Elections bring storms. Israel’s turn.

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Hurricane Sandy hit the US a week before the presidential election of November 6, 2012, which helped Obama get re-elected. Now the worst storms in a decade hit Israel 2 weeks before their General election January 22, 2013. Coincidence or weather manipulation?


Israel paralyzed by worst storm in decade

As Israel battled its stormiest winter in a decade, cities across the country found themselves nearly paralyzed. Major highways closed, power outages were reported, the entrance to Tel Aviv was all but blocked, and residents of some neighborhoods awaited possible word of evacuation. The Ayalon River near Tel Aviv, usually a dry bed, flooded beyond capacity as storms overtook central Israel overnight Tuesday. 

The nearby Ayalon Highway was closed between Glilot Junction and Hashalom Street in both directions over the course of the morning, opening up from Hahalakha Junction northbound in the afternoon. Highway 1 was closed between Shapirim and Kibbutz Galuyot junctions in the early afternoon, and traffic was halted or congested across Tel Aviv through the morning and afternoon hours.  The Israel Police has asked drivers to stay out of central Tel Aviv, and to avoid driving if possible.


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