Be smart about Smart Meters. DON’T!

I encourage you to watch this video.



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Murun Buchstansangur 
Hi, just about to send you a couple of archive Cliff Richard articles. I think you’ll like them. Both from 1982 just after Elm House raid

TAP  –  Cliff was a very good tennis player, and

             no doubt enjoyed Sue’s company. 

See the leaked Operation Fairbank document

which showed that the singer visited the Elm

guesthouse accompanied by Gladys .

Who was Gladys?  It can’t have been Tony 


Amongst his lawyer colleagues, Blair’s

nickname was  Miranda….

Tapestry Tapestry @TheTapBlog 28 Jan
Sue Barker offered to protect Cliff Richards from scandal: Murun Buchstansangur@murunbuch Hi, just about to…

Alun Roberts Alun Roberts
@TheTapBlog Involvement of dad-in-law and timing very suspicious. It’s hardly as if they had been courting for years.

August 2012 -> Cliff Richard was arrested for “interfering” with boys by Sutton Police. Who were told to “drop it” by MI5 via @jajwouters


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@Old_Holborn@Old_Holborn : Cliff Richard is currently on tour in New Zealand 2 months 12 days ago

Naming The Living – Part 2 | theneedleblog

I can confirm that documents seized under warrant by members of the Operation Fairbank police investigation team (now Operation Fernbridge) as evidence in the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal (1979-1982) allege that Cliff Richard, Pop Star and Actor, was a … Continue reading → …

@charlesfrith@charlesfrith : Sue Barker offered to protect Cliff Richard from Paedo scandal. More celebrity paedo to protect political/royal paedo 2 months 13 days ago

the tap: Sue Barker offered to protect Cliff Richard from scandal

@GaeMar01@GaeMar01 : Cliff Richard,aged Pop Star known at Elm as ‘Kitty’- Ron Wells aged Musician aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm http:// #McCann 2 months 10 days ago


Interesting and distrurbing recent (11th Jan) radio interview with Barrister Michael Shrimpton. Covers Heath, Jersey, Diana, David Kelly, Robin Cook, Madeleine McCann and many more. Corruption, murder, spy rings, paedos in Government, it’s all here. This is big, the ring is massive and goes right to the top. …

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6 Responses to “Be smart about Smart Meters. DON’T!”

  1. Anonymous says:


    ‘Savile groomed the nation’: Official police report into DJ’s 60 years of abuse reveals that he raped 34 women and girls and sexually assaulted up to 450

    Under the cover “WING” of best buddy rev David Bennett from his bevin boys mining days NOTTINHGHAM Based, 7+ offences uncovered Jimmy savile “So Vile”

    Targeted many kids including a boy as young as eight and victims in 14+ hospitals

    Nottinghamshire, Saxondale, St. Edmund’s Church, west Bridgford, Radcliffe on trent Gunthorpe

    Rev David Bennett & children school inspector perfectly placed as procurer of “our little mites”.
    ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church the Church of England.

    still NOT lifted

    Mr Rev David Bennett MA
    The Old Farmhouse
    Main Street
    NG14 7EY
    Tel 0115 9663451

    Was the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops, where he even targeted children on his LAST SHOW !!!!!!!!!!


    Paedo prey website still open !!!!!!!!!!!

    In October 2012, almost a year after his death, an ITV documentary examining claims of sexual abuse against Savile[11] led to broad media coverage and a substantial and rapidly growing body of witness statements and sexual abuse claims, including accusations against public bodies for covering up or failure of duty. Scotland Yard launched a criminal investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by Savile over six decades,[5] describing him as a “predatory sex offender”, and later stated that they were pursuing over 400 lines of inquiry based on the testimony of 300 potential victims via fourteen police forces across the UK.[12][13] By late October 2012, the scandal had resulted in inquiries or reviews at the BBC, within the National Health Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Department of Health.[12][14][15]


  2. Unknown says:

    Barker was also a Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation favourite. One whose face fitted like so many more – go figure.

    Richards also had a regular Saturday prime time evening show as did the dyke Olivia Newton-John.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why the need to call someone a dyke? Horrible people, with horrible ideas swirling round your mucky minds.

  4. Unknown says:

    @ Anon

    The only thing horrible & mucky sunshine is their perverted unnatural lifestyles and for me those lifestyles need to be labelled correctly.

    If you’re offended by those labels then it’s you who has the problem, not me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Unknown – seriously what proof u have that OLIVIA is/was a dyke?

  6. Anonymous says:

    awful exchange. get a life. He is probably gay and one would assume so from his life record. leave him to it and the rest of the people assoctiated to it. They have been private and I see no evidence of child abuse. I think you are too simplistic

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