Snow. Complete strangers start talking to each other.

More snow here in Bath. I like the way everyone has to rethink their normal routines. 
I like the way it seems to bring people together. Many people suddenly and 
spontaneously have a snow day. It's unplanned. People value local shops and services 
as their lifeline, instead of taking them for granted. Less people leave their 
community. There are less cars out and about, but more pedestrians. Complete 
strangers talk to each other.

The Firs Field signboards...
My local field finally has signboards on the three new standing stones. I haven't
properly looked at them yet, but already I can see that you have to face the war m
emorial Cross in order to read them. So that's a lot of energy all channelled to the 
same point between the flagpoles that enter the Square of the Cross, provided from 
three separate standing stones in 3 corners of the field. (See more on this Field

Private schools in Bath...
There are 5 of them. Plus prep schools, all Royal or Religious. The logos are 
interesting. Prior Park has a blue shield with the Vatican style 2 crossed keys and 
an upward sword. Its prep school has a red version, red shield, Rothschild. Almost 
exactly on the other side of the city is Kingswood which also has a red shield, this 
time with a white cross. King Edwards has a Tudor Rose. 
Monkton has been heavily 
rebranded with a big Masonic M. The Royal High, the only private girls only school, 
has a Roman laurel wreath looking thing with letters in the middle, the most 
prominent being a capital H. Ho Ho I see these H's everywhere. By coincidence, the 
only remaining girls only state school, Hayesfield, has a capital H as its main 
feature, this one embedded in a diamond extracted from sacred Vesica Pisces geometry. 
There is even a new book in Waterstones called "HHhH", about the assassination of a Nazi 

Bath volcano... 
Bath city lies on a dormant volcano (same as Rome, and Edinburgh). But it heats up 
the Hot Springs (to 47 degrees C), so maybe it's not so dormant after all. This fits 
with some research I have done that predicted a geyser spouting out of Bath last year 
unless something was done. (See
ew-borehole/). Wikipedia states that it's very difficult to determine the difference between a 
dormant and an extinct volcano. It's a reminder that the future is not as certain as we are led 
to believe. Anything could happen. 

The oldest known reptile fossil in the world was found in Bathgate, Scotland in 1987. It would 
be Scotland wouldn't it? Home of the elites, the Royals, the reptiles, and centre of paedophilia.
The fossil is called Westlothiana lizziae, and is affectionately known as Lizzie. Hey that's the 
name of our Queen! What a coincidence. Just to hammer home the message, there is an 
Earth sculpture near Bathgate made of several large square pyramids. Scotland is Ecosse in 
French. Eco means home. This seems to be the reptilian home, their HQ. Bathgate is 13, yes 
13, miles from Edinburgh airport. I would like to know why the gate for Bath is near Edinburgh. 
Or maybe the gateway to Edinburgh is via Bath? 

Ira Levin...
His first novel was "A Kiss Before Dying". It's less known than Stepford Wives, 
Rosemary's Baby, and Boys From Brazil, all extremely interesting reads. It jumped 
out at me from the library shelf, so I had to read it. Great timing! It starts with 
a murder made to look like a suicide. There are so many suicides around at present 
in the news. And if the police are happy with the suicide motive, it's easy, they 
can close their case. 
They probably get set targets to close as many cases as 
possible. Job done. No need to look at any possibility of murder. This is probably 
the most effective method to disguise murder. Especially if the murderers are the 
same people that set the police targets. 

A crypt is somewhere you bury the dead. To encrypt means to encode. Maybe someone's 
death is to be decrypted, decoded? This would then be similar to a birth, whereby 
each human has a unique numerology signature made up of their name and birth date. 
Important things about death seem to be date and place, as well as name, the final 
name. Certainly the very public "suicides" going on seem to present a puzzle to 

Buying and selling people...
This sounds like the slave trade, but it's done all the time in the world of football.
 The slaves just get to keep a lot of the money, and have fame and glory too. There 
are online interactive games that teenagers play where they can practise buying and 
selling people, such as Wayne Rooney, and see how that improves their virtual 
corporate football club. 
I remember getting a letter from school a couple of years 
back asking for my permission for my son to join in with this for his education. 
It's training kids to see that buying and selling people is normal and desirable, 
and that to be sold yourself is normal and desirable. 

Suspicious death...
If you die at home, your death is deemed potentially suspicious. My friend's 93 year 
old mother died in her bed peacefully. Although she was dead, the paramedics on the 
phone instructed my friend to lift her body to the floor and perform CPR on the dead 
body. The reason for this is to avoid accusations of murder. You have to prove you 
have done everything you can, up until the point that an "expert" certifies the 
person dead. 
This is a serious loss of dignity in death, and must be very 
distressing for relatives who have just so recently lost a loved one. It seems that 
all deaths are being deliberately channelled through the control of the medical 
establishment, same as births. Reason for death is rarely "died of old age", and a 
home death will often result in an inquest, very unspiritual, undignified and 

New on Suliwrites...
(Even Henry will like the wordplay in this one, guaranteed or your money back!)
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