Britain 2013. David Cameron’s country.

WWII Veteran Banned From Visiting Wife For Three Years By Care Home

Today, UK Column Live interviewed Gloucestershire Regiment veteran John Coles, supported by ex-Royal Marine Mick Harby.
Mr Coles told us how, as an elderly pensioner, he has been banned from visiting his wife in a care home for over three years having made complaints about the standard of care she was receiving.
All he wants in the first instance is to spend Christmas with his wife of 54 years.
For over three years, Mr Cole’s MP, Ben Bradshaw, who is fully aware of the details of this case, has done nothing to help.
If you are as incensed by this as we are, please contact Ben Bradshaw, and let him know how you feel. Please be firm, but polite. High emotion, while understandable, does Mr Coles no favours.
Ben Bradshaw’s telephone and email contact details can be found here:
Let’s see if we can’t give Mr Bradshaw something to do. Please let everyone you can know about this video – Twitter (#LetJohnColesVisitHisWifeAtXmas), Facebook, any way possible.
Join us tomorrow (21st December) live at 12 noon for an update at

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4 Responses to “Britain 2013. David Cameron’s country.”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Here is 1 of many issues besides chemical coshes wrong pharmas bed sores unloved left in cold side rooms even abused care homes scams are everywhere.

    Imran Ahmed: Care home owner sentenced for £100,000 theft

    Imran Ahmed was sentenced to three years for stealing more than £100,000

    The former owner of a care home in Nottinghamshire has been jailed for three years for stealing more than £100,000 from an 80-year-old resident.

    Imran Ahmed, 31, stole from Audrey Green at the Lilac House Care Home, Beeston over a seven-year period to feed his secret gambling addiction.

    Nottingham Crown Court heard Ms Green’s friend noticed irregularities in her bank account and alerted the council.

    The judge said Ahmed was “among the worst sort of criminal.”

    Audrey Green was in her seventies when she went into the home, the court was told.
    Racecourses and casinos


  2. Caratacus says:

    Please don’t expect too much from Mrs. Bradshaw’s little boy. Unless what you are asking coincides with what he judges to be best for himself, the chances of getting anything done will be zero.

    May I suggest copying in Bob Stewart MP? He is not a minister (yet) but he does take an active interest in the welfare of serving and retired servicemen. He also does not suffer fools gladly and will know precisely how to make Bradshaw sit up and take notice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    DARE you listen to this? you will get arrested.


    Stew Webb outs Cointelpro Agents: Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Drake, Benjamin Fulford


  4. Anonymous says:

    Theres something very wrong with Leons Britain when foreign individuals ar setting up care homes for our elderly, can you imagine the uproar if a white male went to India and set up a care home which stole and abused residents?, he would be rightly kicked out of the country would he not?

    It makes you wonder how many back handers and bribes go on when councils and the NHS doctors are deliberately steering the elderly into care and their homes and savings stolen. In my area alone a whole chain of granny farms is owned by a Nigerian, and a few years ago it was exposed that most of the private care homes in Glasgow were owned by Asian businesmen who were prosecuted for the abuses in their premises, so are they doing it for holistic reasons or purely for profit?

    They say you can measure a society’s decline by the way it treats its elderly.

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