought is what are they worried about.  It’s a fascinating topic, and as the onion peels away, we find more and more layers every month.  I hope WASP keeps going.  He’s always moving his views as he finds out more through his research.
  The problemBTW – which Freedom Radio was it?  There’s dozens of them.

And remember the Zionists foment anti-Semitism as a front.  That way any opposition to them can be colored in as anti-Semitic.  The problem is the concentration of power in secret organizations, and very few hands.  WASP spends many hours trying to identify those hands and the secret structures that they are a part of.  He’s bound to be ruffling a few feathers.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m no fan of WASP. I’m no critic either.

    His articles are informative, however, and he clearly researches his subject matters to the best of his ability. I do agree with a lot of what he says because I’ve spent the time to cross-reference. That’s not saying I don’t believe him… I’m just doing what everyone should do don’t believe the first thing you read/hear… it’s the golden rule of educating yourself…

    And that DEFINITELY applies to corporate controlled/state run mainstream media TV/Internet/newspaper outlets: the biggest pack of liars going and discredited years ago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You either have freedom of expression for all or none at all. In fact that one race blamed for all is usually at the forefront of shutting down any discussion in connection to them, so it could be agued Mr Fielding (are you one of them?) that you are the subversive element?

    There was a lot of info regarding the Jesuits online a year or so ago, and like all things theres an element of truth in it, however its like everything else in life, an individual has to make their own informed opinion on the information out there, as soon as you start banning some information then where does it stop Mr Levy’s son?

    Without a doubt, “the nation that cant be named, doubted, questioned or criticised” has its fingers in most of the worlds rotten pies, and whenever theres corruption they appear never far from it, but at the ame time theres an equally corrupt ammount of our own treasonous that are only too happy to do their bidding, so its a very grey area.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you meant to say is ‘we either have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or not – there are no have measures’. It really is a yes or no issue.
      ‘Freedom of EXPRESSION’ is what they have now replaced freedom of SPEECH with.
      The two are in very different, legally.
      ‘Freedom of EXPRESSION’ is legally INDEFINABLE

  3. CJOH says:

    I wouldn’t want to try and dictate what anyone allows on their own blog but speaking personally I go to sites like the Tap to get a break from NWO establishment media Catholic bashing – not to read more of it. As I’ve said here before, I have no idea whether Wasp is a disinfo agent or simply misguided, but I would just note that counter-conspiracy theory is a tried and tested disinfo technique. Just when the real conspiracy is beginning to be bit by bit uncovered, the disinfo agents come out of the woodwork to say “no! no! that’s not it at all -it’s these other guys who are really behind everything!”. I’m Irish and the NWO controlled Irish media has for decades peddled anti-Catholic conspiracy theories,very similar to Wasp’s, while suppressing all information about Masons (to which most of the bigwigs in the Irish media belong) Bilderbergers (ditto) Trilaterals, Skull and Bones etc. For example editors of the Irish Times are regular attendees at the Bilderberg gatherings, and yet this paper is one of the most anti-Catholic newspapers in the world. Wasp never answers the glaringly obvious objections to his Jesuit/Vatican thesis – which is that if the Vatican controls the NWO, how come the NWO media relentlessly pursues the Catholic Church over child abuse and other scandals, while ruthlessly suppressing ALL information about such scandals in other denominations. For example not long ago between 80-90 orthodox rabbis in the New York borough of Brooklyn alone were implicated in paedophile crimes. The New York Times ignored the story completely, even though it was on their own doorstep. One of the chief New York Times Catholic bashers is none other than Maureen Dowd a journalist with proven links to the CIA The same newspaper, by the way, devotes saturation coverage to EVERY Catholic scandal in faraway Ireland, no matter how far back in time it goes. The same goes for the BBC, which has for decades suppressed all information on paedophile rings in the Anglican Church, not to mention among the Royals and the British political establishment. As Dr E. Michael Jones has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, the American Jewish Committee and the CIA used massive bribery, disinformation, infiltration, etc., during the second Vatican Council to undermine the Church. The former American military intelligence officer, Robert Hickson, recounted that he was told in the early 1960s by CIA operatives that the CIA wished to remove all Catholics from positions of influence throughout the West. The Irish sportswriter and former professional footballer, Eamon Dunphy – no friend of the Catholic Church – once recalled that he was told when he joined Millwall as a player in the 1960s that his life would be hell there as the club was owned and run by Freemasons who hated Irish Catholics. As Dr Jones points out, the whole Anglo-American Wasp-Freemason-Zionist establishment has always been deeply hostile to Catholicism – it was and still is their No.I enemy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, Catholic Church and Jesuits really are persecuted aren’t they!

      I have nothing against Catholics at all – you are being deceived in to giving your support to Rome, whose ultimate goal is to own and control everything and everyone.

      They are convicted by their own words, not my or others accusations.

      If you are able to objectively investigate and examine the mountains of evidence to support this thesis, you cannot fail to see the truth. One just needs the will to look.

      Zen maxim: no doubt, no awakening; small doubt, small awakening; big doubt, big awakening.


  4. CJOH says:

    By the way Freedom of speech works both ways – I notice Wasp himself is very quick to become vitriolically abusive towards those who disagree with him – and is very eager to play the troll card against critics. And his bluster that what the papers say is “bullshit” is itself bullshit in the context of what he is peddling. Of course what the papers say is bullshit but, contrary to what he implies, Western newspapers, with almost no exceptions, are fanatically hostile to traditional Catholicism

  5. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I take alternative media (bloggers/forums) and mainstream media (journalists/PR company driven/corporate controlled media) as they come.

    I don’t believe a word they both say until I’ve looked into it myself. I encourage everybody to do the same. Yes, we all work and don’t have much time in the world but take a night off from the Tell-Lie-Vision and educate yourself on the internet or go to the library or speak to other like-minded people. Either way, step outside the box.

    At the end of the day, people in general are too quick to believe first-hand so called ‘knowledge’. Where do you think the phrases ‘chinese whispers’ and ‘I spoke to a bloke in the pub and he said…’ come from? It’s all rubbish until proven true… otherwise people are too lazy and call it daft names like ‘rubbish’, ‘conspiracy theory’, and other playground names.

  6. Tapestry says:

    WASP moves his views gradually, if you actually concentrate on what he says. He has gone to the point of saying the Zionists and the Jesuits are a two team system, each needing and supporting the other against the interests of everyone else.

    What I like about WASP is the amount of effort he puts in to getting links to back up what he’s saying. He rises to criticism and shoots back at the shills. I just delete them, as I find them tedious.

    I notice Kevin Field is far less flexible in his views.

    I’ve never met WASP or even spoken to him. I gave him a phone number once to discuss his output, but he declined the offer. But after a long while of seeing his output, I feel I know him to some extent. As I say, in the end of the day, I publish what interests me, and WASP is never boring.

    We would never have heard of The Pilgrims, the role of the Royals in that, the SMOMs, the Vatican, and how they all work together, and countless other things, were it not for WASP. He’s fairly quiet at the moment, so it’s an odd time for someone to firing at him.

    If he’s given as the only reason not to read his blog, that’s a real recommendation that everyone should be reading it, in my view.

  7. Toad Hall says:

    Good for you TAP for keeping the floor open for free thinkers and good researches.

    Personally I have no issue looking past or keeping an open mind on things I am not convinced by. Or don’t agree with.

    I enjoy WASPs posts.

  8. CJOH says:

    Tapestry – to whom are you referring when you speak of “shills”? People who happen to disagree with Wasp and provide evidence for our reasons for disagreeing? – real evidence from TODAY’s real observable everyday world of the media, politics, international relations, etc., real evidence that completely refutes Wasp’s central thesis? If so it’s a highly curious definition of the term “shill” and more or less the direct opposite of the standard one. Btw conspiracy theories relating to the Jesuits and the Vatican go back a lot lot further than Wasp. They’ve been a staple of NWO stooges like Ian Paisley for many decades, but actually they’ve been around for hundreds of years among militant Protestants, Communists, Anglo-American imperialists, Zionists and Freemasons. As for the Royals, Lyndon La Rouche and others have, rightly or wrongly, been on their case for a very long time too. I’m no fan of Liz & co but for me all the evidence suggests that they are not key players at all – just front of house men and women, who, if they step out of line, could be very easily zapped into thin air – such is the number of skeletons in their closets. The NWO media’s attitude to the royals changes depending on circumstances – for example the Murdoch media at one time in the late 1980s and early 1990s conducted a strong campaign against them. When Diana began to defy the New World Order this all changed and she became Public Enemy No 1, and Charles began to be depicted as a long-suffering martyr to a nutcase wife. But even as late as the Queen Mother’s death, the BBC and other mouthpieces of the NWO were implicitly disdainful of the Royals. The huge crowds that turned out for her lying in state and funeral seem to have surprised the NWO and caused it to subtly revise its policy towards Liz & co and to stop attacking them and instead renew using them as figureheads for Zionist Anglo-American revolutionary imperialism. Hence the deal struck between all msm outlets and the British ptb to suppress info about Harry’s posting to Afghanistan. At the moment the Royals can do no wrong as far as the MSM are concerned but that could all change very quickly – as the Royals themselves are probably all too aware.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Shills? Paid commenters who attempt to make the blog boring and put off readers. People who write loads of opinionated material with little or no evidence.

  10. CJOH says:

    Speaking of shills, much of the stuff appearing under the byline Wasp is uncannily similar to comments posted on the now defunct Sovereign Independent site by someone called “Seanyboyh” – both style and content are an almost perfect match. And as with this guy, Seanyboyh never got round to explaining the glaring anomalies in his theories – always taking refuge in obscure ancient history. Btw you can’t really pay much attention to msm comment forums such as the Guardian’s Comment is Free if you think Catholics are paid to shill – ALL, and I do mean ALL, the traffic is the other way.

  11. CJOH says:

    Mind you I’m not sure it isn’t a great compliment to be called boring and opinionated by someone, who by his own admission, believed the official 9/11 fairytale until two years ago.

  12. Julia says:

    This blog is starting to get the same level of bashing as David Icke. If someone is saying don’t follow this blog, that shows how influential it has become. When anything becomes influential in any way, it will automatically attract criticism and suspicion and people trying to shoot it down. It’s like a law of physics, everything has to have a natural counter balance.
    I have been reading WASPs posts for over a year, and I find them mostly very interesting and thorough. No one single person can know the entire picture though, and if there are omissions or some errors in his research, then that’s because he is a human being. We can only put the picture together by collaborating and sharing the information andinsights that we have. There are huge numbers of people out there doing fantastic research, and not one single one of them will get the whole thing right every time.

  13. Unknown says:

    @ Scotty

    If you claim to be British, you obviously don’t know who your enenmies are. Anyone who serves Rome or defends Rome must be loyal to Rome and nowhere else for a man cannot serve two masters.

    Wasp as far as I am concerned is a Jesuit coadjutor or gatekeeper.

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