Lloyd Pye on The Star Child Skull

Toady sends this. (formerly Toad Hall)

 How he came upon the star child skull. What is it?

 Where did it come from? It had a much more powerful brain capacity, shallow eye sockets.  The material is like tooth enamel.

It’s not a child.  It’s an adult.  Yet mainstream science wants people to think it’s  child and that’s what you find out on the internet.

The DNA is over fifty years old, discovered in 1930, and no doubt much earlier.  The debunkers have filled the internet with wrong information on this as with so many other things.  Lloyd Pye tells it like it is, using the latest DNA technology which is able to penetrate the mystery.  It’s not human…..

Is it a an alien?  It has all the physical hallmarks of a grey alien.

As I’m reading Zechariah Sitchin,  and realizing that human history is intimately connected with off planet  life forms.  Here is another line of enquiry.  I recommend Lloyd Pye’s ‘Everything you know is wrong’ as a good start point for anyone thinking of venturing off planet as they try to work out who we are, how we got here and where are we going.

If you prefer to focus your thinking back on planet earth, Toady’s got you covered too –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Blog is a bit schizophrenic but such is no bad thing. We are being told there is a spiritual awakening among truth seekers but such appears more likely Bailey’s externalising of the hierarchy. To some extent we still enjoy a life in the west based upon centuries of Christian influence, a system these megalomaniacs seek to destroy.

    It encourages me to see people wake up to what is going on and the Bible has it marked out. The teaching in this film is mostly accurate although I am not certain about the Kazar (Koestler 13th Tribe) aspect but this group are referred to in Revelation 2.9-10: as the fake Jews or synagogue of Satan.

    Such is why Christ physically threw the money changers out of the temple because He will return to do the same again, the Rothschild banking dynasty having created the modern day State of Israel which imo will bring us into WW3 (Revelation 9.14 on: Starting with Iraq) resulting in the destruction of 1/3 of mankind, their false messiah (antichrist) wheeled out to bring such to an end, with a world government consisting of 10 regions referred to in Revelation 17.12. It has been held for centuries, even by prominent Catholics that the whore of Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church not Israel given the garments of purple and scarlet…the seven kings likely being the Popes since the Lateran Treaty of 1929.

    The reference to Ben-Gurion is mentioned in Bill Coopers Behold a Pale Horse, the Rothschild’s having now built the Supreme Court, however it is no shrine to the prophets but a shrine to the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

    Most modern Christians are asleep, believe the media and are nothing but sheeple but those who are awake have seen this coming for a long time. The fact tptb desire to reduce humanity to 500 million is something which should concern us all and certainly is likely to affect us all. The League of Nations failed because many involved knew their Bible and knew the one world agenda but today churches have likewise been infiltrated, their threat to the NWO dismantled through a combination of false teaching and liberal theology.

    Much as the idea of UFO’s and aliens is fascinating it is a distraction and would appear to be preparing the masses, even those aware of the agenda, to the possibility of Project Bluebeam. As for mankind being the product of an alien species, that is a sign of the wacky times we live in and part of the strong delusion (2 Thes. 2.11).

    The other issue to be wary of is the promotion of occult and eastern mysticism repackaged as New Age or simply, spirituality, again another agenda of the ruling elite for their New World Religion which will eventually be repackaged into their Luciferian doctrine of the Devil.


  2. Tapestry says:

    The notion of believing that every detail in the Bible and every formal interpretation put upon the words is correct, cannot be correct. When newly discovered evidence, such as the sudden surge coming from genetic discoveries, and DNA, says that the Old Testament is basically correct, Christians should be pleased. But when it, at the same time, says that the Old Testament carries strong evidence of intervention from beings from other planets, when combined with Sumerian and DNA evidence, three way evidence all pointing the same way, it is time to add to what we previously knew and not feel threatened.

    The fact that people can toy with DNA is now realized on earth, so why would this not be known elsewhere? It is obviously a decision of the elites to make all reference to past and present connection to intelligent entities from elsewhere the occult, something that belongs only to them.

    They gave you the wrong biblical interpretations. No w we can move on and construct a better belief system. Nothing shows any evidence that these entities created the universe. There is still no reason to disbelieve everything in the bible, far from it. Evolution and Darwinism is now quite clearly seen as a hoax.

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