Olympic mascot inspired by Jimmy Savile’s Stoke Mandeville

Just came across this. The two one eyed Olympic Mascots were called Wenlock and Mandeville. 

Mandeville is named after Stoke Mandeville hospital. 

And since the Olympics, much truth has come tumbling out about what has been going on there. 

So what is Wenlock named after? The Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which used to run the Wenlock Games. This was apparently the inspiration for the MODERN Olympic Movement. Is Much Wenlock hiding secrets too? 

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  1. Anonymous says:


    First saw these, never liked them.

    What kid would ever really want one of these?

    More so, who what clear headed adult thoughtful parent, grand parent would could ever think this is a jolly friendly fun toy to gift to their growing child.

    Maybe thats why so many kiddis sweets, chocolates, biscuits, McDonald’s etc actually aligned them selves with these sick end days, toys.

    After considering “this link” it gives a totally different slant on the twisted adults behind these sick Double En Tundra?
    Which did receive massive promotion especially in the kids viewing hours.

    my god that was a MacyD happy-meal freebie toy !!!

    made my skin crawl.



    some info not to be overlooked

    One of HETT ‘s rants

    your thoughts folks?

    after reading this i feel we have all been played

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