German doesn’t mean ‘not Rothschild’

Sometimes the comments on this blog are of a higher standard than the posts!  Let’s say ‘equal’!  The world conspiracy includes all in power by definition.  Germans are one of the most ‘lost’ nations on earth.  They have absolutely no idea what really caused WW1 and WW2, and have been made to carry an incredible guilt for what was done to them – like an abused child.  Many across the world are now awakening and realising that WW2 was scripted theatre with falseness running through its very core, WW1 no different – the key to understanding them both being 911.  The fact that people are starting to awaken explains the removal of WW2 from cultural knowledge.   Once people realise WW2 was substantially a false event, there is really no going back to our former state of total ignorance.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tap, When readers start to rubbish comments, with no evidence, you know we are on the right track.
The Chinook piloted by RAF trained crew, obviously never crashed by chance.
The ‘abel danger’ site gives all the details how it had a ‘chip’ on board, that took control.
Nobody would put all those experts in one place without reason. We know what the reason was.
We need to know who gave the instructions, for the future trial.

8:38 am

Tyler Robinsonsaid…

The article is very interesting and, I think, taken from the research done by Christopher Story – before his untimely death in 2010.

He was an advisor to Mrs Thatcher, so maybe did know what he was talking about. There are some good lecture talks by Story on you tube. Also, I seem to remember this website is linked to his research, The Lobster:

The theory of the DVD and the power of German intelligence is interesting, when considered alongside the theory that The Vatican / Jesuits are bringing about the 7th re-incarnation of the Holy Roman empire. See this magazine article:

This was featured in a Tap post on 27 December 2012, which is worth a look because of the comments:


9:13 am

Anonymous said…

Be aware there is a war on now for hearts and minds, give a little truth mixed with a few lies,
its not the Germans its Zionists
the very people who put Britian to war with its fellow anglo -saxons twice in decades, dont fall for it readers
9:52 am

BRIT said…

Hello, Tap,
The full translation of “Europaische WirtschaftsGemeinschaft” (translaated means European Economic Community) can be downloaded from “ 1942 “. Concerning the UK, the ultimate aim was/is to de-industrialize Britain, remove the Armed Forces and leave only some farming and Tourism. It is almost “Mission Accomplished”.
11:39 am

Chris Jones said…

This German angle seems a bit off colour. All the cctv security and camera equipment covering 7/7 was Israeli owned and conveniently wasnt working on that particular day. The Zionism EU angle surely makes more sense
1:26 pm

Anonymous said…

do your research hitler wanteda strong britian and to keep its industral base and empire, it was the jewbankers that ran the USSR and the USA which wanted Britian stripped to how it is now, hitler offered us freedom from this, remember what the jewbankers did to Germany ? well this is what they are now doing to us
Fred A Smith
3:52 pm

Anonymous said…

There is more than a whiff of the Normandy Landings – Operation Bodyguard here or should I say disinfo.

7/7 was our 9/11 for starters…

Shrimpton’s (never trust a lawyer) take on some related issues may shed some light as to why…

The commentary relates to Gosling’s interview:


6:03 pm

Hermans hermit said…

Heselstein was a big pal of property gangster RaRaRachman, and as for Leon UKplc, well we know what he was probably up to, dont we Mr Sovile?

Not so sure of the “Jarman” connection, as someone said before in a previous article, they are obviously no friends of Britain, (with which I have to agree) as the EU is so traceable to the Nazi regime. But all evidence points to the Nazis being a construct of the powers that are behind the EU as well, so they will never have our country’s best interests at heart. But I am wary of blaming any nation state for the behind the scenes action of its dual national politicos and masters, these dual nationalists are part of a worldwide crime syndicate that have no allegiance to their adoptive hosts, and create mayhem and murder in its name and allow its ordinary citizens to carry the can.

But one thing I have noticed, is the eradiction of WW2 history from both the school and media curriculum and also physically, old wartime pillboxes and installations which have sat unobtrusively for the last 70 years are being removed, often for no apparent reason and obviously at some cost. Yes some of this is down to the relentless house building to house the overseas occupation forces set to invade, but its almost as if its a case of dont mention the war, and the blurring of who did what- a prime example being two royal parasites swanning around Germania in a German made Mini (un)lookalike extolling the virtues of “Britishness”, I bet there was a few wry smiles that day, two British icons now made in Germania!

6:28 pm

Anonymous said…

It would be helpful if you identified where and when this was from to enable readers to judge its validity and relevence. Following the links, it appears that it is from Story’s site, and it seems to be from around 2007-08.
Germany is obviously a key player on the Global stage, and the main player in Europe. I’d remind those sceptical of a prominent German role in international blackops that this doens’t make the actities any less linked to the zionist/jesuit/illuminati/name-your-favourite secret society powers. I mean, they obviously have to operate out of national bases and are usually thought to control such-and-such nation’s intelligence services. And don’t forget where those 9-11 terror cells were originally based and trained. ‘German’ doesn’t mean ‘not Rothschild’ or ‘anti-Zionist’. Global political manouverings play out on a number of levels, and British/German rivalry doesn’t necessarily diminish the Satanic elite’s unification when it comes to a global power push.
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap,

    Don’t know about your readers, but i strongly suspect the Jewish angle is a set-up. It seems too obvious.

    The fact that on 7/7 a jewish firm was doing a re-construction on the same day? If Israel were behind it, would they be so obvious.

    I think the jews/en masse are being used as scapegoats, maybe by zionists?Someone else?

    In WW2 the wealthy and prominent jews were allowed to leave Germany.

    Maybe Zionists sacrificed jews to create the ‘anti-semitism’ shield and buy them plenty of room to manoeuvre?

    Just a hypothesis, but like Sandy Hook, Aurora, it seems too obvious and sloppy. Almost like someones trying to sow confusion and cast blame (Batman,map reference etc.)

    All the best.

  2. There are three disinformation sites as follows.

    Abel Danger
    Black Assassins

    This site too is beginning to raise questions and until somebody calls me on my phone +66 8 47 33 47 69 I assume it’s run for various other reasons.

    Just because a blog is disinformation doesn’t mean it is all rubbish. The only weakness is it is usually historical secrets that are spilled rather than attacking the real establishment.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Disinformation can be very subtle, Charles. The disinfo folk are bound to be working to get onto sites like The Tap. I don’t have a phone right now. I work from the internet only since my last trip abroad lead to a GBP 4000 phone bill from T Mobile, alleging I had selected to roam, when I most certainly did not.

    The attempt to spin one guilty party versus another, races, institutions, individuals is all meaningless. All are guilty of placing themselves above the common good, above God, whatever term you want to use to define the goodness of the universe, and of humanity.

    Don’t expect to find pure sites which are unadulterated. Make your own vision pure, and your own understanding. Then share it with others as best you can. Fear and suspicion is all they hope to sow. Don’t buy it. Just give us what you have, Charles. We want to hear it.

  4. Unknown says:

    Is Aangirfan a closet nonce paedophile? I ask this because he frequently has images of little boys and girls on his page and appears to obsess on the paedophile subject.

    Amazingly, I also find myself agreeing with Charles Frith.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aangirfan is way too incoherent to be disinfo. And way too marginal. It’s far more likely he’s misinformed than deliberately spreading falsehoods(though I’m not really in a position to judge his contributions, having only seen a splattering of his efforts and these seem to be re-edited pieces put together from other sources). We know that intellegence agencies spend a massive amount of money – and huge proportion of their budgets – on spreading disinformation. But I’d suggest we look at the precedents, where we know 100% disinfo has been carried out, and observe their modis operandi. High-level disinfo, such as that perpetrated by the US intellignece agencies in Iraq or the ‘Arab spring’ would seem ideal case studies. From what I’ve observed, they don’t work at the marginal end of information flow but rather at the originating, main stream ‘respected’ source end of things. They work at the New YOrk Times, London Times, Reuters end of the spectrum from where the information filters out across the globe, thus setting the agenda. In short, they lead not follow. Sure they’ll crop up in in ‘comments’ trying to steer the conversation, but this would only be ‘crisis management’ style. It’s clear that someone is steering alternative discourse. But I’d suggest we look to the originators of new stories to identify the agents of misinfo or disinfo. I suspect they really don’t care about what the 5% of ‘whacky conspiracy theory’ end of the population thinks, other than probably identifying who we are. Everyone engaged in ‘seeking the truth’ must have discovered that you’ll just end up being mocked and marginalised if you try to fill the 95% in on what’s really going on. They quite simply don’t want to know. It would throw their world into too much disarray if they wree to accept the truth. They want to succeed in their careers and social lives, and ‘truth seeking’ is fatal to your prospects in those spheres. Disinfo is mainstream. So in the ‘alternative’ field, check out the top ten ‘alternative news sources’ if you want to find your sources of propaganda, not the likes of poor little Aangirfan.

  6. tony roma says:

    propaganda, not the likes of poor little Aangirfan.

    Anonymous said : )

    enough said…

    tell us ohh mysterious one who we should read.
    give us the uk gov site twatter.
    or something more blunt like the bbc or subtle like the guardian.
    give me random Aangirfan over any other site at the moment.
    plenty of the queens helmand heroin cash to splash around to pay anonymous types 4 quid an hour spreading dung

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry to offend, as I said, I know little of Aangirfan and his work and only speculate that a source with a limited audience is unlikely to be, or attract, well-financed disinfo attention. All power to you Aangirfan (though I do like the ‘ohh mysterious one’ bit – can I borrow that? More importantly, can you hook me up with someone who’ll pay me 4 pound a pop? I might just give up my day job!

  8. Unknown says:

    @ ChrisB

    He’s refused to print too many of my comments not to be a disso.

    He’s one of those one dimensional Fascist this and Nazi that dissos. Very seldom does he say Marxist this and Marxist that.

    The conspiracy is Bolshevik Jew Marxism AND Vatican Fascism where they have feigned opposition in order to divide, destroy and rule.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well i have a better alternative view

    Stop spending time on subjects like this …. it is meaningles has zero value what so ever….and it really is concluding 1 hard stinking fact ……

    WE dont want to see and hear this kind of subjects and stop with these clown acusations and statements like conspiracy idiots..etc
    It really makeS no sense to believe in your own FILTHY words so STFUP!! AND I
    bend over!!! show thaT DENSE CIRCUMPUNCT that brown dwarf star ass up smile . and enjoy the hard long piledriver … and be a good boy and take the big fat lie without any lube..just hardcore like the whore you like to be,,,, without that after all the lies corruptions emptie joebama or other gooofbal misleder that has the nerve to say humanrights, freedumb-democracy safety and security . terrorist . and the most rotten is for our CHILDREN…….. but we have the same mindset nd want to buy their lies s a sweet candy ……and are in the end WEstern SELFDECEIVERS the soulles bag of worms society 101 that shows the bunker mentality and the truth we cant try to hide …. well … that that are what we eat and what goes around comes around in the end … see ou all in hell soon

  10. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 5:13 am
    whatever are you rambling on about?

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