Make petrol our of air. No need to invade Iraq, Iran etc.

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Making petrol out of fresh air?

Engineers have found a way to synthesise everyday vehicle fuel from air and water, in a revolutionary breakthrough.
Aberdeen, Scotland – With one of the world’s most famous railway lines, Stockton-on-Tees has already given birth to one transport revolution. On September 27, 1825, it carried the first ever passenger rail service along its 40km route through industrial north-east England – changing the world forever.

Today, it is at the centre of another technological breakthrough that some scientists and engineers believe could be just as significant as steam locomotion.

A small company working in two converted shipping containers says it has found a way to make petrol from fresh air and water. Air Fuel Synthesis Chief Executive Peter Harrison says the process could help curb climate change by providing a cleaner alternative to oil.

“We’ve taken carbon dioxide from air and hydrogen from water and turned these elements into petrol,” he told Al Jazeera. “For a country like the UK it means we could create all the fuel you want from renewable energy.”

The 58-year-old civil engineer, who used to work in the offshore oil industry, describes it as an amazing project to be involved with.

Harrison explained that they use a 30 foot tower on top of their first container to capture CO2 from the air. The process of separation involves combining the air with sodium hydroxide and passing it through an electrolyser.

A similar method is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The CO2 and hydrogen are then synthesised to make methanol, and eventually petrol.

It cost them around $800,000 to build the plant. Since the mini-refinery was switched on in August, they have made 15 litres of fuel that could be used to power any normal car.

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7 Responses to “Make petrol our of air. No need to invade Iraq, Iran etc.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or does the name Harrison crop up a lot thses days?. Anyway that aside, if this were true then how long will it be before they disappear or have dodgy brakes?. More likely is it a front to promote the global warming scam?

    I dont for one minute disbelieve that alternative energy sources have been found then hidden, as free energy for all is not part of the plan is it?

    Just that the mention or reducing global warming implies that its real, and looking out of the window anyone who has their own mind can see that it isnt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CO2 thats a killer

    does that mean we can cut down more big green forests?

    what does it cost to put the cleaning towers on the power stations?

    a good placement for these extractors? might even save a fortune in setup (cost offset)

    Chinas weekly coal power-station growth would be a good market.

    15 gallons though is that an error?

    if they used milliliters wouldn’t that sound better?

    check out this AIR POWERED CAR :-

    could be handy if you suffer wind


  3. wasp says:

    I’m not overly impressed by the amount of final Product Recovered.

    As Hett say’s is this an error, even for a Semi Scale Plant this is a ridiculously low yield. I would be interested to know how much sodium hydroxide they used to produce this amount of Fuel, very often the Bi-Products are the stumbling block as they are not cost effective in their disposal.

    Anything related to the Green Agenda is usually inefficient & costs a Lot of Money.

    Top Russian Scientists after Analysing 400,000 year Ice Cores, have confirmed that, CO2 Lags, Warming, & that there is a self compensating Process to maintain the atmosphere in a Steady State.

    This work was submitted to The IPPC, who Conveniently Lost it. They then stated the Science was Settled – You Know The Rest Of The Fairy Tail.



  4. I suspect that we’ll never here anything more about this invention – and also that, very possiblly, something horrible will happen to all those involved..!

    That’s the way THEY usually deal with these ‘situations’, is it not?

    BTW, the internal combustion engine was invented to run on alcohol, not petrol (petrol had not yet been invented at that time).

    I believe prohibition was introduced in the USA, as a monopoly tactic, to make petrol the only fuel for motor vehicles.

    Apparently, the consumption of alcohol was not illegal – only the production of alcohol. (I’m not an certain about this, so maybe incorrect – i.e ‘Speakeasies’?)


  5. WASP,

    I think you’ll be interested in the writer Avro Manhattan, who wrote extensively about The Vatican:

    I haven’t read anything written by him yet – his books are on my very, very long reading list! I’ll get there, eventually…

    Please have a look at the books on my blogsite:


  6. Toad Hall says:

    Wasp: Any links to Russian study?

    Also posted this for u earlier, for your love of numbers.

  7. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, just a short note:-

    Yes Scotty, The Late Avro Manhattan wrote some fairly good stuff, he was in many respects an insider, as his name would suggest. I have read a few of his Books, one I gave reference to last year was Vatican Holocaust, Tap put it into the Books to Read List,the Link was active, but someone has deactivated it. The {Jesuits (STASI)} were instrumental in operating The Genocide against The Serbs.

    It is a Must Read, I will look out the Active link & Post It. Thank you, however, for mentioning this Author. I seem to remember there was some controversy over one of his books, but I can’t recollect what it was about now.

    To change the subject w/r/t Toad Halls query about Russia, Tell me what aspects of Russia are you interested in?
    I will see what I can come up with for you.

    Thank you for the video link, I haven’t had time to look at it yet, as I have been trying out various applications on my i-Pad, an absolutely brilliant bit of Technology, it takes a little bit of getting used to though compared ton a Windows P.C. as Mouse-less. What I like most about it is everything works, it is fast & there is no constant updating when in the middle of working.

    I am giving you all a chance of recovering from last Post


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