Have you tried a salt lamp?

Have you tried a Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps, besides having a warm, ambient glow, produce negative ions naturally. Negative ions are known to help alleviate symptoms caused by allergies, sleep disorders, migraine headaches and depression. Negative ions help alleviate common indoor air pollutants such as dust, mildew, humidity and electromagnetic fields from TVís computers and other devices.

When my son, Ryan, was 5 years old, he suffered from migraines daily. He lived with constant pain. This particular migraine was going on four days long. He was in a dark room for days, just lying in bed screaming. We went round and round with our pediatrician and nothing would alleviate his symptoms. We were giving him doses ten times the normal dose and he was still hysterical. Finally, I realized at this point I just had to get him to calm down. I had read that Himalayan salt baths were calming, but had never tried one. So I threw him in the tub with some Himalayan salt and plugged a salt lamp in his room. After a few minutes in the bath, he calmed down.

After twenty minutes, his migraine was completely gone. He got dressed and came bounding down the stairs screaming, “Mommy, I can see again!” I felt so bad, I didn’t even know he had lost his vision. That was almost four years ago. To this day, he’s not had one migraine. He’s only had two small headaches while on travel, which we were able to treat with giving him some edible Himalayan Salt to eat.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, well minded Tap, I meant to purchase some Himalayan salt a couple of weeks ago but forgot so I’ll get round to that tonight. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I take it that Himalayan salt lamps can be used as aid against chemtrail fallout?

    According to the following link, adding Baking soda, and Himalayan salt to a bath will balancing your body system and restore body chemistry.


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