Julius Abraham replies to Ben Fellows

The internet airwaves filled with suspicion, as Jacintha Saldana supposedly committed suicide after the Royal hoax call.  Something about the story didn’t quite add up, and a BBC broadcast assistant from Bristol, Julius Abraham was good enough to say so.

Ben Fellows was feeling threatened at that moment by things being fed to him from inside the Leveson committee, suggesting he was going to be served up as a conspiracy theorist by the media, after he fingered Ken Clark for fingering his private parts when he was a teenager.  He rather jumped on the email he received from Julius Abraham, and took it as part of the threat he was facing.

Julius Abraham has taken his time, and has now replied to the suggestion he was part of a BBC corporate response to the Ben Fellows’ revelations.  I’ll go and get the link in a minute.  Here is Julius’ reply.

Julius Abraham Ujima Radio 98FM 


My name is Julius Abraham, & I’m a journalist & broadcast assistant at the BBC.

Just like a decent journalist should do, I question what I hear, read  & am told, & just like your blog says, if facts change, it starts to make a story sound suspicious. 
As a journalist that’s what I’m meant to do, question things, ask questions, but Ben Fellows doesn’t seem to share that notion & is accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist, when he correctly suspects himself as being one in his own write up. 

The views I expressed in a private email to him are just that, my private thoughts taken out of context, & not the views of the BBC.

Thank you for your time.
Julius Abraham
TAP – I can see how a misunderstanding came about.  Fear easily puts ideas into peoples’ minds.  That’s the game of the elites that control the media, and is why Jacintha Saldana’s suicide was fabricated – to make people afraid, and create an environment in which cracking down on the media by Leveson seems a reasonable response.
In my view both Ben Fellows and Julius Abraham are to be congratulated for telling it like it is,  doing what they see as right, and refusing to be silenced when they can see deception and evil at work, using their intuition.  Jacintha was no doubt murdered as part of the attempt to silence opposition to power using the false suicide method.  The stories about Ben and Jacintha need to come out, and people need to know.  Being afraid, or accusing others too readily doesn’t help, but is an inevitable consequence of the threats people face.  It’s the measure of Ben’s and Julius’ courage that they try to speak about what’s happening.  
It would be good to hear more from you, Julius., and put more flesh on the bones of the story you are working on.  Thanks for getting in touch.
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  1. wasp says:

    I have just arrived back home,& saw this Article. I would just like to say, it’s nice to see an HONEST JOURNALIST, with regard to The CONSPIRACY ISSUE, we should consider, TRUTH, & CONSPIRACY as an inverse relationship.

    So as we all know

    The Jacintha Issue needs looking into, no one would kill them self for such a minor mistake, ROYALS OR NOT. at which point I will repeat a statement I have given on many occasions, READ FROM ONE OF FEYNMAN’S BOOKS.

    “All Humans Have The Same Biological Functions, & Only Appear Different Because of The Hats They Wear, They Have No Other Major Differences.”

    On A Galactic Scale No More Significant Than A Grain Of Sand.

    More People Should Read What Feynman Had To Say,to get thing into perspective.


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