Bushfires. Australians under attack from their own government

Agenda 21 – Australian style.  Burn the people off the land.

EXTRACT from email

Fires could not be more dreadful.  Many houses and property destroyed.  Domestic animals and native.  Fires still not under control in central NSW and Tasmania.  In very rough country with deep undergrowth tinder dry. 

Very touch wood – nothing in the West of Victoria yet.  As I said before we are unprepared owing to Govt regulations about burning off.  We have not had a very hot day with a strong wind which is inevitable.  

The present farmers around cannot remember the black days in the 40s when the last great surge of fires burnt out properties and destroyed several homesteads in the district.

A couple of months ahead will be still a worry – we are really just coming into what is normally the worst period.

Around Melbourne they have had at least five fires, lit by arsonists.

Fingers crossed.

TAP – those arsonists might just be the government, who’ve clearly planned the whole thing.  If you don’t burn off when it’s safer to do so, the inevitable result is a fire that totally destroys everything.
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4 Responses to “Bushfires. Australians under attack from their own government”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good shot… was this set up?
    or just good cropping by an editor? Capturing such stressful moment..wow!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh come on FIRE is horrendous

    A Valid issue.

    a risk not to be ignored or devastation will be inevitable.

    forewarned is the best, better than major personal loss due to ignorance or oversight?

    surely TAP’s blogg is a clear warning to all in high risk areas to WAKEup.

    The horror of fire risk around the world is steeped in history.

    remember London’s burning?

    complacency is a high price to pay

    i hope all become more aware & consider their risk & all options



    PS A family in the safety of water good news i hope in troubled times.

    PPS A glass 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty moment i would say?.

  3. Julia says:

    This reminds me of the TV programme “Africa” fronted by David Attenborough. One of the subliminal messages is about fire and to prepare us for large areas to be destroyed. See my blog post on Suliwrites.wordpress.com called “BBC Wildlfe Programming”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    N.S.W. recent bush fires October 17-18 20013 and no Elvis in sight because this is a contracted machine hired out to other governments and still in Greece, the company Erickson has been subject to ZM Funds share manipulation and will be desperate for more work, Australian governments have contracted to hire 6 more in the near future.
    Does this remind us of the pink bats or school halls? also contracted in emergency arrangements, Question is how come we buy military helicopters from America and yet when it comes to protecting our own people we hire out to profit making desperadoes.
    Would this fire fighting contract not resemble the stupid desalination contracts where millions are paid daily even if not in use & whats wrong with owning our own Elvis type helicopters creating good jobs for our own people and having these aircraft here all the time just in case the present company goes broke in insider type trading deals??

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