How Royal ‘friends’ offload investments just before they crash

Hi Tap, this is to Focalise  one of the many points that appear to have Eluded many of your Readers,  Specifically to those who make SMART ARSE COMMENTS related to the Articles I send you. This “Vocalisation” merely Exemplifies their Limited Capacity to Accept  Any Concept,  outside of the Parameters that they Consider, Normal, and /or Their Limited Capacity to think about the wider Implications, Take on Board & Interpret in Relation to Their Own Lives &Those of Their Families.

I am not concerned whether you agree with me or not, The Information you’r given  is Correct, so try looking up the Links, it will save you showing your IGNORANCE!


DON’T THINK THAT SHAFTING THE PLEBS IS A NEW IDEA, THESE ARSE ‘OLS HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, UNDETECTED. THE DIFFERENCE NOW THOUGH IS ON THE WHOLE,  WE ARE BETTER EDUCATED, & HAVE ACCESS TO MORE RESEARCH FACILITIES THAN OUR FOREBEARS HAD. A SITUATION THEY ARE TRYING TO CORRECT FOR THEMSELVES BY TRYING TO CONTROL THE INTERNET   Let us also not forget, their concern for your Health, well Teeth in Particular by Pumping F(-) ions into everyone, & conning them it’s good for their teeth, when it is actually a Neurotoxin, there are Two Reasons for this.

i) It will knock out your Pineal Gland, they don’t want you to have this working,as it produces Melatonin, as one of the hormones, & might give you Ideas Above Your Station, This could lead to you being  able to perceive other Dimension, since we exist in just one of Many,  Dimensions, of a Multi Parallel Universe.

ii) To get rid of Bi – Products from the Nuclear Power Industry, & of course to Further Boost HRH E2’s Profits, so Just like her Great, Great Grand Mother Victoria The Worlds Greatest Drug Dealer, Off Shore Bank Accounts Continue to Proliferate, whilst The Plebs are Bled Dry by these Blood Suckers.





‘EXTRACTED FROM My Notes & WHO KNOWS WHERE ON THE NET’,Together with Links I have sent in.

Princess Sophia of Celle was  sixteen when she married a degenerate German thug, Prince George Lewis. Prince George was borrowing money from  money lenders the Rothschilds long before the Rothschilds opened their first bank in Frankfurt. In 1694 George had Sophia’s lover murdered.
He then ordered Sophia be taken prisoner, never to see her children again! Sophia was held as a common convict in Ahlden Castle until the day she died – in 1726! This same degenerate German thug, who slowly murdered his lovely wife, led to what is now laughingly known as ‘The British Monarchy.’

In 1714 George’s dying cousin, Good Queen Annie, decided to hand over the British Throne to the German Protestant branch of the family to keep the Catholic branch (now exiled in France and Italy) out

Prince George Lewis was the son of Ernest Augustus Elector (King) OfHanover who’s fortune, land and titles he inherited.

The coronation of ‘German George’ sparked riots across Britain. He wasted no time introducing the Riot Act (1715) giving his army license to shoot to kill any  gathering of over twelve people His Majesties Government deemed unlawful!   
The original King’s Own Regiment, like the new King, did not speak English. They were the same square-chinned, blue-eyed-blonde thugs Adolf Hitler would later use as his personal bodyguard.
Having subjugated the British workforce ‘German George’ set about looting the British Treasury.

In future, food to feed the military would be purchased (with public money) from royal farms. Duchy farm & Duchy coalmine profits joined the king’s arms & ammo sales profits and his Civil List ‘savings.’ Chests of gold coin annually left Greenwich on armed Hanoverian sloops bound for the family’s German vaults.

Coastguard cannon

Made In England Under Crown Warrant

The Defence Of The Realm depends on the Head Of State controlling the production and sale of Arms & Ammo. Much of Britain’s cannon iron, and coal to smelt the iron, came from royal mines. Ships timber for the Royal Dockyards and the Royal Navy came from royal forests.
Duchy of Lancaster Ironworks for casting cannon circa 1790
Written permission had to be obtained from The Crown, & commissions were paid to

Nominees & Palace Whores

When George came to England in1698, his entourage  included two women, who would play a veryimportant part in his Monarchy

The Monarch via The Usual Nominees

The Dutchess Kendal, Ehrengard Melusine Baroness von der Schelunburg, who became his interpreter, she had 3 Children by him, & made great gains in wealth, { WASP not much has changed then has it}
From those wishing an audience with George, due to her influence, being his gatekeeper
The other one was his half sister  Sophia von Platen von Kielmansegg Countess  ofDarlington..

It was often assumed he was Knocking her off as well,  due to his bed hopping but probably wasn’t in fact the case, but there were many others who he was!

Darlington was noted for her amiability, & her excellent managerial skils, when organising parties & public events, she was actually the daughter of The Elector & her “Father” was promoted to a Count, so she became Countess Sophia.

What is The South Sea Bubble

A complex network of intersecting financial, legal, political, and cultural factors all contributed to the development of the South Sea Bubble, the eventual collapse of the South Sea Company in 1720, and the financial ruin left in its wake.

The years leading up to the South Sea Bubble were a time of financial promise and enthusiasm for Britain. Following the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714), there was the increased potential of foreign trade and the turn toward a more global marketplace. Wealth and luxury were no longer reserved to the aristocracy. Consumerism was on the rise, and class and gender boundaries were increasingly blurred when it came to investing in the stock market. The newspaper emerged as the innovative new information exchange, pamphlet literature recorded intellectual debate, and the coffee house was the thriving epicenter of literati and stock-jobber alike. It is in this environment that the South Sea Bubble story unfolds.

The South Sea Bubble affair takes on new allegorical overtones with each generation of financial exploration. In the early years of the twenty-first century, it is the events of the Dotcom Bubble and the Enron scandal that conjure up the lessons of the past. The South Sea Bubble continues to resonate with contemporary readers, who readily identify with the exposure of the scandal, the trauma of personal financial ruin, the vacuum of accountability following the collapse of the company, and the frightening awareness of the fragility of human reason. The South Sea Bubble Collection brings together a diverse collection of resources to preserve the history of this remarkable event and to facilitate scholarly research.

When Parliament announced the South Sea Company was based on creative (Enron/Goodwin) accounting.

The shares collapsed. In what history records as

‘The South Sea Bubble’ London investors lost millions. The king himself protested even he had lost thousands. Nobody believed him. German George’s off-shore bankers knew the South Sea Company was a small slave trading company that had been talked-up out of all proportion and the bubble was bound to burst. That did not stop royal insiders taking advantage of ill-informed speculators pouring their saving into SouthSea shares. George’s girlfriend Melusine gave the game away. Days before the collapse she sold her shares for £1,000 each. Six months earlier she had paid £128 each. Her insider knowledge confirmed Melusine as a royal nominee

When Parliament announced the South Sea Company was based on creative (Enron/Goodwin) accounting.
The shares collapsed. In what history records as
‘The South Sea Bubble’ London investors lost millions. The king himself protested even he had lost thousands. Nobody believed him. German George’s off-shore bankers knew the South Sea Company was a small slave trading company that had been talked-up out of all proportion and the bubble was bound to burst. That did not stop royal insiders taking advantage of ill-informed speculators pouring their saving into South Sea shares. George’s girlfriend Melusine gave the game away. Days before the collapse she sold her shares for £1,000 each. Six months earlier she had paid £128 each. Her insider knowledge confirmed Melusine as a royal nominee.
The First Prime Minister
 The first German King of Britain, George 1, came to the Throne accompanied by two German whores and a battalion of German minders. He spoke no English. He appointed a bent politician, Robert Walpole, (below seated ) his First Minister to speak for him – thus creating the office of Prime Minister – or Prime Mouthpiece which is much nearer the mark. 
Walpole was described as. ‘A coarse and noisy fellow, devoted to hunting and shooting.’ He endeared himself to the new German monarchy by introducing no less than fifty new Capital Offences – including damaging Westminster Bridge and picking an apple! (Waltham Black Act –1723) Walpole served both George 1  &  2. Securing a generous Civil List of over £600,000, per-year for both his masters. British workers at this time were paid no more than £6. 5s. Per year (£6. 25p Per-year). 
Working for the Germans, for 21 years, Walpole made sure ‘pure gold’ government arms and military supply contracts went to companies owned (indirectly of course) by the royal family, the Walpole’s and their mutual cronies.

Robert Walpole was born in Houghton Hall in 1676. Educated at Eton and King’s CollegeCambridge, he intended to enter the Church but changed his mind and became active in politics instead.

Walpole, a Whig, was elected to the House of Commons in 1701. An outstanding orator, Walpole was appointed Secretary of War in 1708 and Treasurer of the Navy in 1710. After the collapse of the Whig government Walpole was accused of corruption and spent a short period in the Tower of London.
In 1714 Queen Anne became very ill. The true heir to the throne was James Stuart, the son of James II. Many Tory ministers supported James becoming king. However, James Stuart was a Catholic and was strongly opposed by the Whigs. A group of Whigs visited Anne just before she died and persuaded her to sack her Tory ministers. With the support of the Whigs, Queen Anne nominated Prince George of Hanover as the next king of Britain.

When George arrived in England, he knew little about British politics nor could he speak very much English. George therefore became very dependent on the Whigs who had arranged for him to become king. This included Walpole who was made Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1715.

Walpole believed that the strength of a country depended on its wealth. The main objective of Walpole’s policies was to achieve and maintain this wealth. For example, he helped the business community sell goods by removing taxes on foreign exports.

He was forced to resign after loosing support in House of Commons due to his failure to provide adequate financial backing to British Troops when at War with Spain in 

At the conclusion of the War of the Spanish Succession, the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 gave Britain a thirty-year asiento, or contract-right, to supply an unlimited number of slaves to the Spanish colonies, and 500 tons of goods per year. This provided British traders and smugglers potential inroads into the (traditionally) closed markets in Spanish America. However, Britain and Spain were often at war during this period, fighting one another in the War of the Quadruple Alliance(1718–20), the Blockade of Porto Bello (1726) and the Anglo-Spanish War (1727–1729).

George 2nd  George 1st’s eldest son to Sophia.  

 Ruled  1727 – 1760

George 2 spent most of his life at home in Germany. He rarely spoke to his father. Coming to the Throne he planned to sack Prime Minister Walpole. 
He was soon to realize his power to rule over Britain depended mainly on the unspoken consent of the richest landowners  (The Establishment) and Walpole had more British landowning cronies than he did. 
Walpole remained in place. George made certain, even if he did lose the throne, the family fortune would be safe offshore. During the Catholic invasion scare, 1743-1745, he had works of art, jewels & jewellery, and even unique Indian carpets and English oak furniture shipped home to Hanover. 
In the process of hoarding gold & silver the first four George’s forged the family links with Rothschild’s et al and perfected the criminal art of offshore banking. As the family’s offshore fortune grew so did their ability to buy piss-poor-politicians by the chamber load.



                                                                  Unelected, Illegitimate, Unwanted


EU Scrounger Baroness Ashton.

“I’m sure you could find 22-year old interns in the House of Commons who are far more knowledgeable on foreign policy than Baroness Ashton”.Nile Gardiner, Telegraph Nov. 20, 2009.

Former leader of Her Majesties House of Lords, Ashton is massively unqualified to look after the interest of the British people. She has never held elected office. Having been in Brussels for just one year, as the Queen’s European Commissioner for Trade, she will now be addressed as “High Representative”.   

Her rise to the ridiculous unelected office of EU Foreign Minister is a damning indictment of EU dinner party politics and shows the Queen’s utter contempt for the British.  Ashton’s experience of fixing votes in the Lords endeared her to the EU President, the Portuguese crookJosé Manuel Barroso. Brown put her on the list of candidates because Barroso had demanded that a woman should have one of the top Brussels jobs. Ashton’s annual pay of  £270,000 before expenses is the just the latest piss-take in the criminal history of the European Landowners Club.

You all pay for the upkeep of These Dead Beats, so is it any wonder, that The Puppet Cameron & His Mickey Mouse Outfit, don’t want you to have a Chance to say. WE WANT OUT NOW!

The new EU Commissioner

   The Sarah Palin of the upper chamber Baroness CatherineAshton of Upholland, left, the Queen’s new mouthpiece in Brussels will receive £3.5 MILLION taxpayers money – for one year’s service! relocation costs, a ‘residence allowance’ and other                          perks.  ( Mail, 18 October 2008)After a year in office, she will receive almost three quarters of a million pounds in ‘financial benefits.’Her single year of service will also entitle her to an annual pension for life of approximately £8,000 per year – more than twice the yearly amount a British pensioner gets from Her Majesties Government after giving the country a lifetime of real work.Baroness Ashton will also be able to claim  As Leader of Her Majesties House of Lords (and Lord President of the Queen’s Privy Council)

Baroness Ashton got the EU job by following her royal orders to STOP any meaningful discussion in the Lords about the promised Referendum over the Lisbon Treaty aka EU Constitution

Article 1.1.1 of The European Commission’ Code of Conduct‘, states; “commissioners may not hold any public office of whatever kind”. As a member of Her Majesties House of Lords Baroness Ashton cannot resign. Which means: She will take paid leave of absence to receive the outrageous “wages” above for representing the interests of filthy rich and greedy Globalists – like the “royal family”.How’s that for taking the piss out of pensioners living in poverty and clinically depressed by the fear of their next council tax, water and electricity bills?

As did the Maastricht Treaty; the EU Constitution, with it’s corrigendum’s, addendum’s and annex’s will breed another generation of legalized thieves who feed off top-down-corruption and the fraudulent legislation it spawns. 
The EU organized crime Mr Blair & Co are so good at ignoring will eventually bankrupt the EU.
Along the way, state education, health care and  pensions will be phased out altogether by the almighty EU on the grounds that it is too expensive to give every country so nobody shall have it.
  Hutch July 2004
To attract the lowest scum in politics the EU are paying Members of the European Parliament£630,000 per year. The EU now employs more people than all the staff working in Her Majesties Department for Work and Pensions (107,998). Her Majesties Home Office (25,299). Her Majesties Foreign Office (16,169). Her Majesties Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (7,854).  
Her Majesties Department for Health (3,467). Her Majesties Treasury (1,451) and Her Majesties Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (809).

 Why?  Do we need to pay more people in Brussels to do the same job we are paying our own civil servants to do? And why are we paying the Brussels replicants more than our own overpaid civil servants? 
And did you know? Members of the European Parliament pick up 
£630,000 per year for not doing the job they never did in their own Parliaments?

March 15, 2009. The EU has spent almost £20 million of taxpayers’ money building swimming pools in the Caribbean!  Telegraph&  Top 100 EU frauds 

You’ve got the Link so if you are interested – READ ON – You Should Be It all to do with your well being, or not.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    “I also have two corroborations of a rumour that the newly-named full-scale criminal operation ‘Fernbridge’ has powerful evidence against former Conservative ministers, a royal household member, and three other politicians – one BNP, one Irish, and one Labour.”

    “One source also adds, “On the guest list I noticed the names of Leon Brittan and Hamilton Blackburn of Westland Helicopters”.”

  2. A10Sean says:

    Gobekli Tepe

    Off Topic perhaps Tap … But Have you seen any details on Gobekli Tepe – this is an unexplained structure which pre-dates the Sumerian culture. One of your / Lloyd Pye’s/Sitchens arguments is that human civilisation seems to have come from nowhere around the time of the Sumerians – but Gobekli Tepe disproves that argument since this civilisation predates that – and is from around 8000 bc – ie 10000 yrs ago.

    This would be more in line with Jared Diamonds theory which was that growing population density and availablity of food in the Fertile Crescent led to incremental innovation.

    As I said before , Diamond doesnt have all the answers – in fact he attributes Human development to a ‘ great leap forward ‘ around 50- 100,000 years ago – hardly satisfactory.

    Govekli Tepe probably introduces as many questions as it provides answers – but it certainly doesnt support the theory that the Sumerian culture came from nowhere.


  3. Anonymous says:

    WASP dear (or Tap), could you please not use font that shouts. Makes it hard to read.

    Anyway, had anyone else noticed that the, er, let’s call them ‘signature’ words associated with the July 20 2012 Aurora event were apparently evincing a concern with at least parts of this history? ‘James Holmes’, ‘Century 16′, ’17th Avenue’, ‘1690 Paris’.
    No, I don’t think is ‘scotoma’ on my part, even if I do think that like concepts are used on the general public.
    And what to make of it when, let’s call him, an anti-poster seemingly pulls out of his hat a brief comment comparing another poster to Charles 11 of Spain. Really? How many Americans engaged in the current sortie in regard to Sandy Hook would have a clue what that was about?
    I was even having to consider quite carefully, reading through WASP’s discourse, how many might be able to see the pattern and relate that to their current predicament.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOOKS Like you’ve been digging for GOLD again!!! Ha

    Why is Germany repatriating their gold? – The Real Asset Company
    by Jan Skoyles
    5 days ago – Germany’s gold was primarily kept in the US on account of the physical … Handelsblatt reports that no gold will be kept in France by Germany. … Do not trust the custodian country to keep track of it when lending it out … However the NY Fed officials were unable to find the palette of Germany’s gold bullion

    Why Did The Bundesbank Secretly Withdraw Two-Thirds Of Its London Gold?
    Ex-Bundesbank Chief Says Greece Will Never Repay Debt, Says Bailout All About “Rescuing Banks And Rich Greeks”
    Gold Counterfeiting: German TV discovers 500g Tungsten bar from bank
    Is A Central Bank Gold Run At Hand?
    Federal Reserve Admits Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements
    German Central Bank Admits that Credit is Created Out of Thin Air
    High Time To Repatriate Offshore Trillions For Taxation
    Gold hits a record near $1,100
    The Rule of Gold After The Financial Collapse
    Gold Sets Records as Dollar Declines, Spurring Demand for Metal
    Gold Jumps to Record as Slumping Dollar Spurs Investment Demand
    France Bans Cash Sales Of Gold & Silver Over $600


  5. Anonymous says:

    Drats! I bet that pesky DVD made off with all our gold chippy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen that tavern scene in Terry Pratchett’s ‘Wyrd Sisters’ where they all sit around singing? Remember the words to that song?
    anyway, are we all supposed to believe that the central banks, the heads of which meet on a cosy, regular basis, don’t know exactly what’s where and what’s what?
    And wasn’t there just recently a rather pointed pic circulating of HM perusing the hedges, so to speak?
    ‘My Precious’

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