BBC ‘snow caused by sudden stratospheric warming’. HAARP?


I’ve been sceptical about man’s ability to change the weather including via HAARP but this article on the BBC website got even me thinking.

The title is “UK Snow Disruption”.  I found the link on the weather page interesting in that the url includes uk-politics.

TAP – It starts off John Hammond talks to BBC News Channel about the science behind the recent snowy weather conditions in the UK.  Why science?  And why politics?  Was it really ‘the heaviest snowfall in years’?  They clearly wanted it to be.

The reference to “sudden stratospheric warming” made me think of HAARP. 
Listening again, the newsworthy bit seems to be that “the forecasters have been predicting it for days“. 
As for heavy snow falls, the news media have been hyping that up to the extent of putting up pictures of the worst winters on record. 
I couldn’t find any webcams showing more than a few inches.

I smell a rat – some kind of propaganda campaign.

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TAP – I just went over to Shrewsbury webcams to check latest view.  Snow on the roadside doesn’t look at all deep.  Roads are clear.  Funny thing was that the webcam image I downloaded fine twice on Friday won’t download now, saying wrong format.  It won’t copy to iPhoto either.  Someone’s blocked .jpg file images since Friday.  Here’s Friday at 4.30 pm, when Britain was closed down for ‘health and safety’ reasons  – according to schools.  Maybe they wanted pictures of kids out snowballing.  Much healthier than sitting indoors, I would agree.  They might actually learn something if they quit sitting in classrooms all day from aged five onwards.

Worldwide snow daily.  Yesterday.

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6 Responses to “BBC ‘snow caused by sudden stratospheric warming’. HAARP?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap, it need have nothing to do with HAARP as it is a perfectly natural phenomena that happens every winter to a greater or lesser degree.

    This John Hammond piece is the MSN finally covering something that everyone on the internet knew years ago. It may be new to you but it is not most people on the internet who follows wintry weather.

    Sudden Stratospheric Warmings have been used to predict wintry weather for a number of years.This year widespread knowledge of this approach has taken off among public.

    Sudden Stratospheric warmings disrupt the polar vortex and lead to mean hemispheric winds reversing from westerlies to easterlies. This raises the probability of cold weather for UK.

    Not saying you can’t get HAARP involved, but the public awareness of this concept has been a long-time coming. I don’t think there is a specific propaganda agenda here.

    90N – 65N 70mb

    – Me.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Where does the sudden warming come from, Me?

  3. Anonymous says:


    “SSWs can be caused by large-scale planetary waves being deflected up into the stratosphere and towards the North Pole, often after a strong mountain torque event.”

    Also other reasons.

    “The stratosphere is a far more stable environment then the troposphere below it. However, there are certain influences that can bring about changes – the stratospheric ozone content, the phase of the solar cycle, the Quasi Biennial Oscillation ( the QBO), wave breaking events from the troposphere and the autumnal Eurasion/Siberian snow cover to name but a few.”

    – Me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this blog but this isn’t right I feel; for a start, what was the point of it (HAARP)? The snow in the UK was not VERY SEVERE….. just a very average snowy winter spell. So why bother making it snow moderately?

  5. Tapestry says:

    The intensive propaganda or forecast of heavy snow was no doubt an indication of an attempt to artificially create the event.

    Alternatively it was an exercise in proving how easy to control we all are. Just close schools and the whole economy disintegrates.

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