Heseletine, Hurd and Brittan inexplicably were absent when the Brighton Bomb exploded

 Others were in on it.  Willie Whitelaw was, according to Gordon Logan.

Three prominent pro-European Community political ideologues (dupes), Douglas Hurd, Michael Heseltine and Leon Brittan, all members of Thatcher’s Cabinet at the time, were ‘inexplicably’ not present in the hotel when the bomb exploded.

The Editor has been authoritatively informed that they appear to have been tipped off in advance. When they returned they commiserated with the rest of the survivors over what had happened. All three, evidently (as reported to us) knowing what was to happen, appear to have blood on their hands. In summary, this was an ‘act of war’ perpetrated by DVD with the full authority of the German Government against the United Kingdom, employing the DVD-sponsored Provisional IRA as cover.

Students of the long-range pan-German hegemony and control operation known as the European Union will be aware that the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 (which this Editor fought hard against) was a crucial ‘stage’ in the evolution of the European Union Collective.

As repeatedly asserted in these reports, the European Union is the project outlined in the Nazi strategy compendium entitled ‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (the ‘European Economic Community’), published in Berlin in 1942, and referenced in detail in the Editor’s two books ‘The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States’ and ‘The New Underworld Order’ (both available via the intelligence books section of this website).

FACT: The chapter headings of the Nazi compendium dated 1942 are almost identical to the chapter headings of the Maastricht Treaty (2). The EU Collective is a strategic entrapment mechanism.

(2) Reference: ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’, (‘The European Economic Community’), published in Berlin in 1942, Haude & Spenersche Verlagsbuchhandlung Max Paschke. One copy of this work is to be found in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin (Preussische Staatsbibliothek Berlin), and a copy is also held by the British Library. The copy is not immediately available on demand, but can be ordered in advance. The Chapter headings of this work are almost identical to those of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. Britain’s accession to the EEC was perpetrated illegally.

Passage of the enabling bill bringing this alien and deliberately confusing document into UK law was severely compromised by a rebellion of backbench Conservative Members of Parliament. At the last minute, Mr Michael Spicer MP (who received a knighthood for his pains) persuaded all these ‘rebels’, whom John Major, the Prime Minister had referred to as ‘bastards’, to support the legislation, with one exception (Rupert Allason, whose literary name is Nigel West: He managed to be absent from the House of Commons lobbies when the count was being taken).

It now transpires that Prime Minister John Major was told by the German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, that he must sign up to Maastricht, ‘or we will blow up London’, a.k.a. ‘we’ will have our clients, the Provisional IRA and the IRA itself step up the terror and bombing campaign on the British Mainland.
Major, allegedly a de facto DVD asset or dupe, was told that if you do sign up, Herr Major, ve vill arrantch a ‘peace process’ for Northern Ireland for you, which vill make you look like a hero. Oh, und Sie mussen auch support uns over the break-up of Yugoslavia (a DVD-directed pan-German operation which resulted in 250,000 deaths). Major agreed: Hence Spicer’s pressure on the rebel MPs to ‘tow the line’. The country was betrayed as a consequence.

Meanwhile, key elements of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), with assistance from MI5, had become aware that German ‘Black’ intelligence was ‘running’ the Provisional IRA, a fact that came to the DVD’s notice. On 2nd June 1994, all the leading Northern Ireland experts from the RUC and MI5 (25-29 senior Police and MI5 officers) were required to travel to Northern Ireland, originally on board two Chinook helicopters. Some were understandably nervous at this prospect.

One of the pilots insisted on there being two helicopters, but was overruled, and the entire team was packed aboard one single RAF Chinook, which in due course was flown into a hillside near the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse, Scotland, in thick fog. For this operation, the DVD’s assets had rigged or interfered with the helicopter’s Inertial Navigation (INS) System. When the base coordinates were inputted, the software was tampered with. This kind of thing is standard DVD practice.

Britain therefore lost, in this further provocative and ruthlessly wanton ‘Act of War’ perpetrated by the pan-German ‘Black’ counterintelligence agency against the United Kingdom, almost its entire intelligence expertise on Northern Ireland. In September 1999, the Blair Government faced calls for a fresh enquiry to overrule earlier investigations, after ‘Computer Weekly’ had released evidence casting doubt on the reliability of the helicopter’s engine control software.

Previously, the two helicopter pilots – Flight Lieutenants Jonathan Tapper and Richard Cook – had been blamed, with the initial RAF Board of Inquiry in 1995 freely accusing the dead pilots of ‘gross negligence’. In February 2002, a House of Lords committee opposed the RAF’s verdict, concluding that there were no grounds for blaming the pilots.

Every cover-up excuse and platitude was brought forward for prejudging the issue so that secret intelligence confirming that the software had been tampered with, was never publicly ventilated, even though it was obvious, given the circumstances and casualties, that this was likely to have been a sabotage operation. In other words, as usual, high-level cover was being provided for the German Abwehr/Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. This SCANDALOUS state of affairs is exposed.

Just as DVD controls the CIA by the basic means described above (placing its own personnel and associates in the top slots), so does it effectively control (or seek to control) MI6. It achieves this at the present time because its primary MI6 asset is its chief, John Scarlett, as previously reported on this website. More specifically, MI6 is controlled by GO-2 (General Operations 2, dating from the Second World War) which not only controls MI6, but also has assets inside MI5. The former Director of MI5, Dame Manningham-Buller (who was nicknamed ‘the Mad Bull’) was reported to us to be a GO-2 infiltration. However the new MI5 controller, Jonathan Evans, is thought not to be a GO-2 asset. It is uncertain whether he has the depth of understanding and experience to grasp who Britain’s real enemies are. John Major and Tony Blair were/are said to be assets of GO-2.

The atrocities committed on the London Underground and on a double-decker bus on 7th July 2005 were directed by DVD, Dachau, using Islamic revolutionary ‘assets’ and sleepers. Omitting the main details here, the outrage in appropriate London circles was such that Germany (and France, which was involved) were specifically told that the United Kingdom intended, as a consequence, to leave the European Union. Apparently what then happened was that, finally, this threat was watered down by the traitors in Downing Street and the UK intelligence community, to British acceptance of a total cessation of Provisional and IRA operations in Northern Ireland and on the British Mainland. It is likely that the British threat stands, should such terrorist ‘Acts of War’ be resumed at any time.

The order to proceed with 7/7 was given by former French President Jacques Chirac from his hotel room in Gleneagles, Scotland, to where he had flown from Singapore to attend a G-8 Meeting, after France had lost its bid to host the 2012 Olympics. It was monitored by GCHQ, the eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, forming the basis for the ensuing showdown.

On that occasion, Britain missed its best opportunity to get clean out from under the pan-German long-range trap, the European Union Collective. If there are further atrocities, even the shooting of the Editor of this service, ‘you’ must immediately press the Government to implement its threat.

FACT: The Brazilian named De Menezes who was subsequently shot dead by armed police at a London Underground station, was the electronics expert, working ultimately for DVD, who serviced the requirements of the 7/7 bombers. In another unspeakable cover-up, this fact was buried and the police had to endure consequent excoriation by the press and judicial process – an example of the failure of official will arising from the fact that despicable traitors hold high office in the United Kingdom, as in the United States, working to the ultimate remit of the DVD.

DVD are the ultimate controllers of two drug cartels which service the financial needs of the two main British political parties. These two cartels run all the drugs in the United Kingdom, and they continue to do this because they are protected by GO-2 (General Operations-2) which controls MI6.

This situation will change as soon as John Scarlett is removed from his post, which must surely occur soon in the light of these exposures (in response to which, by the way, there has been a stony silence, apart from the shooting threat).

In addition, John Scarlett has been revealed to us as being among those allegedly renting a safety lock box or boxes seized in Mayfair, Edgeware and Hampstead, London, by the Metropolitan Police on 2nd June 2008, with all the prospectively compromising implications that this entails.

The two British drug cartels routinely replenish the finances of the political parties. An ambitious businessman or other aspirant to join the ‘Great and the Good’ is ‘tapped’, and asked to contribute, say, £1.0 million to the political party in question. It is then indicated that, in exchange, the ‘donor’ will receive £2.0 million into one of his offshore bank accounts. That is the model here. Whenever a prospectively compromising drug-linked prosecution looms, it is typically squashed by the Attorney General or by some other means (including messages delivered to certain corrupted judges).

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that certain UK political leaders are drug users and have spouses who are ditto. In the case of the Government, one of the main reasons for the campaign within the Labour Party itself to remove Gordon Brown from office, is concern about the fact that under Brown, the flow of funds from this corrupt source has dried up. The assumption is that by removing him as soon as possible, the Party’s resources can be restored by the time of the next General Election (now expected in 2010). We believe that any attempt to oust Brown will fail.

An earlier example of the drug flows drying up occurred when the Conservative Party was led by Ian Duncan-Smith, an honourable man whom the ‘Black’ forces within that Party – thought to be headed by the Germanophile Angus Maude – knew would be appalled if he were to discover how the Party was being, in part, financed. They plotted to remove him so that he couldn’t find out.

As a consequence, the flow-of-funds to the Party derived from drug-trafficking and managed by one of the cartels ceased, until Duncan-Smith was removed from the leadership.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi tap, im still awake to ,lots of interesting stuff to digest i must say..i like the piece; that all legislation and laws in the uk since 2000 are null and void… corrupt bastards……

    …. peace ..
    ps im trying to sus this guy out..he says a lot about these world mobsters but leaves the Queen/The Firm out of the frame mostly= whats that all about???- may be one for the Wasp to dig out???

  2. xyz says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    You, sirs, are a bunch of nutters, beyond the pale, and give decent conspiry theorists a bad name.

  4. This is complete bollocks. Ever since the German Bundesbank asked the Federal Reserve for their Gold back there has been a concerted smear campaign against Germany with preposterous articles like this smearing Germany as in charge of the IRA and all the paedophiles as per that chump who shills for Veteran’s today. What next? Smear the Jews and the Homosexuals? The Gypsies?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you from documents on the overall intellience review of the Brighton bombing that Thatcher was run and groomed by Rothschild as was Tony Bliar
    Thatcher came froma largely jewish constituency and had her path smoothed into no 10 the destruction and export of british industry was carried out by thatcher but instigated by rothschild.
    This wa snota ferman operation , rothchild is a jew remember ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, When readers start to rubbish comments, with no evidence, you know we are on the right track.
    The Chinook piloted by RAF trained crew, obviously never crashed by chance.
    The ‘abel danger’ site gives all the details how it had a ‘chip’ on board, that took control.
    Nobody would put all those experts in one place without reason. We know what the reason was.
    We need to know who gave the instructions, for the future trial.

  7. The article is very interesting and, I think, taken from the research done by Christopher Story – before his untimely death in 2010.

    He was an advisor to Mrs Thatcher, so maybe did know what he was talking about. There are some good lecture talks by Story on you tube. Also, I seem to remember this website is linked to his research, The Lobster:


    The theory of the DVD and the power of German intelligence is interesting, when considered alongside the theory that The Vatican / Jesuits are bringing about the 7th re-incarnation of the Holy Roman empire. See this magazine article:


    This was featured in a Tap post on 27 December 2012, which is worth a look because of the comments:



  8. Anonymous says:

    Be aware there is a war on now for hearts and minds, give a little truth mixed with a few lies,
    its not the Germans its Zionists
    the very people who put Britian to war with its fellow anglo -saxons twice in decades, dont fall for it readers

  9. BRIT says:

    Hello, Tap,
    The full translation of “Europaische WirtschaftsGemeinschaft” (translaated means European Economic Community) can be downloaded from “www.SilentMajority.co.UK/EUroRealist/Germany 1942 “. Concerning the UK, the ultimate aim was/is to de-industrialize Britain, remove the Armed Forces and leave only some farming and Tourism. It is almost “Mission Accomplished”.

  10. Chris Jones says:

    This German angle seems a bit off colour. All the cctv security and camera equipment covering 7/7 was Israeli owned and conveniently wasnt working on that particular day. The Zionism EU angle surely makes more sense

  11. Anonymous says:

    do your research hitler wanteda strong britian and to keep its industral base and empire, it was the jewbankers that ran the USSR and the USA which wanted Britian stripped to how it is now, hitler offered us freedom from this, remember what the jewbankers did to Germany ? well this is what they are now doing to us
    Fred A Smith

  12. Anonymous says:

    There is more than a whiff of the Normandy Landings – Operation Bodyguard here or should I say disinfo.

    7/7 was our 9/11 for starters…

    Shrimpton’s (never trust a lawyer) take on some related issues may shed some light as to why…


    The commentary relates to Gosling’s interview:



  13. Hermans hermit says:

    Heselstein was a big pal of property gangster RaRaRachman, and as for Leon UKplc, well we know what he was probably up to, dont we Mr Sovile?

    Not so sure of the “Jarman” connection, as someone said before in a previous article, they are obviously no friends of Britain, (with which I have to agree) as the EU is so traceable to the Nazi regime. But all evidence points to the Nazis being a construct of the powers that are behind the EU as well, so they will never have our country’s best interests at heart. But I am wary of blaming any nation state for the behind the scenes action of its dual national politicos and masters, these dual nationalists are part of a worldwide crime syndicate that have no allegiance to their adoptive hosts, and create mayhem and murder in its name and allow its ordinary citizens to carry the can.

    But one thing I have noticed, is the eradiction of WW2 history from both the school and media curriculum and also physically, old wartime pillboxes and installations which have sat unobtrusively for the last 70 years are being removed, often for no apparent reason and obviously at some cost. Yes some of this is down to the relentless house building to house the overseas occupation forces set to invade, but its almost as if its a case of dont mention the war, and the blurring of who did what- a prime example being two royal parasites swanning around Germania in a German made Mini (un)lookalike extolling the virtues of “Britishness”, I bet there was a few wry smiles that day, two British icons now made in Germania!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It would be helpful if you identified where and when this was from to enable readers to judge its validity and relevence. Following the links, it appears that it is from Story’s site, and it seems to be from around 2007-08.
    Germany is obviously a key player on the Global stage, and the main player in Europe. I’d remind those sceptical of a prominent German role in international blackops that this doens’t make the actities any less linked to the zionist/jesuit/illuminati/name-your-favourite secret society powers. I mean, they obviously have to operate out of national bases and are usually thought to control such-and-such nation’s intelligence services. And don’t forget where those 9-11 terror cells were originally based and trained. ‘German’ doesn’t mean ‘not Rothschild’ or ‘anti-Zionist’. Global political manouverings play out on a number of levels, and British/German rivalry doesn’t necessarily diminish the Satanic elite’s unification when it comes to a global power push.

  15. tony roma says:

    der dvd did it innit.

    the story dies with story.

    taken up by a fat zionist law billy bunter man called
    spreading dis info dung hoping some will stick.

    so if it is all true mi5 and 6 need to be shut down as they have failed to protect the uk or the queens island of jersey.
    if the dvd are running amok what is the good james bond guys and the bods at gchq doing with the trillions of pounds of taxes and helmand heroin.
    bilge from a fat bullingdon boy sounding ponce

  16. Unknown says:

    The EU having Nazi origins was/is a smokescreen. The EU was always going to be Bolshevik Marxist as it now is. When the Berlin Wall came down Bolshevik Marxist Communism moved west.

    Hitler had a cosy relationship with the Vatican and the Jesuit controlled Vatican is behind everything whether it be Fascism or Communism. Communism was used to cause great harm to the Eastern Orthodox Church which is a far greater rival to Rome than Protestant/Anglicanism.

    The real holocaust genocide of German Protestants in the north was all part of the plan along with our genocide of German prisoners of war after the war. We have much to be ashamed of in this regard.

  17. Unknown says:

    Heseltine, Hurd and Clarke should be publically executed after their trial by a people’s Common Law court.

  18. Unknown says:

    Northern Ireland is a very special part of Great Britain and it holds great significance to Rome and The Canannite Jews (non-Jews). Northern Ireland is the last strong hold of Royal Judah from the Biblical Royal line of Zarah. Genesis 38. Hence both Rome and The Jews want it destroyed and subsumed into Southern Irish Babylonian Popery.

    I also thought that the IRA was just a cover for MI5.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, There are a lot of good comments on this topic, liked the one from Unknown at 1.09pm.
    What do we actually know of Margret Thatcher, I remember she got the National Debt down to low figures.
    It has been said , she look’s like a Kennedy. Have we any information on her early years.
    When did she first come to the public’s notice.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is pure garbage, obvious Zionist disinformation.

    For a more realistic and believable story may I recommend that whenever the words DVD & Germany appear, the reader replaces them with with MOSSAD & Israel, respectively.

    Interesting response about the ethnic cleansing of N.Germanys protestants by the Red Army though…I’ve never thought about it that way before.

    • beLIEve says:

      Yup……….ian………I too agree with the comments above; left by Anonymous.

      Imho ….NAZI…..derives from……a$hkeNAZI…….crypto “joos”.

      The ….rest of the world……appears to think or, has been led to beLIEve the Nazis were German.

      I believe…. Nazi…. is yet another case of khazar………IDENTITY THEFT.
      FAKE “german”…….. “joos” ………..INCRIMINATING………..Indigenous German Sovereigns.

      Imho the Nazis were…….. NOT ….Indigenous German.

      The Nazis were crypto-joos passing themsELVES off as German.

      When Indigenous Germans wake up en-masse to the ………VILE “jooish” HIZ-tory………….FALSELY attributed to Germany………..the sparks could start flying.

      And when Indigenous Sovereigns and ….OWNERS….of the Nation States of Europe wake up to the FACT that their …….”LEADers”…….are in fact………….a$hkeNAZI tal-MUD worshiping “joos” who hate the ……GOYIM…..they ….FEIGN….to represent…………..things could get interesting.

  21. ian says:

    I agree with the anonymous commenter 20 mar 2013 2:14. Mossad/CIA should be substituted for the German DVD.

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