Cast-Iron-Cameron’s at it again

‘Paedophiles and the EU are safe with me.’ 

TIM AKERS –  As anticipated, David Cameron has let the British people down by avoiding the best option for our country.  All the polls indicate a majority of the Great British Public want an EU Referendum.  The people of our country, however, must be given an In/Out referendum before the next General Election. 

CAMERON –  I give you a cast iron guarantee of whatever bollocks you’re stupid enough to believe.  I guarantee that Britain will not be leaving the EU, and no politician will be prosecuted for child abuse.

TAP Is Cameron cast iron, copper-bottomed or just a con?

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  1. ch. says:

    We are unlawfully part of EU, lied in by nonce Heath and against queen lizardbreath II’s coronation oath so we don’t need a referendum, it would be treason anyway.

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