Andrea Davison a heroine.

People persecuted for political reasons must be defended.



Judge Niclas Parry, then a solicitor,  spent years being well paid to defend some of the paedophiles named below  at the infamous ‘Waterhouse Inquiry’.  The Inquiry looked into the horrific physical and sexual abuse of children in more than 40 Children’s Homes and Approved Schools in North Wales. 


  Judge Niclas Parry told the BBC at the beginning of the Inquiry  that

Our concern at the start of this major inquiry is that perhaps public opinion has swayed the balance far too greatly in favour of those who make allegations of abuse and the understandable anxiety to look after their needs and care may outweigh justice.” read more


 Judge Niclas Perry as BBC Presenter

He then spent the next three years defending some of the evil paedophiles below.  At the Inquiry he met Andrea Davison  then a mental health advocate and  child abuse whistleblower who was  on the opposite side representing the victims.  Herself the survivor of  child abuse at the notorious Duncroft Approved School she deeply empathised with the abused children. She also exposed Judge Parry’s clients in the Magazine Scallywag,  perhaps he could not forgive her for this.
In 2012  Judge Niclas Parry met Andrea Davison again when as a Crown Court Judge he jailed her for  two and half years after saying  although  no-one had lost any money they could have done.  He did not declare that he knew  Andrea Davison and had opposed her years ago when he represented the paedophiles she exposed.  
In 2012 David Cameron was forced to order an inquiry into the Waterhouse Inquiry when it  became clear the inquiry failed the abused children and protected the paedophiles. Judge Niclas Parry was part of this cover-up.
Judge Niclas Parry is not just a Crown Court judge he is also a sports presenter for the BBC and other TV  and  radio stations.     read more   In was in this capasity  he is belived to have met and become friendly with  Jimmy Savile. The same Jimmy Savile  who abused children in North Wales and in Duncroft Approved School  and who also procured children for the rich and famous.


Click this for : Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious canings were a way of life… and Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor

They were involved in a paedophile ring network that had spread the length of the British Isles : Includes – Sir Peter Morrison, LORD/MP Greville Janner, EX PM Ted Heath, and more

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  1. Toad Hall says:

    Makes me very sad to read about the child abuse.

    It’s hard for me to believe, not suggesting these allegations aren’t true. I just cannot understand the cruelty. It’s beyond my comprehension to treat people this way, but particularly vulnerable children who have already had a tough time.

    The sexual abuse is bad enough, but the bullying and torture, what kind of people are these?

    Is this mental illness?

    An ex girlfriends Mum was a care worker and she couldn’t be a kinder more empathetic person. These are the kinds of people you’d hope are attracted to working in child care.

    Of course, the deviants are too.

    Hopefully this is harder to get away with now…

    God rest the souls of those who took their own lives, very sad indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sir Jimmy Saville & Rev David Bennett

    We ask that you take the time to read the enclosed as a sincere application for your support on behalf of the project. Since the project came into being in 1970 we have found more difficulty each year in raising the money required to continue our work. Never before in the history of our organization has a demand for our help being so great, but neither has the inflow funds been so limited. With assistance traditionally from such sources as Sir Jimmy Saville, Children In Need, Telethon and others we have always succeeded in making our annual costs. This year however, we are appealing for support from a wider range of individuals and organisations due to the erosion of the more traditional funding sources. Without your help our project will simply cease to exist thus depriving disadvantaged children of a special life enhancing opportunity.


    Rev David Bennett MA
    The Old Farmhouse
    Main Street
    NG14 7EY
    Tel 0115 9663451

    Rev David Bennett
    ex priest in charge of St. Edmund’s Church, Holme Pierrepont, a parish church the Church of England .
    Holme pierrepont parish church 70s, 80s to 90s
    Was is a Mason & School inspector!! so well placed to fantasize or even abuse?


    Who are we

    The Kingfisher Project is a local charitable organisation based in the North Nottinghamshire town of Retford. Having been known as Eaton Hall School Camp Project; founded in 1970 with the help of Sir Jimmy Saville: the organisation has helped over 2,000 local di sadvantaged and children in need. Every year up to 50 children aged between 9 and 13 years living in Nottinghamshire have been to South Wales to experience the natural beauty of the Gower Peninsula The children are given the opportunity to leave their troubles behind them for just one week whilst they relax and learn more about themselves and their environment

    Accompanying the children are a group of local adults and student teachers from Nottingham Trent University who give their time free of charge ; their only reward is to see troubled children break free from their worries for just one week.

    This experience really can give the children the strength they require to return to their often difficult lives. Refreshed and more at ease they can cope with the troubles that undoubtedly lie ahead for many of them.

    Details of the weeks environmental and enrichment course offered in July


    A youth camp at Llanmadoc, Gower, South Wales

  3. Anonymous says:

    i spent some years ina catholic orphagae in the fifties, it was an evil place where the nuns would beat and clod us for nought, i still remember the beatings with sticks and straps and i am nearly 70
    but a close relative spent time in bernados and he said all the staff were gays, and the boys used to dread lights out time, the book ” bum bandits at 9 oclock” brought back so many memories to us both that i cried when i read it.
    He said jimmy saville would bring freind in to abuse the boys and would joke to the boys about how lucky they were

  4. Anonymous says:

    Freddy Williams
    St Albans

    That name greville janner still strikes fear into me when ever i see it, i remember quivering as a young lad of 10 when we had to stand in line in our pants and socks as he would walk along slowly looking us up and down before choosing his prey.
    Several of us went to the poloice some 30 years go and reported several of these men to be told
    what we were saying was anti-semitic and against the law, now go away and forget it

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whilst doing some gardening,

    I bumped in to a nice retired rugged looking gentleman the other Sunday,

    I felt was a lonely soul.

    struck up a chat.

    Said he had been occupying himself visiting a few local shops to keep warm and hopefully see some friendly faces.

    (some loose banter)

    Said he used to be a metal worker.

    I said wasn’t he ever married? “Never” He said,

    I said well you never fallout with your mum do you. he smiled & commented, true but she’s gone.

    ouch but obvious i suppose.

    I loosely commented why he didn’t go to a local church Sunday service, just flagging up a local community connection option.

    He seemed very open with the light friendly banter struck-up.

    He then stated he had a close friend in the meadows who was a son of a local doctor, but he lost his way seemed to hookup with some a Nottingham group THE SALVATION ARMY where the top guy was a pedo who targeted him and his friend but his friend was the guys favorite.

    Over some years His vulnerable friend got the Jesus disease and was coxed to give all his recently lost parents money to the same church.

    Poverty was only a short route round the corner he believed suicide was the result.

    I left him with a firm hand shake a futile lump in my throat & he had tears in his eyes.

    WHAT COULD I DO ??!!??

    Initially he seemed such a pleasant rugged strong clean well presented grey haired fellow.

    I was amazed that a clear damaging secret like this could be hiding behind such a strong & clean fasard.

    So many secrets must be in so many innocent life’s that clearly leave extremely damaging scares over so many many many years.

    makes my heart bleed.

    I simply helplessly hope him placing his confidence & sharing this pain with a stranger gave him some release.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course, Andrea Davison has always distracted the world away from her Vancouver Canada registered business “AFBIO”
    She knows I have all the front Organised Crime network companies she took her cut of stolen WONGA from thousands of little people by providing fraud documents for her higher network.

    So, try and get her to explain her relationship with:
    The person in her Manchester House Bangor residence when 13 “WoodenTop” Plods smashed the doors down of her “Boiler Room”
    If you know how to research Companies and their filed Documents you might understand what a liar & criminal Ms Andrea Davison is, was used to falsifying her date of birth on her Driving Licence, STOLEN “BLANK” British passport and tons of fake International Passports and Fake “Virtual” Companies she administered

    Director ID 912604346
    Year of Birth 1965
    incorporated as a Director
    LL57 2HF
    who with
    fronted this money laundering front Shell Company.
    Company number 06433697
    a dissolved company

    Of course:
    Was another COMMON address she used fronting “AFBIO” and CLUB ODESSA (A Russian Singles Dating BLACKMAIL Honey trap house for nailing VIP Businesspeople, POLICE & POLITICIANS with her common GERMAN Directors
    and Mr MEYER.

    ANDREA DAVISON’s ONLY defence witness, the LABOUR Party Political Advisor:
    Who strangely with his advised LAIRD (LORD) hold companies common to BOILER ROOM addresses ANDREA DAVISON was arrested for providing fraudulent documentation for.

    Funny: She escaped the Country, our EXPERT BORDER POLICE a custodial prison sentence, with NO MONEY & NO PASSPORT.

    Rather Like ASIL NADIR

    Now there’s a thing

  7. Graham Ennis says:

    I am Graham Lawrence Ennis
    I live in Brighton. Unlike the despicable “Anonymous” who has commented on here, I am not afraid, I am prepared to identify myself, and will stand by every thing I say
    under oath….In a court of law.

    I have been silent for years on this, waiting for Tara (Andrea) to one day be able to speak. I am a very old friend, who has been well aware of what has happened. I
    myself was involved in many of these investigations, was nearly murdered by the security services as a result, and endured an absolute nightmare of threats, attempted murder, investigations into criminal activity by prominent politicians, etc etc…..People have no idea how rotten and corrupt a previous Tory government was. The
    present one has not changed.I can validate everything that Tara says, and confirm the truth of it. I ill do so, in due course. There is a great deal more involved far beyond North Wales abuse issues. I was personally the subject of serious violence and “Dirty tricks”, but survived. some were not so lucky. I can confirm much more detail than that given online so far. I am making this public statement as a matter of urgency to protect myself, no that this entire matter has finally emerged. If anything happens to Me, people will now know why. I also state that I have been recently subjected to surveillance and investigations that appear to be going on,targeting me. I was not sure what was happening, but suspected it was either this or another matter…..related to it. I am now stating that I am publicly prepared to make legal statements and evidence implicating, in full detail, the things that have now partially emerged. There are other witnesses that I can also help to emerge from the darkness they have been living in for so many years. I ask them to now consider coming forwards and telling the truth.It is both safer, and better. At the
    start of the time of the Judge Waterhouse inquiry, I was right in the middle of preparations for a documentary program for TV that would have exposed a great deal of
    these issues in North Wales. I was immediately told I was subject to a gagging order by Judge Waterhouse, forbidding me from making public any matter whatsoever about the scandal. I can prove all that I have said, to legal standards of proof. I was asked to give evidence at Andrea Davisons trial, but had to pull out at the last moment, in order to protect another person who was in considerable danger.I could go on. But I can state that I am in touch with a national newspaper on this matter. watch the press.They might be able to avoid the usual super injunctions. If not, then I will go abroad and make full legal disclosure. God help the bastards, who ruined my life, and the lives of so many others, and who will face justice now. I, and others, are now finally coming after you. in particular, god help you Lord
    McAlpine, you are now in a very perilous position, and none will now help you.You know what that means. It means that others, higher than you, consider you disposable.
    If you are still around, I shall see you stand trial, when this thing, that has finally come out, develops.Likewise, those others, of the same group.
    Graham Ennis.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Andrea Davison has suffered appaling persecution and she tells it like it really in in her Statement to Macur Review

    Circulate the truth

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