‘My father struck me off his will for saying 9/11 was an inside job’

Sirius the movie.  Coming soon.   ETs came to earth long ago.  Maybe they’re still here.

Dear TAP

Great to have found you at last.
I followed all Chris Storey’s  stuff for long time now and a few other of his colleagues.
I live in the Caribbean just now enslaved here and trapped, But making use of my time waking the buggers up.
I have 3 subjects of interest and would benefit from any comments and experiences you may have.
1) All British Inner city roads appear to be where locations of Riots took place and appears to be steered by our Governments,
I know this coz in 1980 I was told to Go to Toxteth hospital to clear a Hospital of all valuables.
When I got there I saw a line of 2 miles minimum on approach to the Hospital of ambulances.
The next day I was told to go back by my dad, owner of huge Building company MOSS
 and rescue what I could from the 6 story victorian building Built like a brick shite house.
I was horrified to see that it was blown to smitherines and all that remained was rubble,
I returned to Liverpool in 2005 and was horrified again to see that the new inner ring roads
 where in exact location of all the riots ovr 10 years of rioting. this is preplanned and started by Hesletine
 who new about DVD and the Brighton Bomb as yours and many other articles suggest.
More on that another time This is in Progress.
2) The Pedo Britain System and Global Pedophilia is Deep rooted in the system and satanically run as we all have no doubt.
There needs to be fresh impetus and a new site dedicated to this subject alone say on facebook. 
So that people can freely publish and name and shame those that are offenders and Victims
 can speak freely even if necessarily Anonymously.
So I was Thinking a Name and Shame Site on Facebook, Your experience here is required in me doing this.
3) Et’s and UFO and Disclosure is about to happen and we all wait for that very soon if in fact it is not already happening.
Again this uncovers years of lies like the Free energy links associated with in and big impetus is required to continue these efforts.
These three subjects Coupled with all the Preplanned Murders are tantamount in bringing,
 our Governments Royal Institues and Families of Corrupt World Plus The Vatican to end activities.
Sirius Trailer :
How do we group together, to form a media group SO Large that it over takes MSM ?
Tony Goslin does a great job in Bristol on Radio and so many others do David Icke 
Michael Tsarion and many more Plus Minister George Galloway, Lord Blackheath too to name a few.
Ex Councillor of Isle of Man too Richard Kissack.
How do we get this all together in your view?
Free energy alone exposes all manner of lies and so do Cancer cures which are all covered by tabs on my site.
These are involved but easy to comprehend topics for the average Jo Soap.
This will bring the new financial system NESARA and abundance to all of us,
Also Spirituality can come to the fore as this is what we are all about, Cosmic Consciousness,
TOPPT The One Peoples Public Trust have exploded on the scene on Dec 25th 2012.
are now Foreclosed on all Rothschilds, Royals, Religions and Rockefeller banksters,
To name a few,that TOPPT have served notices on
and actively now as we speak are looking into ways to implement the documents that prove our worth as one,
 which free us of all slavery.
Now we have real impetus and our guns are cocked and we even know who to aim them at.
But Britain remains still very dumbed Down, in fact worse than any other nation in my view .
My Father struck me off his Will list just for saying 9/11 was an inside job 
This happened 2007 and have never spoken since and so have 5 of my firends there.
All Brits  need to do is look at The Corbett Report and stop paying the BBC TV licence as it is an illegal enterprise.
This article shows you all you need is a camera when they arrive : (in article on Royals provided).
However the awoken ones in Britain are amongst the best I read, listen and watch,
As if The prison we live in, has some extraordinary inmates ready to explode.
Just while we have all our tools laid out we, must keep this impetus on charge and going.
We must not slow down now ,,they are Deflating and defeated in all walks of life and they need further exposure.
Currently we are all Jamming Jon Boehners site in the US speakers site FB, to wake him up
 and tell him we all know he has interim power ove Obummer.
How do we do the same in UK to Zionist Cameron and his pedo ponzi scam team?
Comments Please?
Here is the best from My web blog:
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

11 Responses to “‘My father struck me off his will for saying 9/11 was an inside job’”

  1. Tony0pmoc says:

    Well, I occasionally have a read here, and sometimes some really good articles appear. And I wonder why someone hasn’t sued the bollocks off the people who run this website….

    But this article gets the tops for the biggest load of shite I have read today…

    Congratulations, what is your name? If I could write like that, I would want an award….A gold plated turd maybe?

    Whatever you are on, it is on some planet somewhere out in infinity, way out west of infinity…

    But I guess The Tap has to publish insanity like this…so that they think he is not a threat to the power elites – and s just like David ICKE, and he wants to become rich again…but can he write this level of shite himself. Maybe he is mad too. Have a nice Day.


  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s got to be said that if you are incapable of writing coherently – and this means no spelling or grammatical mistakes, in addition to a rudimentary knowledge of the rules of punctuation – then you can never be taken seriously.

    If you don’t know how to use a full stop, or that every new sentence begins with a capital letter, then you’ve lost most people in the opening paragraph.

    Come back when you can string together a proper sentence!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think your father left you out of his will because he realised that leaving any of his hard-earned resources to you would have gone against his Darwinist principles.

    When you say ‘Britain remains very dumbed Down’, it begs the question as to whether you are including yourself in that group.

    Out of curiousity, who do you insist on using capital letters mid-sentence??

  4. Tapestry says:

    Tony Operation Mock. Haven’t had a blast from you for ages.

    Spirited writing always touches a nerve! This one touched a few by the look.

    Glad to see you’re keeping off the booze.

  5. wasp says:

    Random Comment
    If this was also meant to be a side swing, at those who use Capitals Mid Sentence, then try again.

    I am not a Supporter of Darwinism, for reasons I have stated in previous Posts, I am quite capable of using The English language, to full advantage & have no difficulty in my command of words.
    I also enjoy using my own style by inserting Capitals in the Middle of sentences. This was a habit I acquired many years ago whilst taking Lecture Notes. It does annoy some people, but I am not that bothered.


    IS IT?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone that takes pot shots at the person who is writing, or they way in which they have written or the blogs integrity. Without actually explaining in detail what is wrong or entering into any serious debate is clearly trolling.

    And what do trolls need? They need to be fed with reaction.

    The golden rule of the internet is don’t feed the trolls. 🙂

    Toad Hall

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good news is TAP keeps a tight leash on the over paid trolls.

    UFO – I Know What I Saw “Beyond the blue” (Full Movie)


    S4 Info V1 – Area 51 Guard’s Firsthand Account of Captured UFOs and Aliens



    • Anonymous says:

      CE4 research


      Jaques Vallie ‘Passport to Magonia’

      See research by John Mack on YouTube.

      These ‘aliens’ are not what they appear to be, or what they claim to be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You know, one shouldn’t feed trolls but I have to say; what an utter pile of rhetoric from Tony. I concur with the replies after and WASP’s analogy on packet and content. I grew up being told ‘the clothes maketh the man’, when in reality, those who control people wear expensive clothes and I would not classify them as real men. Judge a man by what he has to say, not from his attire and fat wallet.

    I’m not so sure on the alien stuff (I tend to stick with Project Blue Beam) but on the ball with the pedos and the rest.



  9. Anonymous says:

    Just who are the trolls?

    Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell (Russell Pine), Alan Watt and their ilk are disinto agents and are muddying the waters for sure.




  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Pleased you remembered what Opmoc stood for.
    Let’s give Tony some credit, his latest letter is far better than previous.
    Myself I prefer to see all comments, even the Troll one’s.
    The Troll letter’s give us an idea what annoy them, that’s the bit I like.

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