Sound has shape

This video takes a while to get going, like many more scientific efforts.

Come in at 7 minutes if you want to get into some meat quickly.  Salt is sprinkled onto the top of a speaker as the tones are changed.

Higher tones make more complex patterns, and lower ones less so.  All very interesting until you realise that the exact same patterns appear on Sumerian clay tablets over 5000 years ago.  Humanity knew far more then than it does today.  I”l watch the rest later.

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4 Responses to “Sound has shape”

  1. Hi my name is Michael S. Green. I enjoyed your video and your explanations. You may find what I have written about to fit with some of the “unexplained, energy” parts that you discuss. You want TRUTH this is TRUTH. I would like you to read my FREE 13 page book, GOD BASED MAGNETISM. On the last page I have explain the ORIGINS of this.

  2. Roy Wright says:

    Its a bit off topic but are these phoos chem trails or con trails have a look let me know

  3. Hi Roy,
    I looked at your pictures and you are write they are off topic however they are quite unusual. It would help if you could tell me where and what time the photos were taken and if by you. Based on the lack of information I believe them to be contrails from military type aircraft possibly drone-like aircraft. With more information I could be more definitive. Thank you.

  4. Roy Wright says:

    Hi they were taken In Dunedin New Zealand, The clouds here lately have been unusual and full white out cloud cover is common now when it never used to be. they were taken by a friend who lives near the Harbor here in Dunedin last year 2012, november ish i guess.

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