Elites know how to remove toxic nano-particles from air


I have worked hard and spent a lot of money trying to find an air purifier that removes chemtrail particulates from the air. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one.
I certainly believe that it’s possible to remove nano particulates from the air. I believe a system that chelates the air with a liquid solution could certainly work. The solution would have to be mixed thoroughly with the air and then be thoroughly removed from the air before being emitted back into the room. To do this properly, you would need to move a large volume of air slowly through the machine utilizing motors to mix and the dehumidify the air. This device would be physically large and would use a lot of electricity. The device would also have to accommodate oil-based contaminants that some chemtrail types contain.
I also think it would be possible to remove chemtrail particulates using a charged plate system, much like the Ionic Air does, but again, you would have to move a large volume of slowly through a large field of charged plates or filters to attract enough nano-particles to make a significant different in the air quality. This too would require a physically large device and a lot of electricity.
I have no doubt that those spraying chemtrails have already developed air purification devices that remove nano-particles from the air. Large houses or mansions could accommodate these types of devices into their air circulation systems. All it takes is a lot of money, and they clearly have no shortage of that.
For the rest of us, I think supplementation and a wet mask are currently the most feasible methods of protecting ourselves from highly-toxic chemical aerosol particulates.


Julia said…
Sounds like the masks are more unhealthy than the chemtrails. My personal opinion is that the best way is to stay strong, keep your immunity up, and not fear anything. Fear and panic are far bigger killers than chemtrails. 
The negative emotions lower your immunity. I am speaking as someone who lives in a heavily chemtrailed area and is outdoors a lot. 
I also personally find that car fumes are far worse than chemtrails, but everyone has stopped blaming cars and is now blaming pilots instead. Oh that’s handy because we all drive cars. The main reason I don’t like chemtrails is because they block the sun. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a difference between driving cars and being systematically poisoned by chemtrails. And ironically our gangsters in charge are now wanting to double tax the motorist via road tolling. Do you not wonder if the west’s massive deficits are due to the trillions that must be getting spent in the chemtrail assault. Keeping a fleet of tankers in the air on a almost worldwide basis must be crippling the west.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The use of gasoline/petrol/diesel in cars is an another depopulation assault. Before prohibition, most cars ran on home-made alcohol. That’s how Rockefeller knocked out the competition – Prohibition. We could all be fueled from water, by cracking H20 into H2 and 0, or Tesla technology. But these are stopped of course. It’s good business for the oil/banking elites and the fumes poison hundreds of millions shortening lives. chemtrails add to the load, and are more carefully designed to degrade human health.

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