Stuart Hall hung out to dry. Politicians carry on raping kids with impunity.

Hi Tap, well it appears that Stuart Hall is yet Another One who they have allowed to be “HUNG OUT TO DRY“, when ever these Characters are involved, in the Nefarious Practices, that they seem to Peruse almost as Secondary Careers and so  takes on a Vocational Standing, there is always a Common Denominator, needless to say that I have emphasised this point before, so this Highlights The Honours System.

On Gravitating to this Sub Level, That Normal People Never Populate, all manner of Strange Happenings Occur that appears to be The Accepted as The Norm. One very well known Late Entertainer was BOB HOPE, who was knocking off Marilyn Monroe long before The Kennedy’s ever Knew Her, he was also strangely enough a Controller, one of many inTHE MK ULTRA PROGRAMME, very few of these ‘BIRDS’ who get themselves tattooed with the MONARCH BUTTERFLY, HAVE ANY IDEA OF IT’S TRUE SIGNIFICANCE.

So Could We Say That It Is A Case Of Follow THE GONGS Bob Hope was of cause a KCSG, where have you seen that before you ask, well you Remember Jimmy Savile, Just to jog your memory.

I just got up to make a Cup of Tea, so I thought I would finnish this that I started much earlier.

Veteran broadcaster Stuart Hall was charged with one offence of rape and 14 offences of indecent assault today..

The indecent assault offences involving ten girls aged between nine and 16 years old are alleged to have been committed between 1967 and 1986, and the rape of a 22-year-old woman allegedly happened in 1976.
A Lancashire Police spokesman said Hall was arrested this morning after attending a police station in the county by appointment.
The former BBC presenter, 82, of Wilmslow, Cheshire, was released on police bail and will appear before magistrates in Preston on 7 February 2013.
Hall pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court earlier this month charged with sexually abusing three young girls.
He denied allegations he groped the children, one as young as nine, between 1974 and 1984.
Hall’s solicitor, Louise Straw, said last night: “A number of historic allegations have been made, all of which are denied.
“None of these allegations have been raised with the authorities in the last three to four decades which raises concerns and issues.”
The former It’s a Knockout presenter and Radio 5 Live sports reporter has been a familiar face and voice in entertainment for half a century and was last year awarded an OBE for services to broadcasting and charity work.
Officers had stressed the case is not part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into sexual offences allegedly committed by Jimmy Savile and others.
His eccentric football match reports have made him a cult figure among listeners on BBC Radio 5 Live who tune in to hear his unusual and amusing style.
Hall and wife Hazel have grown-up children, Daniel, 50, and 52-year-old Francesca.
The BBC has said he would not be working at the corporation while he faced the sex abuse allegations


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Stuart Hall reportedly arrested on allegations of rape and sexual assault


And one more to Complete

The veteran BBC commentator Stuart Hall has been charged with three counts of indecent assault which date back to the 1970s and 1980s.

The former It’s A Knockout presenter, 82, was arrested on Wednesday morning and later that day charged with sex offenses.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was it a Politician sorry blood sucking paedophile who said

    Youth is wasted on the young



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