Cancer defeated again

No need to suffer or die.  Just drink this constantly for one year, and you’re cured.

My wife’s mother has a friend who contracted stomach cancer.  She lived a TV advert life, drinking Coca-cola and all the fare of industrial food output.  The doctors told her she had six months to live.

Knowing my mother in law, she was advised to drink the water from boiling guyabano leaves.  She did this constantly for twelve months.  She had one big discharge of blood after ten months, and is now said to be cancer free.

Her diet has changed too so she eats fresh food all the time.  Cancer defeated by B17 yet again.

In the west, eat sprouts, spinach and crack open plum and apricot kernels if you don’t want to die of cancer.  Home grown the best.  No profits for big business out of these cures, I’m afraid.  That’s why you never hear about them, except on The Tap Blog, of course.

To get guyabano leaves, you could fly to the southern Philippines for a few moths.  It’s very cheap to live there.  The Foreign Office might advise you not to go there, declaring it an area full of Islamic terrorists.  I know Brits and others who’ve lived there five years and never seen any trouble.  The young Moslems who sit with guns on the mountainside are paid for doing so, with no other jobs available to them.  They couldn’t give a toss about terrorism, and would be delighted if a few foreigners turned up and helped the local economy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was a greatarticle and makes up for some of the nonsense about hitler.
    I was for some years an interracial multicultural counselor
    andi never met a muslim terrorist, except thpose paid by MI5 to do so
    well done TAP

  2. Anonymous says:

    This post this week by CJP on the subject of cancer may be of interest.


  3. wasp says:

    The “Nonsense” about Hitler, wasn’t Nonsense, it’s time to move out of your “SELF IMPOSED SAFE PARAMETERS”


  4. Julia says:

    My son sent me a Facebook link showing how cancer can be cured by plants. When I got the link, an hour or so later, it had been taken down. The Facebook page sharing it has nearly 1 million followers, sO I guess it’s being watched. It’s called Amazing Things In The World.

    It’s interesting that the foreign office advises against the Philippines. My daughter is trying to get to South America, and the Foreign Office are saying that’s dangerous too. Not only the Foreign Office, everyone that follows the TV and the news seems to have been programmed to believe the same. That’s why everyone does the sensible safe thing and gets a package holiday. No chance of finding out about cancer cures or anything else interesting on a package holiday. Fortunately my daughter is not put off. There are obviously some interesting things to learn about in South America that they don’t want us to know.

  5. Tapestry says:

    The most amazing story of South America is that it was settled by the Annunaki with the usual building structures as at Machu Picchu, and industrial processing plants, extracting tin for bronze making, and gold. Read Zechariah Sitchin for more details. The Lost Realms.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No need to fly to the Philippines. The Caribbean islands have these amazing fruit trees as well. I am growing 3 from seed:)

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