Boston brakes. Diana and Haider remotely hijacked.

Reference your article today on the “murder” of Jim Noveske in the USA, & the recent & obvious false flag “shooting” in Sandy Hook involving state organised actors, the subsequent state cover-up & the very predictable clamour for a complete gun ban, (remember the hue and cry after Dunblane) & since most of us now comprehend the incredible lengths to which our “elected” scum will go to in order to maintain their status quo and to drive the ever increasing totalitarian takeover and control of our society and it’s people,  just follow the links and comments as shown….no further comments required!!  
I am indebted to this blog and others for my continued enlightenment and education.  We are now able to connect the dots and place all those oft confusing jigsaw pieces into perspective and see the big picture to include the ongoing and near global Paedo scandal, banksters, vaccines, “care pathway”, chemtrails weather manipulation, corporate driven invasions & wars, etc. etc.
As Bob Dylan prophetically sang….”the times they are a changin’   Indeed they are. The cancerous core of satanism at every level of society and govt. with all its corruption and filth is now recognised, is being exposed & will be increasingly confronted and excised together with any and all perpetrators & traitors. 
Friends and fellow citizens of a free world, WE are the “power of one” and we can and must halt our world being deliberately driven to chaos in order to gain further crippling control by those with no other motivation than absolute greed….for power, money and ultimate control of everyone and everything on this planet. 
Read the book by Ranulph Fiennes: “The Feather Men“…
also a movie.

Jon King, writing of these incidents, says the following:

“According to former SAS officer and world-famous explorer, Sir Ranulph Feinnes, it is not beyond reason that both Princess Diana’s Mercedes and Jorg Haider’s Volkswagen were remotely hijacked.
In his book, The Feather Men, Feinnes recounts in some detail a highly sophisticated assassination technique which he says has been employed by the world’s intelligence agencies for decades.
A microchip transceiver, he explains, is fitted to the target vehicle’s on-board computer, allowing the vehicle to be controlled remotely.
He says this technique was first deployed by the CIA in Boston, hence its name: the ‘Boston brakes’.
Feinnes also recounts an instance of the ‘Boston brakes’ being successfully deployed in England in 1986, which resulted in the assassination of SAS Major, Michael Marman, and the near-death of a former equerry to the Queen, Sir Peter Horsley.
According to Sir Ranuplh Feinnes, the ‘Boston brakes’ is all fact, no fiction.
Certainly evidence John and I present in our new book Princess Diana The Evidence shows clearly enough that Diana was almost certainly the victim of the ‘Boston brakes’.
And given the startling correlations presented above, one has to wonder if Jorg Haider might also have suffered this same premeditated fate.”

David Turnbull

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  1. Anonymous says:


    ‘Savile groomed the nation’: Official police report into DJ’s 60 years of abuse reveals that he raped 34 women and girls and sexually assaulted up to 450

    Under the cover “WING” of best buddy rev David Bennett from his bevin boys mining days NOTTINHGHAM Based, 7+ offences uncovered Jimmy savile “So Vile”

    Targeted many kids including a boy as young as eight and victims in 14+ hospitals

    Nottinghamshire, Saxondale, St Edwards church, west Bridgford, Radcliffe on trent Gunthorpe

    Mr Rev David Bennett MA
    The Old Farmhouse
    Main Street
    NG14 7EY
    Tel 0115 9663451

    Was the first and last presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops, where he even targeted children on his LAST SHOW !!!!!!!!!!


    Paedo prey website still open !!!!!!!!!!!

    In October 2012, almost a year after his death, an ITV documentary examining claims of sexual abuse against Savile[11] led to broad media coverage and a substantial and rapidly growing body of witness statements and sexual abuse claims, including accusations against public bodies for covering up or failure of duty. Scotland Yard launched a criminal investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by Savile over six decades,[5] describing him as a “predatory sex offender”, and later stated that they were pursuing over 400 lines of inquiry based on the testimony of 300 potential victims via fourteen police forces across the UK.[12][13] By late October 2012, the scandal had resulted in inquiries or reviews at the BBC, within the National Health Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Department of Health.[12][14][15]


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry :- “St. Edmund’s”

    Rev David Bennett
    ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church the Church of England.


  3. Toad Hall says:

    It is not inconceivable that a remote system could be put in a car, particular with modern mobile technology.

    Not exactly the same thing obviously, but the ZIP car club in London has a locking system which can be remotely activated by the head office. It locks car and emboalises it.

    Most modern engined are run by an ECU computer, so would be easier enough to take over the engine accelerator.

    The breaks and the streering I would imagine would be much more complex. You would need to put in a fair amount of bespoke designed technology to do it. They’d need access to the car for a while to do it would be my guess.

    Sticking the accelator on full would be enough to cause an accident, but steering I think would be tricky…

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