Hitler’s-escape-from-bunker movie playing to Berliners

 Hitler Escape Film to Premier at Berlin Film Market in February 2013. 

“Grey Wolf – The Escape of Adolf Hitler” a film by British Author and Director Gerrard Williams is to have it’s world premiere in the German Capital, Berlin in early February. The film is based on the shocking revelations contained in Williams’, a former International TV journalist, and Military Historian Simon Dunstan’s international bestseller of the same name.

The book is currently published in 25 countries. Marked as “History” by its publisher Sterling, “Grey Wolf” Williams and Dunstan insist is historically accurate. With over 27 pages of references and 291 detailed sources the book presents a compelling version of History that has been hidden for almost 78 years. Williams and Dunstan have spent the last seven years researching the subject, writing the book and making the Film. Dante Venesio heads up the Argentine cast in a startling portrayal of Hitler in exile. Supported by Maria Heller as his wife Eva, Pietro Gianni as Martin Bormann, and Martin Gianola as a chilling SS officer, “Grey Wolf” presents dramatized testimony of Hitler’s life in exile in Patagonia and his eventual death there on February 13th 1962 at 3 pm.

 Contacted at his home in Northern France, Williams said, “I cannot think of a better city to premiere “Grey Wolf” in than Berlin. It is here that the final death throes of the Third Reich took place, and the city that Hitler escaped from. What has amazed me is that despite the complete lack of forensic evidence to either Hitler or Eva’s death, this story has been accepted as true for such a long time. Stalin always said Hitler had escaped, Eisenhower post-war said there was no evidence of his death, and the contemporary reporting from the BBC, Time, and all of the major international News agencies all say the Soviets did not find a body.

It’s now been confirmed that the skull the Russians have always said was Hitler’s is that of a woman too old to be Eva Braun! We also have the statement of the pilot who flew Hitler and his escape party out of Berlin and the evidence of a wounded SS officer who saw their plane land in Denmark. 

That, plus the eyewitness statements from Argentina and reports from the files of the FBI make for a completely different history that the one we have been taught. “ Williams and Dunstan are also convinced that Martin Bormann – known as the Brown Eminence and the man who had planned Hitler’s escape with the help of members of the US intelligence services – SS Gestapo Chief Heinrich “SS” Muller and Hitler’s brother in law SS general Hermann Fegelein also survived the war. Williams said, “The evidence for Bormann’s survival is simply overwhelming – despite the then West German Government announcing they had positively DNA tested Bormann’s remains in 1993.

The Germans have never named the “83 year-old relative” they cross matched the DNA to, and Bormann’s family had no knowledge of any such person. We have living witnesses to Bormann’s survival in Argentina and masses of documents to corroborate this.” 
Williams and Dunstan are currently writing their second book, “The Spider’s Web” which goes into further details of what Williams described as the ” Biggest Lie of the 20th century”. 
For further details: 
Contact: Gerrard Williams 
E-mail: Williamsgerrard@Hotmail.com

TAP 911 showed us that governments lie to the people, and falsify events.  Are people about to get it that WW2 was another false event with many aspects, believed at the time, being simply not true.  I read Grey Wolf – The Escape Of Adolf Hitler.  As usual the headline of the myth-busters seems incredible.  You need to read the detail. Then you know.

The escape of Hitler is only a fraction of the real story.  Bormann ran Hitler for the Illuminati who controlled the theatre of WW2 on all sides, Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt and Stalin.  The results of each battle was decided in advance.  The outcome of the war was planned years in advance.  That’s how the would works….by design, not by accident.

HItler was trained by the British at Tavistock in 1912.  He was an Illuminati asset.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Look i was archivist for Briot intell in the days when the memories of W W II were alive and fresh
    Hitler did not go to tavistock
    and he did not escape.
    He loved his people and would never have left them, when i spoke with HolgerHaffe who was there he said “that Hitler took his life “
    please tap keep the blog ona level sensible footing please

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Alex Collier – Alianca Galactica vs Reptilianos de Orion 2 of 2 menteabertasempre


    Gods of eden William Bramley


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tap,
    This is a tangential point but are you a holocaust denier?

  5. Tapestry says:

    Read the book. Watch the movie. Then report back! The evidence of Hitler’s survival is overwhelming.

    Holocaust denial? Tell me what you believe the holocaust to be, and I will then tell you whether I believe you or not. There are so many versions of that tale. Not all can be true.

    Hitler’s escape is a simple fact, with hard evidence in the detail at every turn.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You’ve certainly set ‘them’ off with this piece. They own the Hitler myth. It’s integral to their story and they won’t let you discredit it. And die-hard UK nationists who live and bleed the ‘heroic Britain standing alone to defy the evil Hun’ myth won’t cop it either. It’s part of their identity too. How could it be wrong? What happens to the fairy tale when you demonstrate that the Zionists worked hand in glove with Hitler, that many of the top Nazis were from their number. And that the great hero Churchill was a pathetic, weak, ‘handled’ traitor? There were two sides in the war: the *****nazis and the rest of us.

  7. Chris Jones says:

    “Dear Tap,
    This is a tangential point but are you a holocaust denier?”11:13 pm

    ..This is a tangential point as well; which holocaust are you referring to? There have been so many in the recent history of humanity especially…do you mean the Ukrainian holocaust, the Chinese one, the broadet Russian one, the Vietnam one, the Cambodian one, the Native American one, the German Jewish and Gypsie one, the Kurdish one, the Iraqi one, the Afghan one????

  8. Anonymous says:

    One ‘man’s’ (for want of a better description) holocaust is another’s opportunity …. to set up their own genocidal fascist state and NWO capital. If a few million of our own (unconfirmed distant relatives) have to die to get there (and to a large degree by our own hands) then so be it! You say holocaust, we say ‘no pain (for others) no gain’. And to then claim to be the victims! You people are truly sick. “By their fruit you shall know them”. Yes, Zionoism is indeed a truly depraved enterprise.

  9. Anonymous says:

    who said this that borman ranhitler for rothschild ? what bolox
    ask some one who knows like david irving, better still read his books
    its articles like this which are making the TAP bloga laughing stock on all the independent truth radio shows

  10. Tapestry says:

    As I repeat every day, just read the books and examine the evidence. Flat denial is the usual shill tactic. I would be very interested in more detailed counterarguments, but these are never presented.

  11. Chris Jones says:

    To clarify, i copied and pasted Anonymous’ idiotic question posted at 11.13pm that asked “Dear Tap,This is a tangential point but are you a holocaust denier?” and am waiting for his/her answer as to which specific holocaust he/she is referring to. No one should own the word holocaust and it’s wrong for such attempts to be made in my opinion

  12. Julia says:

    If they are trying to make a laughing stick of the Tap, then surely it’s because of its immense influence which is of threat to the elite. The thousands of regular readers are not laughing at it.

    This Hitler escape story reminds me of Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin. It’s fiction, but contains truth, as do all his books. Boys from Brazil is about cloning Hitler in Brazil. He also wrote Stepford Wives about replacing housewives with robots and no one noticing. And Rosemary’s Baby about a baby fathered by Satan, have we one of those incubating at present, due date July sometime? And A Kiss Before Dying, which starts with a suicide disguised as murder, demonstrating the most effective method to commit murder and get away with it, sounds familiar, there are a lot of famous “suicides” about these days.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I mean the Nazi Jewish Holocaust of the WWII, otherwise known as the Shoah. It wasn’t a trick question. Does Tap deny the accounts of concentration camps, gas chambers and genocide, estimated to have wiped out two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The concentration camps happened, that is a fact. The Jewish people were treated horribly and it was truly an ugly episode in human history. One of many before and since. As someone pointed out, the killing in Russia was far worse and barely gets a mention in history.. So you have to remember how large tragic events get used and who benefits.

    Being made a victim gives cover for a whole lot of activity, possibly without it Israel as we know it today would not have been possible.

    As with all of these major events with so many secrets never disclosed, and so many facts that are correct mixed up with mass diss-info. Getting to the ‘truth’ is very hard.

    Any scientist or historian who has dared to look at the evidence and come up with any answer that does not fit in with the mass gassing gets absolutely slaughtered, discredited and bullied into submission.

    It’s not really a subject you can bring into a sensible, reasonable discussion in public without being slaughtered yourself, lab led anti-Semitic and a holocaust denier.

    There are however some very strong arguments put forwards that the gassing on the scale that had always been put forwards in the official story would have been impossible with the facilities in the blueprints And the real physical evidence no longer exists.

    I.e. to kill that many people it would have taken alot longer than it did and a lot more people and resources than were available.

    There are some very good documentaries around if you choose to go and find them, make up your own mind.

    It is a very sensitive subject, there are a lot of innocent jewish people in the world whose families were directly or indirectly affected by these events.
    And it is to this day a very upsetting and tragic thing which I think we must all respect.

    One thing I think we can be sure of, as with nearly all the official stories of WW2 we have probably not got the whole story…

    Toad Hall.

  15. Tapestry says:

    Where was Hitler in 1912? He was in Britain. What was he doing there? Check it out.

  16. O Lord, is Williams STILL trying to peddle this tosh???

    You said “read it and look at the detail” – well, if you actually DO….then you’ll find out that the “loyal Heinrich Bethe” who supposedly looked after Hitler in his Argentinian exile actually escaped from Argentina in 1940 and made his way home to Germany! *He rejoined the Kriegsmarine and was killed on the Bismarck in 1941!!!*

    You’ll find that the whole Magdeburg area where the pilot Peter Baumgarten supposedly flew Hitler to had been in American hands for over a week before the date of the supposed escape! ALL the airfields in Saxony were in Allied hands…whether Soviet or American!

    As for the pilot himself – he was only one of SEVERAL fantasists who claimed immediately postwar to have flown Hitler to safety…and interestingly, he was one of the LAST! He was cribbing press reports of earlier fantasists’ claims.

    It’s also a fabrication for Williams to claim there is NO forensic evidence of Hitler’s death; the Soviets DO have his lower jaw fragment and bridgework recovred from the corpse in 1945…and these were indeed made available to a GErman forensic scientist in the early noughties…and HE was able to compare it with preserved medical cranial xrays of Hitler (his *dental* xrays went missing at the end of the war) The bridgework and jawbone match the cranial xrays exactly.

    All this has been brought to Williams’ attention on various historical internet forums he attmepted to peddle his book on…and he subsequently flounced off from when the glaring holes in his story were shown…

    …and I wonder if he’s dealt with Abel Basti’s claims of plagarism yet???

    Williams shot several hours of rubbish film 2-3 years ago in Argentina….it’s that that he’s managed to edit a small amount from for his “docudrama”. He owes HUGE amounts in unpaid costs and wages – but he wound up the production company to escape paying his actors and crew.

    This whole book is a crock – APART from the historical material that Simon Dunstan contributed. But the difference between his material and Williams’ plagarised material from Abel Basti’s Argentinian-published book is like chalk and cheese.

  17. Tapestry says:

    his *dental* xrays went missing at the end of the war…………..

  18. “his *dental* xrays went missing at the end of the war…”

    Yes – but full cranial ones INCLUDING his dental work were taken in 1944 after Hitler complained of migraines following the July 20th bomb attack. THESE are still held by the German government, and clearly show his unique dentalwork *matching* the remains and bridge in Moscow.

  19. Tapestry says:

    Moscow? The Russians have consistently stated they believed Hitler did not die at the bunker.

  20. There was nothing “consistent” about it.

    *STALIN” may have said that on occasion – but before and since Stalin’s death, the Russians have actually been VERY consistent in saying he DID die in the bunker. Two good digests of the 1945 autopsy report and the file on Hitler’s death prepared for Stalin have now been published from the old NKVD/KGB archives.

    Stalin was a paranoid, drunk Georgian peasant; he simply didn’t trust others telling him what he couldn’t see with his own eyes. So he ordered a complete SECOND investigation a couple of years years later….that’s when the skull fragment was found in the shell hole where the bodies were found, the dental fragments are the ones *removed* from the corpse by the SMERSH autopsy team the day after it was found in May 1945…and it was during that SECOND investigation that many of the witnesses were re-arrested and re-questioned, and some – like the dental assistant who identified the dental remains originally – were jailed for some years.

  21. Tapestry says:

    Nothing suspicious there then.

  22. Hardly. How many tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed in the Batle of Berlin??? Body fragements can travel HUGE distances – I’d be more suprised if the Soviets had managed to located somewhere in Berlin WITHOUT any extraneous bits of Berliner in it in 1945!

  23. Tapestry says:

    Sorry to say, roadking but what a load of waffle. I believe Hitler was lifted and survived as do many others. who’ve read various books, and listened to both sides.

  24. You can be all the professional skeptic you want to be – but sadly Williams’ claims have been COMPLETELY destroyed by those who DO really know…

    Shall we have ANOTHER example???

    He very specifically claims that Hitler was taken to South America on board the submarine U-518…and that the U.S. sinking of this particular submarine in Operation Teardrop did not happen, the uboat survived to transport Hitler afterwards.

    Unfortunately – Williams did not check his facts…or checked them and ignored them! The U.S. destroyers the USS Carter and the USS Neal A. Scott didn’t make a *depthcharge* attack on the U-518 as most superficial history books and Wikipedia says – they actually attacked the U-518 with their Mk10 “Hedgehog” weapon…

    This fires a series of mortar rounds that ONLY go off when they actually *HIT* something, it’s a “contact”….unlike depthcharges that are pre-set to go off at a set depth. When the U-518 was attacked, TWO explosions were heard – in other words two Hedgehog rounds are confirmed to have *HIT* it – and shortly afterwards there was a monstrous underwater explosion far too large to be another Hedgehog round.

    Williams ALSO very specifically claims there was no wreckage recovered after the attack – see page 171! – but this is a patent lie! The two destroyers searched the area for some time and recovered trash from the wreck, including document scraps that confirmed the identity of the submarine attacked as the U-518…

    Now THAT’S history – something that “Grey Wolf” is patently light on.

    And these particular details have been known *since 1953!* Originally published in Theo Roscoe’s “United States Destroyer Operations in World War II” Annapolis, 1953.

    How many so-called “facts” that are complete fabrications or choices on Williams’ part to ignore known evidence are you prepared to swallow BEFORE you accept that “Grey Wolf” is a work of fiction?

  25. Tapestry says:

    1953. It takes them quite a while to come up with explanations which are complex in the extreme. Paper evidence? This gets more like 911 Saudi passports with every passing comment.

    Grey Wolf is a very interesting book with a lot of documentary evidence, which didn’t float to the surface of the ocean from a great depth after two huge explosions.

  26. No, 1953 was when someone was *interested* enough to write a book on USN destroyer operations.

    And it’s not a complex explanation – in fact, in ASW terms it’s remarkably simple. It’s the difference betwen two wholly different weapons systems…and that difference NOT being suitably researched by an “author” who didn’t want anything like mere facts to contradict his plagarised ideas.

    “Grey Wolf” is full of documentary evidence??? Really? There’s ZERO evidence for ANY of the Hitler in Argentina stuff…whereas there IS plenty of documentary evidence that contradicts its. Like the Argentinian Police records of Graf Spee crew members who managed to leave Argentina? Like the wholly-known and gap-less list of German Knights’ Cross winners….that DOESN’T contan the non-existent Peter Baumgarten…etc., etc.

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