Leaked document spills more Elm Lodge details

Can you make out all the names?  Leon Brittan.  Harvey Proctor, and someone called Clark.
Can someone do a full translation?
WASP adds his read of this document –
Try this for starters Tap 
Attempt at Interpretation  of Letter

Meeting with Adelaine Stolper                  10/8/88

Mr. Tony Dwyer & John Rowe, persuaded Carole Kasir to change her Guest House into a Gay one.  Introduced her to a South African from Holland called Peter Glucerio who ran a Paedophile magazine called “Spartacus”.    Dwyer & Haddon were using the place  to supply boys for sex. Among those using it was Louis Minster, Director of Social Services, Richmond, Colin Peter QC, Donald South, Director of Education, Wandsworth,  –  a number of them supplied by Neil Kerr C.I.C. Grafton Lodge Childrens Home.


      Mrs Kasir raided by police and finally convicted of running a disorderly home & serving liquor without a licence, other charges dropped.

      Haddon & Dwyer at there part of a larger sex & porn ring operating in SW London.They were both involved with  Minster – Lison Clark (core). Mrs
Kasir thinks it was a set up given the importance.


  He involved in rentboy/porn side. Haddon was later convicted and sent to prison for sex related offences they supplied boys to Harvey Proctor & other M.P.’s
Another MP who used the place with boys was Leon Brittain.  ENDS

I saw this chap the other day holding stuff up, I think it was on the Needle Site, or similar, but didn’t take much notice  as I was interested in other stuff, & it looked too difficult to read, which has proved to be the case, though I notice there are a few that are not as difficult.

Someone else can do the next one!

Another document mentions Edward Heath.

The above document Sent in by Jamie.

This is where they’re coming from.

From The Needle Blog
Don’t Be Distracted ! by The Needle Blog, December 19, 2012
“9 MPs implicated in paedophile ring along with other VIPs. 7 of those MPs are still living. Exaro know the names.
Documents identify 2 former Conservative cabinet ministers.
7 Further MPs
4 Other Tories
2 Labour
1 Liberal
1 Labour MP and Liberal have since died
Several figures with links to Right Wing Conservative Monday Club
Others include leading figure in National Front, now dead
A Sinn Fein member
2 Buckingham Palace Officials
2 Pop Stars
Some stayed under false names at guesthouse. With REAL identities shown alongside.
Against the name of one ex minister is written ”Sauna only, ‘Roger’.”
Anthony Blunt said to have used the name ‘Antony Goldstein’.
Documents identify some 16 boys recruited from local care home.”
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  1. CJOH says:

    “If you don’t like the articles don’t read them but you will be unable to prove they’re false”. This is pretty meaningless since it is impossible to prove a negative. I can’t prove that Stalin WASN’T a Jesuit just as I can’t prove that Ronald Reagan isn’t a martian, but the evidence in both cases is overwhelmingly against such propositions, so the real question is not whether I or anyone else can prove such assertions false, but whether those touting them can prove them to be true, or at the very least plausible. (This is not a comment on the truth or otherwise of the stuff above about the leaked docs relating to Leon Brittan and others – I’m referring here solely to Wasp’s claims that the Jesuits and the Vatican run the whole shooting match)

  2. wasp says:

    Stalin was a Jesuit, he was trained at Tiflis, it doesn’t say much for your searching abilities, if you can’t find that, so you will have no hope of proving me wrong.

    I would suggest you search the Back posts of the Blog.


  3. CJOH says:

    More of the same evasion – show me the evidence here now. Why can’t you do that – ever? You imply that just because something is on the net that proves it’s true, which is utterly absurd. I could go around citing what you allege about Stalin as fact and refer people to what you say here as proof, but that has no factual validity whatsoever. Stalin spent some time in an Orthodox seminary, according to almost everybody, from AJP Taylor to the Encylopaedia Britannica to the World Book. If you have proof to the contrary present it when you state it as a fact.

  4. CJOH says:

    I’ve just now looked at some of these sites claiming Stalin was a Jesuit and none of them that I’ve seen give references or citations for what they allege -it’s all stated as fact – with no means of independent verification given at all. This is about as far removed from genuine conspiracy research carried out by the likes of Anthony Sutton, as it’s possible to get. Sutton always gives chapter and verse for everything he claims.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For CJON,

    Here’s a link for you, detailing the Jesuit oath, detailed sources and a long list of books on Jesuit intrigues, going back centuries.

    The link is to a page from Ian Paisley’s European Institute for Protestant Research (EIPS)

    Stop ranting, start reading !



  6. Anonymous says:


    ‘Savile groomed the nation’: Official police report into DJ’s 60 years of abuse reveals that he raped 34 women and girls and sexually assaulted up to 450


    Under the cover “WING” of best buddy rev David Bennett from his bevin boys mining days NOTTINHGHAM Based, 7+ offences uncovered Jimmy savile “So Vile”

    Targeted many kids including a boy as young as eight and victims in 14+ hospitals

    Nottinghamshire, Saxondale, St. Edmund’s Church, west Bridgford, Radcliffe on trent Gunthorpe

    Rev David Bennett & children shool inspecter prefectly placed as procurer of “our little mites”.
    ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church the Church of England.

    still NOT lifted

    Mr Rev David Bennett MA
    The Old Farmhouse
    Main Street
    NG14 7EY
    Tel 0115 9663451

    Was the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops, where he even targeted children on his LAST SHOW !!!!!!!!!!


    Paedo prey website still open !!!!!!!!!!!


    In October 2012, almost a year after his death, an ITV documentary examining claims of sexual abuse against Savile[11] led to broad media coverage and a substantial and rapidly growing body of witness statements and sexual abuse claims, including accusations against public bodies for covering up or failure of duty. Scotland Yard launched a criminal investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by Savile over six decades,[5] describing him as a “predatory sex offender”, and later stated that they were pursuing over 400 lines of inquiry based on the testimony of 300 potential victims via fourteen police forces across the UK.[12][13] By late October 2012, the scandal had resulted in inquiries or reviews at the BBC, within the National Health Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Department of Health.[12][14][15]



  7. Anonymous says:

    Re WASP’s read of the document, although not entered as a comment, I would to add some clarification here, if I may. I think that the name is TERRY Dwyer, not Tony. Terry Dwyer is on the internet (although I cannot remember which website I saw it on) as a convicted paedophile, and a police informant. The Q. C.’s name is shown as PeterS, not Peter. The O I C of Grafton Close Children’s Home is shown as Neil Keir, not Kerr. Clark’s 1st name is shown as Kevin, not Lison.

    Also, from various sources on the internet, Haddon knew John Rowe, who was an M. P., and ex-M. I. 5. He also knew Peter Glencross, M. P., and Lord Brittan.

    Again, this is only what is on the net, it proves nothing, but the number of connections between paedophiles, M. P.’s., and M. I. 5, is once again manifest.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just an edit on the above comment. I have since found out that the John Rowe mentioned above is the son of the John Rowe who was an M. P. and ex-M. I. 5. Just for clarification.

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