All diabetics are magnesium deficient

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One aspect of Mercola’s article that may not have been given sufficient emphasis is the
“Optimize your gut flora.”
Most people who have been overweight will inevitably have a pathogenic gut flora, While the suggestions Mercola makes for reseeding with good gut microbiota are sensible they do not address the problem of displacing pathogenic gut flora.

If we look at this example
An opportunistic pathogen isolated from the gut of an obese human causes obesity we see that as well as providing prebiotics, they also used BITTER MELON, and Chinese herbs to eliminate the pathogens. 
They managed to get blood glucose levels into the normal range (there volunteer was not diabetics yet)But other type I diabetics have managed to do that using carbohydrate reduction. 

Mercola’s article also fails to mention that in order for Vitamin D to switch from the circulating form, (calcidiol) to the active hormonal form (calcitriol) the presence of magnesium is required. During hyperglycemia diabetics excrete MAGNESIUM therefore all diabetics are magnesium deficient. 

Unless diabetics take MORE MAGNESIUM than the current low RDA for magnesium they will never restore optimum magnesium status and will not therefore have optimum control over the actions of vitamin D3. 100mg of magnesium chelate with each meal and ideally 100mg of magnesium taurate before bed. 

You may find that using up to 6g of taurine daily also helps improve matters. 

Potential role of taurine in the prevention of diabetes
and metabolic syndrome

TAP – I eat almonds every day to keep magnesium levels up.

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