Freemasons named for ‘freestone’

Julia writes –

Freemasons and Freestone...

Bath stone is regarded by many as the best building stone in the world, and has been used for Buckingham Palace, and other important world sites. Bath stone is oolitic limestone and is a "freestone". Freestone means that there is no natural grain to the stone, and the stone can be equally well carved in any direction. Perfect for ambitious stonemasons. It seems that the word "Freemason" derives from the stonemasons that worked with "freestone". And therefore it seems likely that Freemasonry may have originated in Bath, where the best freestone comes from, and explains why Bath is such a Masonic Place, and was the influence for London and Edinburgh.  

Village Lockups...

These structures are far too elaborate to have been designed to lock up the odd criminal. The one in Bradford on Avon has a squared dome roof, with a spire and golden weather vane on top. It's more like a chapel or spiritual place. To me they seem like a more modern version of the Long Barrow, designed to block out all external interference to allow for inner psychic experiences, such as remote viewing, telepathy and clairvoyance. Maybe somewhere down the line, the sacredness was destroyed by using them for evil purposes as criminal lock ups, or maybe that's just the made up history story we have been given to mislead us.  

Specialist Science College...

Many schools have this status. The logo is very interesting as it has three planets orbiting on three separate ellipses that intersect in the middle. The central intersecting part forms a Star of David. Each planet is at the same corresponding stage of their respective orbit. I don't know what these planets are, but it reminds me of the perfectly harmonised elliptic orbits of the twin stars Sirius and The Sun (See

Died in Jesus...

A lot of gravestones in Bath Abbey Cemetery read "DIED IN JESUS". And some read "DIED IN BATH". Some are "DIED AT BATH". Is Jesus a place? It makes me wonder if Jesus represents some sort of state of being, rather than a person. Maybe, after you die, you go to the next state after human life on Earth, and this state is called Jesus. Birth, life, death, Jesus. 

Eat more Bronze...

We have left the Iron Age, and with the Bronze Age now upon us, maybe the doctors will change their advice, and advise teenage girls and pregnant women to Eat More Bronze. Why have they been so obsessed with pumping us up with Iron? Seems a bit of a coincidence that it's been the Iron Age. There are also researchers around who say that some people/non-humans eat Gold. This fits quite nicely with the idea of the Golden Age. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding eating gold, placentas are far more nutrient-rich and life-enhancing than gold. Don’t forget colloidal silver too which is banned in certain countries (because the globalists don’t want people remaining healthy as it takes business off Big-Pharma).

    The best example of a nutrient-rich placenta is an egg. The globalist-owned western MSM demonize eggs as high in cholesterol. Well guess what, the brain loves cholesterol (just like water) and thrives off it. I’ve heard of people eating 8 eggs a day (boiled – don’t fry them as you lose out on the negative effects of the artificial fried oil).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sir Jimmy Saville & Rev David Bennett

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    Rev David Bennett
    ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church the Church of England .
    Holme pierrepont parish church 70s, 80s to 90s
    Was is a Mason & School inspector!! so well placed to fantasize or even abuse?


    Who are we

    The Kingfisher Project is a local charitable organisation based in the North Nottinghamshire town of Retford. Having been known as Eaton Hall School Camp Project; founded in 1970 with the help of Sir Jimmy Saville: the organisation has helped over 2,000 local di sadvantaged and children in need. Every year up to 50 children aged between 9 and 13 years living in Nottinghamshire have been to South Wales to experience the natural beauty of the Gower Peninsula The children are given the opportunity to leave their troubles behind them for just one week whilst they relax and learn more about themselves and their environment

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