Common Purpose ‘graduates’ drive out experienced colleagues.


Taking up from anon 2.23, there has been a very concerted effort to remove experienced and maturer employees from most organisations, especially the military, the law enforcement and local authorities, replacing them with “hungry” and usually “leadership” trained staff who will carry out orders without question, Hitler Youth anyone?. The usual script for getting rid of long term employees is internal bullying by CP trained management who collect reports from the victims colleauges and coerce them into saying the victim is “unable to retain information”. And are we not witnessing hundreds of scrawny youngsters who are certainly not the pick of the crop lookswise, physically or intellectually, dressed up para military style and walking our streets handing out fines with the type of blind efficiency that any totalitarian system would be proud of, the kind who would happily shop their grandma for putting items in the wrong bin?

People who have experience are a threat, as they may be able to influence other colleagues, and those who can think for themselves always have been a danger to oppressive regimes. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seen this all before!!!!

    I am sure prior to the Iraq wars etc didn’t the USA clean, brush out all the mature time served top brass?

    All of whom had their fingers on the pulse of world time knowledge. worth their weight in gold if not more in truth re world affairs.

    Once the decks were cleared all the young green behind the ears whipper snappers who would sell their souls & mothers for peanuts, vied for the replacement spots for pennies on the pound placements only too willing to agree to anything cold blooded even beyond belief??!!

    Untill now all the writing is on the wall.


    OWO is here


  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree with HETT

    OWO is here alright and it’s been done by stealth.

    People thinking WW2 was the end of Nazi/socialist/communist control (and the list goes on) are in dreamland.

    – The Bilderberg meetings have still being going on

    – Operation PaperClip anyone? (and please don’t use WikiPedia to verify that – there are better sources on Google). They just deported the Nazis over to the USA and the same agenda (by stealth) has been continuing since then.

    One thing is for sure, there is a definite acceleration of NWO/OWO/global governance (call it what you want). Hitler tried it and failed (and look into who funded him). We’ve got new Hitlers now and they wear suits and can read from teleprompters/scripts and look ‘presentable’ on TV/in newspapers.

    Sorry if I’m ranting or don’t make sense. Just tired. Please feel free to verify what I’m trying to say.

    All the best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    we live here in the UK ina comunist dictatorship, the comment here about the hitler youth is disengenous, as hitler opposed communism and its jewish backers
    I worked in royal mail for many years and the rise of common purpose meant young lads just out of their teens and often low IQ were picked for common purpose and as managers were hopeless, and fostered both much sexual and racial bullying

    Ian Bormann

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