Belgian MP Laurent Louis demands Dutroux case be reopened

Recent important speech in Belgium parlement
Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot

Gepubliceerd op 22 jan 2013

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot at the Belgian Parliament.

On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgian MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the Belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgian Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out! (8 minutes 44 seconds)

Please share this exceptional moment of truth. There were other interventions as powerful from that man regarding the necessity to re-open the DUTROUX CASE, since he has been confronted with official pictures of the pedophile’s little victims that dramatically contradicted the official version of the cause of their death. (not this video)

I’ll translate his intervention on that subject within the next days because too many dark secrets are poisoning our democracies, and because it seems like in the heart of EUROPE, dark secrets have become a raw material. 

Thank’s for sharing. This man needs and deserve our support.

YouTube – Videos from this email
Here’s a person who thinks he knows why the wars are happening, who’s behind them and how to 
stop them.  He suggests we read The Gods Of Eden by William Bramley, which gives you a clue as to where he’s coming from.  We need to take responsibility, he says – as Laurent Louis is doing.  Humanity needs to stand together as one to defend ourselves.  The problem is that no one will tell the truth.  
From HETT.

This Alex Collier video comes more into the realm of the understandable once you’ve read Zechariah Sitchin.  Sitchin died in 2010, I only found out yesterday.  The philosophy espoused in the video is very close to David Icke.  They both see religion as devices used to enslave us. Reptilians.  Alien races living here on earth.  Children being taken and killed.  An elite group of humans selling out the rest of us for technology and power.

Throw away your TV is the advice given.  That’s the main control device used to enslave and disempower us.  The violence is desensitising. 

He sounds like he’s seen a reptilian.  They are hugely powerful, he says, and can sense what we’re going to do.  There are not many here.  If they come en masse, we’re in big trouble.  They think of us as a food source.  I would need to see one of these beasts to really believe the reptilian explanation.

The world government is an alien plan to keep us all in jail.  Will we escape?  It’s not yet decided.

The monetary system is a belief system……People starve and are homeless because of money.  All are entirely unnecessary.   There are people who know what’s going on, that we’ve been sold out.  They play along for money and for power, unlike people like JFK, who tried to fight against it.

This video goes way beyond what I can take in, and believe, but I somehow feel you can’t understand what’s going on that we can see, without referring to the things we can’t see and yet understand.

He’s very good on the US Constitution being replaced by the UN Charter in 1992.  The United States has been effectively destroyed as a political entity.  Humanity is sandwiched between the greys and the reptiles.

I’d just like to see some evidence of what he’s saying about alien control of earth.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in Belgium and I’m thrilled to hear this. We need to keep a close eye on it and make sure it’s translated and circulated on twitter.

  2. Laurent is brilliant. Alex Collier is not his real name. He is a con artist with a criminal record. Google it.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The nearer to the truth you get, the more virulent the denials. Just take each source on its merits. Don’t rush to believe the allegations of criminality that are invariably levelled. Just go through the material step by step. I am reading Zechariah Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles. He’s accused of being a deception too. Read it yourself is my recommendation. Don’t buy instant rejection as suggested by others.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alex Collier’s Stupid Stuff
    The Delusional Writing of the Imaginary “Alex Collier”

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