Harry – ‘Killing people’s just a job’

Captain Wales...
According to the mainstream papers, Harry is called Captain Wales in the 
army.  That's odd, I thought the label "Wales" was reserved for the heir to 
the throne, the Prince of Wales. Maybe strange things are about to happen 
with the monarchy, a bit of rearrangement perhaps. 

Prince Harry murders...
It's his job, he says. Same as any other ordinary guy, isn't he, just obeying 
orders. The executioner is the same, so is the hired assassin and the Nazi 
SS. Just obeying orders, just a job. The elite never actually murder anyone,
they just issue the orders, and people obey. It's a little bit blurred. Who is 
the murderer? The murder needs both judge and executioner in order to 
take place. It would only take one of them to abstain, and there would be 
no murder. I sometimes think that it also requires a victim, and that this 
might have some sort of choice attached too. Though we have been heavily
programmed to believe otherwise. 

The Next Dei...
I recently worked out that Day means Dei, deity, god. So Bowie's new album 
becomes The Next Dei, The Next God. This is getting more curious by the 
Dei. And maybe there is a vid to go with the album? The Next Day vid. The 
Next David. The Next Dei vid. Is David the video of God? By coincidence 
DVD is David without the vowels. The world seems like a video quite a lot of 
the time. And I see God as our collective thought. So David symbolises our 
collective thought creating the video world we live in. 

Type O negative...
I increasingly see everything outside of me as a map of the inside, symbols 
and messages to interpret. So the physical reality that is Type O negative 
blood seems to represent zeros and ones, 0's and 1's. Binary. You can write 
it O-. It's also the universal blood, and everything in the universe seems to 
me to be made up from binary decisions. More complex things are just 
complicated constructs of binary. Type O negative blood is a symbol of the 
most fundamental universal truth. Maybe the reason it is the "prize" blood is 
that everyone is looking for the truth as the prize. 

The Thames is Isis...
I was looking at an old RAC map and noticed that the Thames was labelled 
R.Thames or Isis. Interesting that it featured so heavily in the Olympic 
Opening Ceremony ritual.  I notice that the source of the Thames is south of
 Cirencester, and so quite near Prince Charles at Highgrove. It would be 
interesting to know if this seemingly sacred River goes through any elite 
places before London. 

Hams and pigs...

I finally found an old map showing the Ham Gate of Bath, all remaining
traces of the Ham name have been obliterated by the recent Rebuilding of 
Bath program. The gate is about where the Hot Springs overflow would feed 
into the river, though curiously, there are no obvious signs of any heat there. 
I remembered that Bath was founded by Bladud when the thermal 
waters cured his sick pigs. And pigs meat is ham. And ham is 
cured, just like the pigs. Another example of all the words and meanings 
starting to blur into one, as soon as you forget your intensive school and 
parental training. 

The postcode of St Johns Hospital, Bath (not a hospital, more like the home 
of the Knights Templar) is BA1 1SQ. This is surely not random! SQ is square,
 the masonic  Square, and 1SQ makes me think of one square mile, 
symbolic of the elite power base. 

African woman live in the present....
So we must save them, and help them to live always for the future! A life 
based on hope. Just like our happy selves over here. A charity called 
Compassion says "women are focused on daily survival, leaving little hope 
to dream of a better future for their children". This is contrasted with the "big 
dreams for our children" that we in the West have. 
Isn't that a trick? We are constantly working towards the future 
that never comes, giving our present away to the elites. It starts young. 
Because kids must have an employer when they grow up. For that, you 
need university. To get to university, you need A levels. It goes right on 
down, so that babies are being prepared for entry into Pre school. And of 
course the job with the employer is about making sure you can save for 
your retirement, and bring up your own kids to live in the fictitious future too. 

Britney Spears...

She was doomed with a name like that. It is just too similar to Brittania and 
the spear she is holding. She had to be owned by the Empire. 

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    Any value?


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  2. Anonymous says:

    I read that postcode as being the word Basque, those who hold the key to the RH negative blood mystery

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