It’s a crime not to go to school

Pre-emptive drugs…
My elderly neighbour had flu, and went to the doctor. She was told it was viral, so antibiotics wouldn’t help. Then she was told she should have antibiotics in case she developed Whooping Cough (which she already had as a child). It must be in government recommendations to do this. Why? Why are they giving out antibiotics to the elderly when there is no infection to treat? Why are they inventing reasons to give them out?
26 Sandy Hook kids…
…are to sing at the Super Bowl on Sunday, representing their 26 “dead” sacrificed classmates. It’s the seventh day after the Fire of Brazil ritual, which is the seventh day after the presidential inauguration on St Agnes Eve. Seventh Day Adventists are coming to mind. 
Team Bath shield…
It looks like a “grey”, the alien type. Team Bath fields several British Olympic squads based at the University. The shield has an upward pointing sword topped by a Masonic compass, Either side of the sword is a large circle which looks like a hollow eye. It’s yellow on Royal blue background. It makes me realise that a shield shape is also a face shape or a mask. 

Holocaust tattoo code…
From the Bath Chronicle, about the tattoo on the arm of a Holocaust survivor… “70 years ago, an SS officer would have been able to look at the numbers and letters and understand immediately his life had been spared because he was fit enough to offer the Third Reich a source of slave labour”. That reminds me of our number/letter identifiers we have today. Our name, Date of Birth and National Insurance number. There are surely certain people in our current “SS” layer of command that can immediately read off crucial information from these codes. (See
Preemptive criminal offences…
My Dad got a fine for being in a bus lane at the wrong time. You are allowed to challenge these fines if they seem unfair or incorrect. The only trouble is that there is a penalty for a failed challenge, your fine goes up, as if you have committed a double crime. This leads to most people paying off the lower rate fine and not challenging it. The incentive for the council is to make up the offences, they can easily forge photos if they want to. A few of the accused might challenge it, but on the whole it’s a great income for the council. Meanwhile the paedophiles run free, not so much profit in that, in fact it would cost a huge amount to hunt down just one paedophile, and the council might even have to pay the paedophile if he was someone well connected, like Lord McAlpine. 
Dublin to the U.S…
I saw an ad today saying that you can bypass U.S. immigration if you fly via Dublin! There seems to be a loophole for every rule that was ever invented. Maybe that’s part of the contract with the ones in charge. That there must always be a way out, a loose brick in the seemingly rock solid walls of the prison. 

It’s a crime to not go to school…
Bath and NE Somerset council (BANES) plan on knocking at people’s doors and taking the kids out of bed and dragging them to school by force. To “help” “problem families”. This is what they do when they arrest criminals, isn’t it? Except this time they put them in school, not prison. (a school is a sort of prison). The punishment for not going to school is being forced to go to school. Am I in a Catch 22 novel? The only way to get out of school is to burn it down. Then you get put in prison. 
Hope and Anchor…
…represents two hoaxes. One is the hoax of the future, the pension mentality that gets us all doing the wrong things today believing we are working towards a great future. The second hoax is the fixtures and fittings hoax, the idea that we will be happy when we are settled, fixed, we must work towards this goal. But even solids are in motion all the time, and change is one of the few certainties in life. If and when we arrive at our hoped for Utopia of the future, with everything finally being fixed in place exactly as we want it, it’s invariably disappointing. It’s a trick. 

Holocaust Remembrance Day…
As if one Death Worship Sunday a year was not enough! This one is designated as 27th Jan, which coincided with the Full Moon this year and the Fire of Brazil. 231 deaths. No doubt the focus on death helped more deaths along. (See
Charles owns The Oval…
This was in the mainstream papers this week. The Oval cricket ground is part of his massive property portfolio. I think it’s a clue to make us wonder what other Ovals are owned by the Crown. Everything out there is symbolic. The Royal Mail crown symbol has an oval jewel in it.  The White House has an Oval office, owned by the Crown of the British Empire. Same story, many different levels. 
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6 Responses to “It’s a crime not to go to school”

  1. Shazza says:

    Re GPs prescribing antibiotics when infection viral:

    I don’t believe there is anything sinister (in most cases lol)
    As a nurse, I know the rationale – viral can quickly develop into bacterial, those with weakened immune systems (elderly an example)can deteriorate quickly, leading to serious complications.

    So it is preventative.

    Although I don’t agree with the western medical model that most doctors are trained with/ adhere to rigidly…

    Gps dont on the whole, recommend probiotics after antibiotics – they should: strong evidence base they replenish the good bacteria, gut flora that the antibiotics DESTROY!

  2. Paul says:

    Julia, no need to go to school, homeschooling is an option. You can simply google it and you will fin that all you have to do is inform the school under the relevant rules what you are doing. But you do have to prove you are educating the child/ children. I know, I did this for my eldest in KeyStage 3 when I was off work due to physical illness. You do ge ta visist from a Child Missing Education person ( they call themselves officers) but anyone with half a brain can run circles round them, I know, I did 🙂

    Do some reaearch, get the kids out of the indoctrination system.. or even help at schools and “help” them out with some critical thinking exercises 🙂

  3. Shazza says:

    In my experience, GPS are quite dismissive of the science of NUTRITION to heal… blood tests- they do not check for nutritional deficiencies + over prescription of chemicals that DO NOT HEAL!

    Eastern (Chinese) and Indian (Ayurvedic) recognise imbalances that leads to disease… diet is big part of this..
    East DOES meet West, in many ways…
    Shatavari, a herb from type of asparagus root, balances herbs, aids fertility and milk production – used in India for thousands of years.. what vitamin is it high in? B6… which is scientifically not known, to BALANCE WOMENS HORMONES…
    So many examples
    Would love to see GPs, and other medics, research and recommend ALTERNATIVES to the chemical toxins we are prescribed!!!

    Finally – I suggest Tap readers search for ‘thyme’ ancient Greeks/ Romans… they burned it in public places to minimise sickness being spread (before discovery of bacteria). I have successfully treated throat infection with thyme tea gargled., after reading of its remarkable anti-bacterial properties.

    An Israeli research study found that thyme inhibs growth of a bacteria most commonly the cause of stomach ulcers…
    It was used as an antiseptic at time of the plague, and for meat preservation throughout the centuries..

    Our world is full of plants that heal!

    So next time you have a throat infection – reach for dried thyme to make tea!

  4. Shazza says:


    I get so carried away, ‘going off on one’ about science/ nutrition.. i did couple of typos lol:

    Re Shatavari/B6: Should read NOW known, as opposed to ‘not’ known.
    Also, it balances HORMONES not herbs..

    Next time will CHECK before I excitedly hit that ‘publish’ button..

  5. Julia says:

    PLants are the original healer, and if you decode the Jesus story you find that Jesus used them too.

    Yes I agree homeschooling is a good option for a parent, though schools have the social monopoly on children. The child doesn’t get to choose homeschooling unless the parent does. My kids want to go to school. I am not going to force them to stay at home. I have worked in schools a lot, and I agree you can help out that way. That’s where the kids are.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Regarding antibiotics:

    As others have commented, antibiotics destroy gut flora.

    One function of gut flora is to keep fungal infestations such as candida in check.

    There is (suppressed) evidence that candida is hugely carconogenic. See

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