Jackie Kennedy killing JFK in slow motion

Jackie Daughter of Janet Norton Lee Bouvier         Auchincloss Morris

JFK Assassination Zapruder film – slow motion

JFK Lancer – President John F. Kennedy | Myspace Video


Tony Ash  What is it that she throws out of her right hand at about 0.25 that then rolls down the back of the car, which she then clambers after until the man behind the car retrieves it for her?

TAP – same event explained by Bill Hicks.

And how it was explained by someone who studied it all in detail –


And the security being pulled off the car, before the assassination  –

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  1. Tony Ash: Jackie Kennedy is scrambling to retrieve the rear part of her husband’s skull, which had been blasted away by the bullet that had entered through his throat. She hadn’t thrown anything out of the car and, if I recall correctly, the secret service man was going to her aid not handing her the fragment, of which he was unaware.

  2. I always murder people when I’m in an open top car in front of people as opposed to the silly technique of waiting till they are asleep.

    Zapruder film is so dirty it’s not worth discussing. Another tap special. A post for the feeble minded ha ha. Nice one slap.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I was interested in this clip in that what I see is her putting the gun down behind JFK. The explanation post we ran a month or so ago said she had to get away from the immobilization which was being used on JFK prior to her delivering the coup de grace.

    In the clip from this same movie which I posted from Bill Hicks yesterday, you see the gun even before she shot JFK.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Tap above in that’s it’s a gun – not a part of his skull – rolling down the back of the car. You would have at least been able to see some resemblance of a streak of blood on the boot lid too if it were a skull fragment rolling down.

    The angle she shot him at would have sent the fragment of skull diagonally across the back of the car (not straight down the back) too… and that’s assuming the handgun was powerful enough to cause massive trauma like that too.

    And I’m sorry, if you’re husband had just been murdered you wouldn’t immediately be scrambling down the boot lid for guns/skull fragments/her handbag whatever… you’d be in shock and try (in vein) to stop the bleeding/grasp your loved one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Remember the Zaptruder film was 12 years after the event.
    This old cold chestnut has moved the hot chestnut out of the limelight.
    We need to know who has been Buggering our children, this is the present, far more important than what could have been a Walt Disney production.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Charels Froth, most of these very public executions are done for the effect, yes it would be so much easier to do it in private or perhaps while the victim is participating in a hobby such as horseriding etc. But that is not the point. Its about traumatising, ritual sacrifice and the dialect these monsters follow of putting things right out in the open in front of the people.

    Thought a person of your intellect would have known that? 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Walt Disney had been employed by the American’s for producing Propaganda.
    Walt even lived in property nearly the exact replica of Hitlers, complete with swimming pool.
    For some reason the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald looks like Jim Reeves, who was killed in an air crash in 1964.
    Jack Ruby killed Oswald in a contrived shooting in a back alley.
    All in all, I do believe the assasination was a Disney production.

  8. Unknown says:

    Charles Froth? I like it, very accurate and descriptive. LOL

    Jackie Kennedy the Jewess and LBJ the Jew.

    Kennedy was going to print US Treasury Notes and by-pass The Jew/Vaticain FED – go figure.

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