Man finds 300 million year old tooth-wheel in lump of coal

Images only visible from the air, made thousands of years ago. 
And you think there were no craft flying until the Wright Bros? 
We still have no idea how the pyramids were built, and countless other edifices from pre-history.
The technology of our own age seems the most lacking.

Osiris sends –

300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel found in Russian city of Vladivostok

Lighting the fire during a cold winter evening a resident of Vladivostok found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. 

Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided to seek help from the scientists of Primorye region. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. 

The metal detail was supposedly 300 million years old and yet the scientists suggest that it was not created by nature but was rather manufactured by someone. The question of who might have made an aluminum gear in the dawn of time remains unanswered.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How the Vatican built a secret property empire using Mussolini’s millions
    Papacy used offshore tax havens to create £500m international portfolio, featuring real estate in UK, France and Switzerland

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The cog must have fallen out of the pocket of a boy, who was bent over at the time.
    History repeats itself.
    Nothing changes, the politicians at that time would have been bent, just like today.

  3. Coal is not necessarily 300 million years old.
    Wood used in the piles of older bridges has been found to have turned to coal.
    It seems that putting wood under great pressure turns wood to coal, not millions of years – which is another pillar of the false Darwinian / evolutionary theory, i.e. that the earth is millions of years old (which is the only reason given for the evolution of species – extreme lengths of time)
    If the earth is not as old as THEY say it is, then the entire Darwinian house-of-cards falls over.
    Anyway, my main point is that it seems that coal is produced by pressure, not time.
    So, an ‘alien’ could have dropped this item a few thousand years ago, or even a few hundred – not 300 million years ago.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Attenborough’s at it again:

    Mankind is a “plague on the Earth” – DM

    David Attenborough would like us to die soon (sort of) – Samizdata

    What else do you expect from a neo-Malthusian patron of Population Matters? (Changed its name from the “Optimum Population Trust” in 2011; presumably the new name is a bit more cuddly).

    This is the document where they state the “carrying capacity” (“The maximum number of individuals that can be supported sustainably by a given environment”) for “varying parameters”, which have the optimum UK population at between 14.5 million and 28.5 million:—Optimum

  5. James says:

    Tyler Robinson… the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. There is much evidence out there for this. And huge pressure, plus time, are normally required for coal formation.

    Anonymous- David Attenborough is correct. The only reason there’s so many people on the Earth is due to the fact our civilisation is supported by huge inputs of energy from oil, gas and coal. Take these away- they’re not going to be around forever- and there’d be a massive die-off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, maybe you would like to volunteer yourself and your loved ones to go first, then. Set the rest of us a good example.
      I’m am joking, of course – but when the world powers promote huge population reduction, we have consider the practicalities and implications of what THEY are suggesting.

      If countless millions have to die to save Gaia, who will go first?

      When will this process begin? Who will be in charge and put the plan in to action. Do you now see exactly what they are suggesting.

      Jaques Coustou stood up at the United Nations and said ‘we must eliminate 350,000 people a day’.

      ‘The Plan’ (this term is used by occultists, see Alice Bailey & Lucis Trust publishing house linked to UN) is to cull the human population to around 0.5 billion.


  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Perhaps the coal man dropped it,maybe it comes from some anti-deluvian civilization.I find the idea of being created by some superior beings from space somewhat disempowering,in fact just the sort of thing our rulers would think up for exactly that reason.

  7. Paul says:

    Again, we could just have another case of hidden history, there has been enough lies about human history to start with and huge gaps in the THEORY of evolution. But, it’s the current model that they push all the time to the exclusion of all others. We will probably never find out in our lifetime the truth, but one thing is clear, what the establishment tells us about human history is a pack of lies.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Fossil fuels are the only ones that the Rothschilds can sell to you and coin it. Alcohol from plants. Electricity from resonance, earth’s magnetic force and many others like water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen are not permitted (literally Prohibition as regards alcohol).

    The elites don’t want the big numbers as we threaten their dominance of the world. Reducing population is a political not ecological programme – like all war.

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